Chapter 165.2: Your Majesty, Something Terrible Has Happened

Prodigal Alliance Head


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After being untied, Tang Doudou felt much better. She rubbed her shoulders and thighs and was just about to stand up to do some stretching exercises when she saw Xi Qiuyi’s irritated expression. So instead, she unhurriedly picked up the food in front of her and started to eat.

She didn’t know for the time being whether Xi Qiuyi knew martial arts, but she knew she definitely couldn’t beat Liu Yan.

So she shouldn’t even bother thinking about using martial arts to escape.

However, to tell them the secrets she knew about Baili Yu… Her heart refused. As of now, she and Baili Yu were already tied to the same boat. The only road that remained after she gave up everything she knew would be death.

Not to mention, everything she knew about Baili Yu were in regards to his vulnerable spots; for example things like the Hoarfrost Poison, his constitution that wouldn’t ‘go die’ easily…

Was there a single piece of information that wasn’t lethal to him?

Xi Qiuyi’s patience was pretty good after all. He watched until Tang Doudou finally finished eating, until not a single grain of rice was left, before saying, “Had a nice meal?”

“No. The taste was seriously terrible, like pig feed. It was disgusting, way too disgusting!” Tang Doudou who was currently deep in thought automatically replied before her brain caught up and she recalled who she was talking to.

She was telling the truth though, this meal was indeed not tasty. After all, it was food for servants.

However, she didn’t have the privilege of being picky right now. So, despite it being bad tasting, she didn’t leave even half a grain of rice behind.

“From the looks of it, Alliance Head Li still hasn’t made sense of the situation. Liu Yan, call people in to properly educate our Alliance Head Li on what this place is!” It was already pretty good treatment to give him food to eat. If it weren’t for that fact that he was worried Li Xueyi would die during the torture if his body was too weak, there was no way he would have fed him. This guy was too naive.

Did he seriously think that he was unaware of his little scheme?

He was trying to prevent him from using torture and to stall for time, but he insisted on using torture and not giving him a chance to stall for time. He’d like to see what other tricks this guy could come up with!

Of course, if he really came to understand the situation and told him everything he wanted to know, then…

In a good mood, he would definitely allow this guy to die with an intact corpse.

After glancing coldly at Tang Doudou who was still unaware of the tragedy that was about to befall her, Xi Qiuyi turned and left the prison.

“Hey hey! Xi Qiuyi, where are you going? I was just about to discuss things with you, you can’t leave!” Tang Doudou saw that several muscular men were approaching the prison and hastily shouted for Xi Qiuyi to come back.

F*ck! What exactly did this bastard want!?

Didn’t he agree to listen to her? Wasn’t his change in attitude a little too quick?

“Xi Qiuyi! Stop right there!”

However, no matter how she shouted, Xi Qiuyi kept walking without a pause. At the same time, those men grabbed her and restrained her. “Behave!”

After that warning, they tied her up again, then lifted her out of the prison and carried her into the ominous interrogation room next door.

“Sit down! You’re not allowed to move!” The man fiercely pressed Tang Doudou down onto a simple and unadorned chair. Its surface was filled with gorges, both deep and shallow ones. Thick blackish-red bloodstains were collected in them. Tang Doudou immediately became fearful upon noticing them.

“Where’s Xi Qiuyi? What exactly does he mean by this!?” Tang Doudou struggled but only ended up being pressed down to the chair even more forcefully.

Bang bang bang!

Mechanical sounds rang out and iron rings clamped down on her arms and legs. She couldn’t move at all.

“His Majesty said to give you half an incense’s time to think. After you finish thinking, confess everything you know and we’ll leave you an intact corpse, otherwise…” Liu Yan threw the plate Xi Qiuyi crushed earlier in front of her. “See for yourself!”

From the looks of it, Xi Qiuyi had already guessed her motive way earlier.

