Chapter 172.1: Laugh Until the End

Prodigal Alliance Head


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She finally managed to suppress that inner strength!

Tang Doudou sighed in relief. However, before she even had a chance to relax, she saw something that reminded her of her current hopeless situation.

All the clothing had been burned.

The impatient wolves immediately leaped over without giving her a chance to react.

“F*ck! If it keeps on going like this, even if you guys don’t bite me to death, I’ll still die from exhaustion!” exclaimed Tang Doudou as she dodged the wolf attacks with a crying look on her face.

It was a good thing that though there looked to be a lot of wolves, there were actually only a couple dozen of them. Earlier, she had burned a couple to death and injured a couple, so the remaining ones weren’t enough to surround her from all directions. She glanced around the valley, taking note of the terrain, then started scaling the rock wall. Those wolves chased after her with speed that was much greater than hers.

No matter what, she couldn’t allow herself to be caught by these wolves.

Tang Doudou leaped up and landed on the rock Ah Meng had been standing on earlier. This seemed to be the highest point of the valley.

She glanced down and saw that the crowd of wolves were still running up.

However, the ash-white wolf had landed on the rock the same time Tang Doudou landed. The two confronted each other.

“Are you an f-ing lingering ghost!?” Tang Doudou was quite depressed to see this wolf. From the looks of it, it wasn’t possible to try to just leave. She had to deal with this wolf first.

However, she had already burned all her clothes and her inner strength had been suppressed. What was she supposed to use to get rid of this wolf?

The ash-white wolf seemed to know that she had exhausted her abilities and lifted its head arrogantly as it looked at Tang Doudou with contempt. Its snow-white fur glimmered beneath the moonlight. Upon seeing this, Tang Doudou couldn’t help but criticize Ah Meng a little. They were both extremely intelligent wolves, yet why was the fur of other wolves so clean but Ah Meng’s fur so dirty that it almost grossed her out to death?

However, these thoughts were all pointless. Tang Doudou patted her cheeks and threw away those unrelated thoughts.

Following that, she lifted her fists and moved into a fighting stance. F*ck! She’ll stake it all!

When her thoughts reached this point, she rushed over without waiting for that wolf to attack. She had figured out how to manipulate the inner strength earlier so she didn’t use any special techniques and simply sent a violent punch towards the wolf.

However, the wolf nimbly dodged it. The move had failed.

Then the wolf pounced over with a roar.

As it roared, the stench from its mouth hit Tang Doudou’s face. Its sharp teeth almost snapped Tang Doudou’s neck.

Though it didn’t, it left a deep wound on her neck.

“F*ck!” Tang Doudou cursed from the pain. However, she ignored the injury and continue attacking the wolf relentlessly.

She had a shockingly great amount of inner strength, it was just that she didn’t know how to use it.

Now that she had decided to get violent, her fists became covered with magnificent radiance. Even though her fists didn’t managed to land on the wolf, when the light swept by, the wolf was sent flying away.

It smashed into the rock wall behind it.

Grrrr!” The wolf was infuriated and began to attack even more fiercely. It was a wolf that had gone through countless battles in the course of its life after all, so a little lady who had never fought before like Tang Doudou had no way of beating it once it got serious.

After a couple trading of blows, Tang Doudou was wounded all over and looked very wretched.

If things kept on going like this, defeat was inevitable.

Far away, the mysterious person retrieved his gaze and laughed ‘jeje’ as he asked the immobilized Mu Ye, “Who do you think will win?”

Mu Ye kept his eyes fixated worriedly on the situation over there. When the mysterious person asked this question, the wolf over there had started attacking again. Its sharp claws swept across Tang Doudou’s shoulder, almost ripping it off.

When he didn’t speak, the mysterious person spoke again. “Why don’t we make a bet? If you win, I’ll let you two go. If you lose… Jeje, then why don’t you both go feed the wolves?”

Mu Ye still didn’t speak.

However, the mysterious person didn’t get angry and simply continued, “Could it be that you want to watch her die?”

Mu Ye turned around. “What bet?”

“Bet on whether she’ll win or the wolf will win!” The mysterious person’s smile was strange. Mu Ye immediately turned his head away again. Wasn’t this not much different from wanting Tang Doudou to die?

The mysterious person knew what he was thinking and said, “Heehee, we’re only betting on who wins, not who dies.”

Mu Ye looked at Tang Doudou who was struggling to dodge the wolf’s swipes. “I bet on her winning.”

“Looks like you’re quite confident in her!”

“Does what you said count?”

“Of course, a nobleman’s word is his bond. As long as she wins, I promise to peacefully let you two go.” Though the mysterious person said this straightforwardly, Mu Ye still sensed that there was a hidden plot.

“Swear it!” He looked coldly toward the mysterious person.

The mysterious person’s facial color darkened. “You don’t trust me?”

“Is there a single person amongst your group that’s trustworthy?”

“Fine, fine, fine!” The mysterious person lifted his left hand and pointed four fingers towards the sky as he swore, “I, Shen Moru, swears to the Heavens that if a single of the earlier words is false, let the five elements turn against me and condemn me to eternal damnation!”

Mu Ye only dropped the subject after hearing this serious vow. He knew a bit about these people and knew that they feared vows quite a lot. Now that this problem had been addressed, he turned to continue watching Tang Doudou fight with that wolf.


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