Chapter 163.1: Second Majesty

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Jun Xin had left so Bai Feiyun had no choice but to return to Bai Courtyard.

Golden Wind Jade Dew had been waiting impatiently inside and immediately rushed over to tell him how Tang Doudou had been captured.

Bai Feiyun was shocked to hear about it. “Why didn’t you guys step out to stop it?”

Golden Wind Jade Dew were not ordinary law-abiding citizens, nor were they the kind of people that could simply watch unconcerned as those soldiers took Tang Doudou away. There was definitely some other reason involved.

“We, we…” Yu Fenger didn’t know how to start explaining. Moreover, he didn’t trust Bai Feiyun. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Bai Feiyun’s character, but that he was worried Bai Feiyun would be so shocked by this matter that he would tell the Lord of Cloud City about it.

Bai Feiyun wasn’t the type that liked to delve into other people’s private matters. When he saw that Yu Fenger was finding it hard to talk about, he didn’t bring it up anymore. After deliberating a while, he said, “Many people had witnessed her move to kill the person, and she was caught red-handed in the act, so it will probably be hard for her to escape this accusation.”

“Bai gongzi, you have to save Doudou!” Of course Yu Fenger knew about this. However, as mountain bandits, they couldn’t very well step out to deal with this matter. In addition, it was very likely that those people were behind this incident, so he and Jin Longbiao could only pin all their hopes on Bai Feiyun.

Bai Feiyun indicated for silence, then continued, “This matter isn’t something that the Alliance Head Residence or White Wind Manor can really get involved with. On top of that, in regards to the Alliance Head Residence’s side, Elder Yu is eager for Li Xueyi to suffer a calamity, so there’s no point even hoping to get help from that side. He will definitely block all attempts from the shadows.”

Yu Fenger and Jin Longbiao shared a glance, finding this logical reasoning.

“It’s not impossible for me to step in, but the criminal evidence is undeniable, so even if we take the rule-abiding route, Li Xueyi would still be charged with a capital offense!”

“That’s not right. Back then I saw that corpse. Based on Doudou’s tyrannical inner strength at that time, there was no way he could have made such a clean injury, much less something as brutal as snapping a person’s leg straight in half. I heard that he even sent that vendor flying the moment he touched him. That is even more illogical!” analyzed Yu Fenger rationally. “Back then, there were several people with very profound inner strength. I don’t know if this has anything to do with them.”

He directly described those people as people with profound inner strength. This way, he could draw Bai Feiyun’s attention to them, describe the situation, and get rid of the suspicions Bai Feiyun harbored towards them.

“People with profound inner strength?” Bai Feiyun lowered his eyes and thought for a while. “How profound?”

Ordinary top-quality experts and even first-rate experts wouldn’t be able to send someone flying from so far away. The only possibility was if it was a pinnacle expert. However, pinnacle experts were extremely rare. Of all the people he knew, only City Lord Su Yi and Baili Yu were pinnacle experts. As for others, he rarely heard anything about them.

Yu Fenger knew those people very well. Without even thinking, he said, “One is a pinnacle expert, the others are all first-rate experts. Their inner strength and martial arts are better than mine’s and Jin ge’s!”

Bai Feiyun was surprised that Yu Fenger knew those people that well. “Looks like we can only start from looking through the people that have recently entered Huai City.”

“Wouldn’t that be too slow?”

“There’s still plenty of time from the start of the court session to the conviction and actual execution. If we really run out of time, we can always raid the execution grounds!” Bai Feiyun already had a plan. After explaining some of it to Golden Wind Jade Dew, he left Bai Courtyard to arrange for the investigation on the people that had recently entered the city.

“It probably won’t be enough to just rely on Bai Feiyun,” said Yu Fenger worriedly.

Jin Longbiao felt the same as well. He suggested, “Let’s go back to Green Summit Stronghold and disband the group. This way, we won’t have any more family burdens and will be able to participate if we need to raid the execution grounds.”

“Alright!” Yu Fenger agreed with this plan. They packed up, told Wu Li to wait in Bai Courtyard for news from Bai Feiyun and to look after Yuner, then hastily left.

Almost at the same time, Baili Yu, who was in the distant Mist City, found out about this incident.

The jade cup in his fingers shattered into dust with a ‘bang.’ His peach blossom eyes narrowed with an irrepressible chill.

Ye Chuan was inwardly shocked. He had never seen Master express his anger so openly. “Master, should we tell the people in Huai City to save Lady Doudou?”

Baili Yu restrained the chill in his eyes, then got up. Looking into the distance, he said, “I’m going back.”

Ye Chuan was taken aback. “But the matters on this side haven’t been settled yet. If we leave, won’t all our efforts go down the drain?”

“What’s more important than her?” Baili Yu’s gaze was very dark. They actually dared to make such a brazen move. It looked like some people were unable to hold back anymore. If he didn’t go back, everything pointed to disaster for Tang Doudou.

His mind made up, he left Mist City without bothering to inform anyone.

By the time Gu Xun got the news, it had already been three days since Baili Yu left.

“What exactly does Baili Yu mean by this? He ran off, abandoning this rotten piece of business?” Meng Hao angrily smashed the teacup as he complained to Gu Xun.

Gu Xun didn’t speak. After looking at the surface of the pond quietly for a while, he said, “Even if it’s a rotten piece of business, it’s Baili Yu’s own business. We aren’t suffering any losses. At most, the opening of the shops in Five Kilometers Emporium will be postponed. It’s just a bit of business, nothing worth getting angry over.”

“But his damned attitude! He didn’t even notify us! Does he really think he’s all that just because he has money!?”

Wasn’t it precisely that having money was impressive?

Gu Xun glanced at Meng Hao indifferently. This guy only dared to complain like this in front of him. When he was actually in front of Baili Yu, he acted as humble as a grandson.

Perhaps seeing that Gu Xun didn’t harbor the same anger, Meng Hao left unhappily.


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