Chapter 171.1: Miraculous Effect of the Broadcast Exercises

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Although Tang Doudou was scared, she was still thinking clearly and quickly started to analyze the situation. First of all, the fact that these wolves didn’t immediately attack her meant that there was something stopping them. Otherwise, based on how starved they looked, they definitely would have pounced on her while she was still sleeping.

A hungry wolf was doubtlessly the most terrifying living creature. If that wasn’t the case, humans wouldn’t use this term so much to metaphorically refer to those thirsty men.

She didn’t dare to move. These dog-type animals all had the same characteristic of not casually attacking motionless things. Wolves were very cautious. Even if they were currently starving, they were still cautious and only acted after they were sure of the outcome.

Tang Doudou’s bright eyes didn’t pause for any breaks as they rapidly darted around. She saw the fur that Ah Meng had left behind and the wet, smelly soil. From the looks of it, it was these two things that were making these wolves wary!

She felt extremely grateful to Ah Meng. If it weren’t for these two things, she probably would have been torn apart and already eaten to the point that not a single bone remained.

However, the effects of those things were limited. Although a lot of wolves revealed fear upon seeing those things, even more wolves were steadily approaching.

Tang Doudou was very anxious but she didn’t know what to do. She knew a lot of ways to deal with wolves but she didn’t have the equipment or anything she could use right now. There was not a single method she could utilize!

She didn’t know when Ah Meng and that mysterious person would come back either.

However, even if they came back, she wouldn’t necessarily be saved. There were so many wolves, even if they came, they’d probably just end up as food as well.

After all, wolves were very nimble and even knew how to use tactics.

As the wolves got closer and closer, Tang Doudou suddenly felt a fiery feeling come from her chest. This feeling was very familiar. Wasn’t this the sign for when she was about to explode?

F*ck this damned timing!

Tang Doudou didn’t even feel like crying anymore. Why didn’t she just kill herself to avoid having to experience the pain of being ripped from limb to limb before she died?


Just as she was debating whether it would be more painful to commit suicide or to continue struggling and see how the situation turns out, an enormous wolf finally couldn’t endure it anymore and pounced over with a low roar. His trajectory was aimed precisely at Tang Doudou’s neck.

Tang Doudou hastily dodged to the side and narrowly avoided the wolf’s bite. However, her movement immediately caused the pack of wolves to become restless. Several more leaped out and rushed towards Tang Doudou.


There was not even a single rock nearby so she could only keep dodging. It was lucky that Mu Ye had taught her qinggong because that was the only reason she hadn’t been bitten yet.

However, as more and more wolves joined in on the attack, Tang Doudou found it increasingly difficult to dodge. She barely escaped by the skin of her teeth several times.

Huff, huff

Tang Doudou panted as she dodged the wolf with the largest physique, which was also the one that had first attacked her. She paused on a rock to rest but didn’t dare to shift her line of sight away at all. This wolf was way too crafty. Its intelligence probably wasn’t lower than Ah Meng’s by much!

After it failed a couple times in its attacks, it hid itself in the pack of wolves and started launching sneak attacks when it saw an opportunity. It had almost successfully injured her several times.

Continuing on like this wasn’t a solution!

Tang Doudou originally wanted to fly away with qinggong, but before she could even jump her way up, she was forced back down by the wolves in the cracks of the rock wall.

More and more wolves appeared around her and the devastating inner strength inside her was growing increasingly out of the control. It wasn’t that she didn’t consider using the exploding inner strength to blow these wolves away, but that she knew that she would fall unconscious afterward. If there was even a single wolf left, her situation would be even more dangerous than it was right now.

She rubbed her chest in an attempt to calm her inner strength but unexpectedly touched something that made her celebrate with joy!

The rolled torch!

She hastily dug it out and tugged off her outer garment. After blowing the torch until it set the garment on fire, she threw the garment towards the ash-white wolf.

That wolf had probably never seen fire before in its life. When it saw that flaming garment thrown towards it, it whimpered in fear and retreated with its tail between its legs!

When the other wolves saw this reaction, they hastily retreated as well. However, once they discovered that this fire didn’t have much destructive power, they started advancing again.

From the looks of it, if she didn’t beat some fear into them, these animals wouldn’t understand how to be scared!

Tang Doudou resolved herself and took off all of her outer layers. With only her inner garments left, she felt like the wind kept entering through her collar. “Frick! If I manage to get away this time, just wait and see how this grandmama deals with you bunch of stinky bitches!”

As she spoke, she ripped up the pile of clothing, lit them up, then quickly dove into the pack of wolves.

The wolves were stunned by the fact that the prey that had still been frantically fleeing a while earlier had suddenly started counterattacking. They watched with alarm as Tang Doudou rushed over, but some recovered quickly and tried to bite her.

There were too many wolves so it was very tiring for Tang Doudou to weave in and out amongst them. However, for the sake of scaring these wolves into retreating, she gritted her teeth and fiercely thrust the burning clothes in her hand onto a wolf nearby. The flames licked at the wolf’s dry fur and ignited with a ‘whoosh.’

The burning feeling caused the wolf to wail miserably and frantically run back and forth in the pack of wolves. In the end, the fire only grew greater due to being fed by the wind. In addition, while it was trying to flee, it also set several other wolves on fire.

Pitiful howls rose and fell in succession, reverberating through the entire valley. When the wolves that hadn’t been set on fire saw this scene, they were cowed and hastily ran back onto the rock, staying far away from the fire.

Tang Doudou quickly returned to her original spot and ignited a few more clothes. Because she was rushing too much, she burned herself several times, but she didn’t have the time to care about it. She entered the pack of wolves, passed the flames onto the wolves, then retreated again.

In order to put out the flames, the wolves kept running around randomly in the valley. It was a shame that they didn’t know doing so simply encouraged the flames. The first to be set on fire was now already burned to death.

The wonderful fragrance of barbecue wafted over. Tang Doudou swallowed hard. Damn she was hungry!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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