Chapter 176.1: Jerry-Built Construction

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That wasn’t good ah, it was seriously not good ah!

Tang Doudou had a bad premonition the moment Shen Moru brought up that old man.

Following that, he even asked about the book. Tang Doudou was inwardly alarmed but forced herself to reply calmly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You can’t deceive me.” Shen Moru smiled meaningfully. “I wouldn’t dare be interested in the book’s contents. The only thing I want is your blood.”

Fudge! Just as she thought, he wasn’t human! He was probably a blood-sucking jiangshi!

According to Wiki, jiangshi is a known as a Chinese hopping vampire. It’s like a zombie in the fact that it’s a resurrected stiff corpse, but like a vampire in the way that it suck’s people’s life energy to stay alive and usually hides in dark places during the day. It’s a ‘hopping’ vampire because it usually moves by hopping forward with its arms stretched out straight in front of it since it’s a stiff corpse.

“Drop those unrealistic ideas of yours. I don’t like your poison blood!” Unexpectedly, right after this thought appeared in her head, Shen Moru immediately shot it down.

Could it be that he was a transformed roundworm?

How else could he know what she was thinking?

Tang Doudou didn’t dare to entertain any more random thoughts. She focused on what Shen Moru said about poison blood. “Poison blood? Blood that had been poisoned with the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance?”

But Mu Ye and Baili Yu had it too! Why did he insist on kidnapping her?

Could it be that they also liked picking the softer persimmon to squeeze?

“Unexpectedly you do have a little bit of intelligence. You’ve guessed right, it’s the blood bred by the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance! The miraculous poison blood!” Although Shen Moru said that he didn’t like poison blood, when he said ‘miraculous poison blood,’ blood-thirsty greed emerged in his eyes.

Tang Doudou was alarmed upon seeing this and felt worried that he would rush over to bite her neck and suck her blood dry.

“B-but, I’m not the only person that’s been poisoned by the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance!” She didn’t dare to say that Mu Ye had also been poisoned and refused, even more, to bring up Baili Yu because she wasn’t sure whether Shen Moru knew about those two.

“I know, but you are indeed the only one who has been cultivated into having poison blood! Haha…”

Shen Moru laughed loudly for a while, then said, “Rest, recuperate, and eat well. Replenish all the blood you lost for me, then… Hehe, I’ll be back for you!”

After he finished speaking, he stood up and drifted out.

Tang Doudou only relaxed after he left. She patted her chest, still feeling lingering fear. Hell, his earlier tone was too frightening, it was practically like that of a devil’s!

Mu Ye walked in. When he saw that her face was pale, he handed the fruit in his hand to Tang Doudou. “You should eat a little.”

In reality, Tang Doudou was starving. If Shen Moru hadn’t said what he did earlier about replenishing her blood, she definitely would have taken it without hesitation.

But now… She glanced weakly at those glistening brightly-colored fruits. She could tell that they were freshly picked, but she couldn’t muster up any appetite. “Thanks, I’ll eat later.”

Mu Ye had heard what Shen Moru said from outside and knew what Tang Doudou was worried about. “No matter what, you shouldn’t starve yourself.”

Of course she knew this!

She still had no appetite, but seeing that Mu Ye was doing this with good intentions, she took the fruit. Pressing it between her palms, she said, “Mu Ye, I don’t want to become a blood cow.” (A blood cow is a person who sells their blood for a living.)

She didn’t know what Shen Moru wanted her blood for, but she was terrified at the thought that from now on her life would consist of having blood drawn and recuperating only to produce more blood. Rather than that, she would prefer to be killed.

Mu Ye’s heart ached for her, but he didn’t know how to express it. “En, I know.”

Forget it, what use was there in telling him?

The guy was the Leader of the Demonic Sect and had ended up captured along with her because she had asked him to deliver a message. Despite that, he had taken care of her so much along the way. That was already extremely benevolent of him. There was no way she could still hope for the person to stake his life to fight Shen Moru for her, right?

“Thank you for the fruit. My head really hurts so I want to sleep a little longer.”

“Alright.” Mu Ye stood up and placed all the fruits he had next to the bed. “Eat if you get hungry. Don’t worry too much and just rest.”

After he finished speaking, he left.

After he left, Tang Doudou fell back onto the bed, strengthless. What should she do in order to escape from this?

For the time being, there was no need to worry about death.

From what Shen Moru said about having successfully cultivated the poison blood in her body meant that the blood in Baili Yu and Mu Ye’s bodies hadn’t been successfully cultivated yet. Although it sounded simple, it could be seen that it wasn’t easy to cultivate this ‘poison blood.’ The dead Li Xueyi was the best proof.

Since it was difficult, he definitely wouldn’t let her die easily.

So she still had a chance. However, she also knew that she couldn’t threaten Shen Moru with suicide. That would only cause him to use even more perverted methods on her. His methods were strange. It was harder to deal with him than it was anyone that she had come across so far.

What a headache!

Tang Doudou scratched her head. She saw the fruits Mu Ye had placed next to the bed out of the corner of her eye and a trace of puzzlement flashed through her eyes. Why did she feel that Mu Ye was becoming increasingly strange?

He seemed to treat her very well. Why?

Could it be that he was still thinking of wanting to marry her and cure the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance?

She had a lot on her mind, so she couldn’t sleep. As she tossed and turned, the silver ornaments on her clothes tinkled, causing her to be even more unable to sleep.

The moment she sat up, her stomach started rumbling.

Although she didn’t want to become a blood cow, she also didn’t want to starve to death!

Tang Doudou picked up the fruit next to the bed. The captivating fragrance of the fruit drifted over, causing her to gulp involuntarily. Fudge. Even if she was going to die, she had to die as a ghost that ate to death!

She bit down like she was biting Shen Moru and fiercely chomped off half the fruit.


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