Chapter 170.2: Fierce Wolves

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However, it was quite strange. Ah Meng was howling towards the moon and those wolves were responding, however, not a single wolf appeared here. It was as if it wasn’t trying to gather the wolves, but to warn them of something?

Her guess wasn’t wrong. Ah Meng was warning the wolves around not to approach this place.

This place was seriously too sealed off so there wasn’t much food. Many of the wolves were intensely starved. Wolves had a keen sense of smell. Those wolves had already smelled the scent of a live human the moment he had carried Tang Doudou into the valley.

Tang Doudou couldn’t see it, but Ah Meng could sense it. Quite a few wolves were already approaching this place.

As the most intelligent wolf in this valley, he had quite a lot of authority.

That’s why he had warned those wolves that they weren’t allowed to come here. Those wolves wouldn’t lose control from just the scent, but if they saw the person, even he, this wolf king, wouldn’t be able to cower them if they went berserk.

That’s why he repeatedly warned them. Those wolves, fearing his power, were already slowly retreating.

When Ah Meng saw that things were about good, he jumped off the rock and came to Tang Doudou.

“Were you warning them off earlier?” Tang Doudou was very curious about his actions. Animals like wolves were quite a mystery, and even though she had come from a scientific society, she was still very curious about these sorts of animals.

Ah Meng didn’t pay attention to her and lay down in front of the cave entrance. He gazed quietly at the road and spaced out.

Tang Doudou had been ignored, but there was no way she could bicker about it with a wolf. After being tormented for so long, now that she felt safe being protected by a wolf, she decided to close her eyes and sleep.

Right after she closed her eyes, Ah Meng turned around. A trace of puzzlement flashed through its green eyes. Why did it seem like this woman wasn’t afraid of him?

How strange.

It turned around and looked at the rocks again. It still felt a little uneasy so it stood up and started walking around Tang Doudou. It shook its fur and scattered it all around, then even sprayed some urine.

Tang Doudou had gone through a lot of trials, so she was very deeply asleep. When she smelled that acrid stink, she frowned but didn’t wake up.

Ah Meng saw that she was fast asleep and lay in front of the cave entrance for another while. After it confirmed that there was no danger, it got up and headed out of the valley.

Within the empty valley, in that cave filled with wolf fur and urine, moonlight spilled onto Tang Doudou’s sound asleep little face. She smiled contentedly.

The moonlight fully enveloped her entire body. Suddenly, a gorgeous dazzling radiance appeared near her abdomen.

The radiance paused near her abdomen for a while, then entered her body. Like a lively koi, it emerged from time to time in various parts of Tang Doudou’s body. Every time it emerged, it would carry out something black.

The mass of black would disappear when it made contact with air. Each time a portion of black mass left, Tang Doudou’s facial color would improve.

This scene was even more magical than the earlier scene of the mysterious person absorbing the moonlight.

What the heck kept making that noise!? It’s too f*cking loud!

In the middle of Tang Doudou’s nice sleep, she suddenly heard rustling noises along with strange, low roaring. The sounds seemed to come from right next to her ears.

She endured it for a while but finally couldn’t take it anymore!

She abruptly sat up. As she rubbed her eyes drowsily, she said, “You’re too damned loud! Can’t you be quieter!?”

“Aaooh!” What answered her was the mournful sound of a wolf’s howl.

Tang Doudou immediately returned to her senses upon hearing this and recalled where she was. She abruptly opened her eyes, a trace of confusion flashing across her face. That howl didn’t sound like Ah Meng’s!

Ah Meng’s howl was very bold and almost seemed human. However, this howl contained nothing but naked blood-lust. She shuddered and immediately became fully alert.

She looked around, bewildered, and almost peed her pants in alarm.

She was surrounded by wolves. They were barely ten steps away. There were big ones, small ones, gray ones, black ones. Countless green eyes that were filled with greed stared at her. When they saw her move, they gradually approached. Several wolves were already moving into position as if they were ready to pounce and tear her apart as soon as there was an opportunity.

Tang Doudou didn’t dare to move anymore.


Tang Doudou was so frightened by this pack of wolves that she didn’t notice any abnormality in the fact that she could now move. She glanced around, wanting to retreat into the cave to find safety. However, when she turned around, she saw that there were numerous glowing green lights in the cave. There was no need to guess, the cave was also filled with wolves.

This meant that she was truly surrounded by enemies both in front and behind. Even the undying would die in this situation!

Ah Meng ah, Ah Meng. Where did you freaking go!?

Tang Doudou wanted to cry but didn’t have the tears. She looked around, but didn’t see Ah Meng anywhere, nor could she hear his cry. He had probably around left at some point in time.

Why would the mysterious person choose this crappy place? It had so many wolves! Wasn’t he worried about waking up in the middle of the night and finding a wolf gnawing on him!?

What a shame for her lifetime of illustrious name ah! Was she really going to be buried in a wolf’s stomach like this?


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