Chapter 163.2: Second Majesty

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Gu Xun didn’t urge him to stay either. He watched quietly until Meng Hao left before standing up to say towards the pond, “You can come out now, the person has already left.”

Old Suo, who had been gone for a long time, came out from the pond. “Brother Gu.”

“Did you find the trail you were investigating this time in Huai City?”

Old Suo climbed ashore. Interestingly enough, there was no trace of water on him, not even his hair was damp. When he heard what Gu Xun asked, he furrowed his brows and sighed. “I didn’t find it. The city has truly gone through a great change, I couldn’t even find the place.”

Gu Xun consoled him. “Don’t be impatient. It’s been so many years, this short while doesn’t matter much.”

“I’ve already gotten news that several people have been poisoned. I’m worried that if I wait any longer, it’ll be too late.” Old Suo was vexed. “I can’t wait anymore. I won’t keep this from you, Brother Gu, I’ve come back to say goodbye. I don’t know when I’ll return after this.”

“You’re leaving Mist City?” Gu Xun couldn’t stay unperturbed anymore upon hearing this. He looked towards Old Suo with great shock. “You’ve decided?”

“Yes. I want to know the truth about what happened back then and to find the orphan Brother Tang left behind, so I must leave Mist City to pay a visit to those old friends. I am indebted to Brother Gu for all the years that you’ve kept an eye out for me. I will leave this for Brother Gu as thanks!” As Old Suo spoke, he pulled a gray brocade sack off his waist and pushed it into Gu Xun’s hand.

Gu Xun tried to refuse. “How can I accept?”

“You should take it. This is the drug I mixed. There should be enough for seven or eight years. There’s no way I can let you go out of business after I leave!”

So it turned out to be Old Suo’s special anesthesia.

Gu Xun didn’t try to refuse any further. “Then where are you planning to go?”

“Still Huai City. Li Xueyi has been captured by the government. I have to go back to check out the situation.”

Gu Xun thought he was going to some other place and hadn’t expected for him to be going back to Huai City. Moreover, it was even to check on Li Xueyi’s situation. He asked curiously, “Could it be that Li Xueyi really is connected with what you’re investigating?”

Old Suo’s reply was shocking. “I suspect that he is the orphan Brother Tang left behind.”

“This isn’t a very funny joke.”

“I also hope that it is simply a joke.” Old Suo stood up and looked at the Gu Residence with rather a bit of attachment. “I heard earlier that Baili Yu has already been gone for three days. He’s probably gone back to save Li Xueyi. I must figure out whether Li Xueyi is Brother Tang’s orphan before Baili Yu rescues him and takes him away.”

“Alright, then I won’t detain you. Be careful! And remember, if you ever need my help, just seek me out.”

Although Gu Xun was an unscrupulous businessman, he truly treated his friends well. This was probably also a Bai family trait. Regardless of whether it was Bai Feiyun or Gu Xun, they were both pretty warmhearted.

It was a mess outside. Many powers were stirring chaotically in the darkness.

Tang Doudou had just regained consciousness. When she opened her eyes, she found that her arms and legs were tied up, and she was curled up on top of cold, damp straw. A repulsive moldy stink assailed her nose and almost made her pass out again.

Enduring nausea, Tang Doudou looked around. In the dim lighting, she could see that this place was a prison cell.

She was in prison?

Tang Doudou tried to look further, but after being unconscious for multiple days, her body was extremely weak. After lifting her head for a little while, her vision started to turn dark and she almost fainted again.

F*ck. What kind of miserable situation was this!?

Things had happened too suddenly then so she was still confused. She had used the bug heart to cure the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. Normally it would be a very happy occasion but somehow in the blink of an eye, she ended up in jail. This fluctuation of life was too rapid. She didn’t even know whether to laugh or to cry.


The rumble of her stomach made Tang Doudou come back to her senses. She couldn’t rub her stomach with her hand so she could only curl up in an attempt to make the uncomfortable sensation of hunger go away. However, everything she did was futile. The more she moved, the more energy she used up. After moving for a while, she felt like she was about to starve. Giving up, she lay motionlessly on the ground.

F-ing yoyo! If they wanted to kill her, at least let her be a ghost that ate to death!

Wasn’t it always like this on TV?

They would always give the criminal tasty things to eat before execution, like drumsticks, simmer-fried fish, polished rice...

The more she thought about it, the hungrier she got. Her eyes rolled back. She looked towards the outside of the jail with a spiritless gaze. There was no way that no one was guarding a prison this big, right?

She opened her mouth and was about to call for someone to come over when she heard the sound of orderly footsteps.

Was someone coming?

She had been planning to call someone over but when she heard the footsteps, she started debating whether or not to feign unconsciousness.

The footsteps got closer and closer. She even heard someone call softly in a humble manner, “Second Majesty, that person is imprisoned in the cell inside. Please come this way.”

Second Majesty?

Tang Doudou knitted her brows. What pain-in-the-ass Second Majesty?

Was there a Second Majesty among the people she knew?

If there wasn’t, then what was he here for?


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