Chapter 166.1: Saint Envoy

Prodigal Alliance Head


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There were many rules within noble houses. It was easy to accidentally break a rule and be sentenced to death before one even figured out what happened.

The way a servant spoke to a master was one particular example. Usually, if a servant rushed in while shouting like this, he would already have been dragged out and beat to death.

However, today’s circumstances were unusual. This was the manservant Xi Qiuyi had sent to keep an eye on Jun Xin’s situation. The fact that he rushed in while saying that things were bad probably meant that something bad had happened over at the Imperial City.

When Xi Qiuyi’s thoughts reached this point, his facial color darkened slightly as he asked in a displeased tone, “Something has happened over at the Imperial City?”

The manservant nodded hastily. “Wangye is wise!”

“What happened? Explain the situation clearly. Don’t leave out a single detail!”

“Understood!” The manservant took a few moments to organize his thoughts before slowly starting to speak. “It was that person who was attacking the Imperial City. His Majesty has already sent word for the guards to let him into the city. He is probably meeting with His Majesty right now.”

“What!?” Xi Qiuyi and Elder Yu were both taken aback. Didn’t news arrive just earlier that archers had been sent out to shoot Jun Xin? Why did it suddenly change to His Majesty summoning Jun Xin for a meeting?

“What exactly happened? Why would Imperial Father suddenly want to see him?”

The manservant replied, “It’s said that he took out something that forced His Majesty to tell the archers to stand down and invite him in for an audience.”

“What did he take out?” Xi Qiuyi glanced at Elder Yu as he gestured for that manservant to leave.

Elder Yu frowned as well. He said uncertainly, “It probably doesn’t belong to Jun Xin? I feel like it’s probably something that belongs to Baili Yu.”

“Forget it. I’m going to enter the palace to check the situation first. No matter what, I can’t allow Imperial Father to investigate and trace this matter back to me!” Xi Qiuyi got up anxiously.

Elder Yu also stood up. He seemed to want to say something but hesitated. Finally, he said, “That’s a good plan. Let’s see what Jun Xin says first. However, Second Majesty, there is something that I don’t know whether I should say.”

“Say it!”

“Jun Xin definitely doesn’t know that Li Xueyi is in Second Majesty’s residence. However, it’s hard to prevent people from following the vine and finding the melon. The investigators will most likely be able to trace clues back to Second Majesty’s place, so I suggest that it’s best if Second Majesty takes note of everyone that knows of the situation and…” As he spoke, Elder Yu made a slicing motion across his neck. The meaning was clear.

However, Xi Qiuyi hesitated. He didn’t have a great amount of power compared to the other princes. However, he was able to fight on equal grounds with the Crown Prince. The only reason for this was because he had a few exceptionally strong and stable supporters. One of them was He Meng, General He, who was in control of all the patrol groups in the Imperial City.

And the task this time was precisely carried out by He Meng.

The official position of managing the patrol groups shouldn’t be looked down upon for not being of high rank as there were many things within the grasp of this office-holder. He Meng had helped him quite a lot these past years as he fought with the Crown Prince. How could he kill off someone like this so casually?

The more Xi Qiuyi thought about it, the more he rejected the idea. He waved to indicate for Elder Yu to stop talking. “He Meng’s loyal and devoted, so don’t worry Elder Yu. I’m heading to the Imperial City now. You should head back to the Alliance Head Residence and do the things you need to do as quickly as possible!”

Elder Yu was quite dissatisfied with this answer. If this matter was exposed, Xi Qiuyi wouldn’t be the only one in trouble. Should this matter come to light, at most Xi Qiuyi would be confined as a punishment in order to give Baili Yu face. The emperor definitely wouldn’t punish his own son heavily just because of the martial arts Alliance Head Li Xueyi.

However, his case was different. If his involvement was revealed, it would already be enough that he would have to face Baili Yu’s fury. However, what was even more frightening was, at that time, those people would…

Elder Yu’s gaze turned cold. He watched as Xi Qiuyi walked out of the residence, before turning to give instructions to the person next to him.

He Meng. As long as you die, no one would ever know Li Xueyi’s whereabouts.

Xi Qiuyi didn’t know that Elder Yu had sent someone to kill He Meng right after he left. When he made it to the Imperial City in a fluster, Jun Xin was still speaking with the Emperor. Due to the Emperor’s order, no one was allowed to approach.

He didn’t dare to act too conspicuously so he could only peek into the imperial study with the rest of the gathered crowd.


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