Chapter 172.2: Laugh Until the End

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Although the wolf currently had the advantage, Tang Doudou’s inner strength hadn’t exploded yet so the victor was still uncertain.

Did the mysterious person know that Tang Doudou’s inner strength could explode?

From the looks of it, he probably did know, otherwise he wouldn’t give that strange smile. He had agreed to the vow so quickly, could it be that he had some other trick up his sleeve?

The more Mu Ye thought about it, the more he started to regret it. He shouldn’t have agreed to the mysterious person’s bet, but currently he had no other choice.

Tang Doudou didn’t know that there were currently people betting on the battle between her and the wolf. She stared, completely focused on the wolf in front of her. The pain from all the wounds on her body was about to make her faint. When had she ever experienced such severe injuries before?

And fudge, it would have been great if she knew just a bit of martial arts!

It was all because she was too lazy most of the time. She should have already understood how important martial arts were after encountering so much danger, yet she didn’t take advantage of her free time to learn a little. If she had, she wouldn’t be in such a wretched situation today.

Tang Doudou made a resolution. If she managed to go back, she’d definitely find a f-ing dozen martial art experts to teach her martial arts. She didn’t believe that there was any way she wouldn’t be able to become a pinnacle expert with her profound inner strength! (Pinnacle expert is currently the highest rank of experts introduced in this story. TDD has high goals, I approve.)

She’d like to see who would dare to kidnap her here and there in their free time then!

Speaking of which, she had been gone for such a long time. Even Jun Xin had attacked the Imperial City out of worry, yet why hadn’t she heard anything about Baili Yu?

Could it be that he didn’t care about her fate at all?

Tang Doudou was very disappointed and frustrated.

In the end, her distraction led to the wolf landing another injury on her shoulder. She gritted her teeth in fury, itching to just bite this wolf to death.

Of course, the wolf also really wanted to bite her. It had never encountered such a difficult to deal with prey.

However, the more difficult it was, the more interested it became. It bared its fangs at Tang Doudou as it barked at her.

“You think you’re a dog? What are you f-ing barking for?” replied Tang Doudou to the wolf’s provocation.

The wolf didn’t understand what she said at all and gave another low hum. Then it started circling Tang Doudou as if it was about to use an instant kill technique.

Tang Doudou had the same intention as well and gave a cold smile. Animal, since you’re looking for death, I’ll grant it to you!

She secretly gathered up energy in one palm while reaching for the dagger at her waist with her other hand.

She hadn’t used the dagger the whole time because she was worried about how intelligent these wolves were. In the past, she had seen a news report that talked about how a search team encountered a pack of wolves. When the wolves found out that the humans were holding dangerous weapons, they thought of ways to get rid of the weapons before starting their attack.

From the looks of it, wolves had very high intelligence that were demonstrated in different ways.

No wonder some places revered these creatures.

Back then, because the scenes the report showed were too bloody, she remembered it abnormally vividly. That was why she didn’t pull the dagger out from the very start. She was waiting for the crucial moment to use this in a surprise attack.

The narration was slow, but the actual passage of time was fast. The instant Tang Doudou’s hand made contact with the dagger, the wolf suddenly charged forward, forming a beautiful arc in the air and reaching Tang Doudou in the blink of an eye. Its sharp teeth were almost at Tang Doudou’s neck when she suddenly leaned back. The wolf continued forward due to inertia as Tang Doudou pierced upwards. The dagger which was already in her hand entered that wolf’s abdomen. Metallic-scented hot blood poured out over the dagger, dying Tang Doudou’s hand red.

Smelling the warm and disgusting scent, Tang Doudou hastily pulled out the dagger, rolled over, and rapidly got to her feet again as she looked over towards where the wolf fell.

As expected of the alpha, though its abdomen was injured and blood dyed its white fur scarlet red, it still quickly got up from the ground. For the first time, actual fear appeared in its eyes. It retreated a few steps as it whimpered softly.

Seeing that it seemed to be retreating, Tang Doudou said, “You should leave. If you don’t bother me, I won’t hurt you. You’re simply trying to get food and survive, but I also don’t want to die!”

She didn’t knew if the wolf understood it or not. It whimpered softly, sounding very much in pain. More and more blood was flowing out from its wound. However, it forcefully kept itself upright, unwilling to continue to retreat.

Tang Doudou naturally knew why the blood flow was so heavy. It was because her dagger was special; its surface was full of barbs. After stabbing into the wolf and pulling it out, the barbs scraped the flesh as it left, causing a more severe injury than normal.

“She’s won.” When Mu Ye saw Tang Doudou put away the dagger, a smile appeared on his face. Perhaps he himself didn't even realize that it was there.

However, Shen Moru didn’t agree with him and said, “Watch. Victory hasn’t been decided yet.”

Upon hearing this, Mu Ye frowned and asked, displeased, “Are you trying to back out?”

“Heehee, I’ve already sworn on it, how could I back out?” replied Shen Moru.

“The wolf has already been injured, so hasn’t she already won?”

“The wolf has only been injured one time, but she already has so many wounds. If we really decide on the winner based on this, wouldn’t it be too unfair towards me?”

“What exactly do you mean?”

“Just watch. The answer will be clear soon.”

From how wretch the wolf looked, it probably wasn’t a threat to her anymore.

Tang Doudou sighed in relief. She felt like her entire body hurt, but she didn’t dare to keep staying here. Though the alpha had been injured, there were still so many wolves in this valley.

As she thought to here, she forcefully roused her spirit and pressed on the deepest wound on her shoulder as she made to leave the valley.

The instant she turned away, the wolf’s originally weary eyes turned sharp!


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