Tang Doudou laughed at herself, feeling defeated. She was always thinking too highly of herself. Now it was just great. She thought she was so smart but the person had long seen through her. In her ignorance, she actually made a fool of herself for so long.

Everyone left, leaving Tang Doudou alone in the dark interrogation room with a simple, dim oil lamp. The swaying light made Tang Doudou’s pale face seem even paler as she stared ahead dully. What should she do now?

Death wasn’t scary, what was scary was as Xi Qiuyi said when you wanted to die but could not!

Currently, cold lifeless instruments surrounded her. She could roughly guess what each tool was used for by their shapes. With dark red blood staining them, the sight was extremely terrifying.

Tang Doudou closed her eyes. She didn’t dare to continue this line of thought.

Meanwhile, Jun Xin had searched the entire city but still couldn’t find Tang Doudou. When the thought occurred to him that something might have already happened to her, his wrathful aura rushed uncontrollably outwards.

After he returned to Bai Courtyard and heard Yuner haltingly tell him everything that happened, his wrathful aura immediately turned into a dark and vicious aura. Yuner was so scared he didn’t even remember to cry and just stared fearfully at him.

Jun Xin left the courtyard without even glancing at him. His figure was like lightning. In just a couple of breaths, he had arrived at the entrance of the Imperial City.

“Who are you!? Why are you here? This isn’t a place you can tour. Hurry up and leave!” Jun Xin was blocked by the soldiers guarding the door the moment he approached.

Jun Xin swept his cold eyes over the soldier that was speaking and that soldier instantly turned to chunks of mangled flesh right in front of everyone.

Ignoring their fearful stares, Jun Xin said coldly, “Tell Xi Qiulin to come out!”

“Audacious!” Although they were all so scared that they were trembling, someone still dared to step out. It was just that his voice trembled a lot as he spoke. “Y-you dare… to directly call His Majesty’s honored name! A-are you seeking death!?”

Jun Xin didn’t bother wasting time talking to him. Extending his hand and pushing forward, formless energy gathered in front of him and sent that person flying into the sky.

“No one wants to call him?”

“If that’s the case, I’ll go myself.”

As he spoke, he approached the entrance and gave a light push. The city doors that weighed over three thousand catties immediately distorted under the force. It could be imagined how terrifying Jun Xin currently was!

The Imperial City had long already gotten the news. Countless archers flocked out and concealed themselves in the darkness, leaving visible only the arrow points that glimmered with cold light. They were all aimed at Jun Xin, who was walking step by step slowly into the Imperial City. It seemed that those arrows would fly over mercilessly the moment there was the slightest disturbance.

Jun Xin wasn’t worried at all as he continued to advance.

“Freeze! Take one more step and we’ll shoot!”Jun Xin replied disdainfully, “Do you dare to try shooting?”

Who exactly was this person!?

At the same time, Xi Qiuyi also received the news. He looked with shock at the servant who had informed him of this incident. “You said that Jun Xin has barged into the Imperial City?”


Why would it be Jun Xin?

“Go investigate what exactly happened!” Xi Qiuyi glanced at Elder Yu who was sitting next to him. “Get people to stop Jun Xin as soon as possible. Imperial Father cannot find out about this matter!”

Elder Yu nodded. “It was definitely Baili Yu who sent Jun Xin to find His Majesty. Indeed, we cannot let him reach His Majesty!”

“However, I’m afraid your people will not be able to stop Blood Fiend Jun Xin!”

“Then what does Elder Yu suggest?” Xi Qiuyi was currently very anxious. He had carried this out while keeping it secret from his imperial father. If he was discovered, due to Baili Yu, Imperial Father would definitely punish him severely.

“Your Majesty, no need to worry.” Elder Yu stroked his beard. “Jun Xin wouldn’t be able to cause much of a ripple…”

Before his voice even faded, a manservant rushed in. “It’s not good, it’s not good! Your Majesty, something terrible has happened!”


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