Chapter 176.2: Jerry-Built Construction

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The fruit entered her mouth. The taste was actually pretty good. It was sweet and tasty, and very juicy as well. She didn’t know what kind of fruit it was, she had never seen it before.

It was just that this color looked way too bright, like that of a poison fruit.

The moment this thought occurred to her, she spat out the fruit. Her facial color was unpleasant. The hell? It really was poisonous!

She opened her mouth, but her tongue was numb and she couldn’t even talk anymore.

She instantly felt like crying but didn’t have the tears. Da fudge? What exactly was this?

Tang Doudou didn’t dare risk eating the colorful fruits again. But Mu Ye, seriously, shouldn’t he at least check to see if the fruits were poisonous before picking them?

Since she was hungry and also couldn’t sleep, she decided to just go out and walk around.

The injuries on her foot still hurt a little, so she could only walk on tiptoe.

“Eh? Big Sister, why did you come out-yo? You’re still injured, you need to rest-yo!”

The moment Tang Doudou left the room, Nan Maner appeared from somewhere and hastily stopped her.

“Oh, the room’s too stifling. I wanted to come out and get a bit of fresh air.” After she found out that Nan Maner was one of Shen Moru’s subordinates, she couldn’t feel any intimacy towards her anymore. At the same time, she didn’t dislike her either. The numbness had faded from her tongue a little already. However, it still felt a bit numb when she spoke.

“So it was like that-yo!” Nan Maner nodded naively. She didn’t notice Tang Doudou’s strange manner of speaking. “Then just stay on the sacred tree-yo. No matter what, don’t get off the sacred tree-yo. The people below are very fierce-yo.”

Sacred tree?

Only then did Tang Doudou realize that she was currently standing on a tree branch. It was just that this tree branch was enormous. Wooden boards formed a flat surface and the dense leaves around didn’t let in much light, so it had caused her to think that she was in some forest. She never expected that she was actually on a tree.

She instantly started feeling a bit weak in her legs and stomach. Who knew how safe this irregular construct was?

What if it was a jerry-built construction? It wasn’t impossible that she would fall down in the middle of the night while she was sleeping!

“Heehee, Big Sister, are you worried that you’ll fall?”

Tang Doudou’s freaked out manner made Nan Maner cover her mouth and giggle.

“O-of course not!”

“Then why are your legs trembling-yo?”

As she spoke, she swept her gaze over Tang Doudou’s trembling legs and smiled mischievously.

Tang Doudou was perspiring profusely inside. She pulled back her legs and said, “Ahem, it’s cause I’m hungry.”

“I almost forgot-yo!”

When she mentioned that she was hungry, Nan Maner promptly smacked her own cheeks, then looked at Tang Doudou apologetically. “Sorry-yo, I forgot to bring food for you-yo.”

“It’s all my fault-yo, I have such bad memory-yo. Grandma even reminded me before she left-yo, but I actually forgot-yo…”

Tang Doudou hastily interrupted her ‘yoyoyo’s. If she kept continuing it would go onto ‘check it out!’ (There’s a Chinese phrase used to get attention that sounds like the English words “Yo! Yo! Check it out!”)

“Then will you still be able to get food now?”

“Of course-yo!”

“Ahem…” Could it be that she had to say it directly?

Nan Maner finally caught on. She moved her fingers and pouted at Tang Doudou. “Don’t worry-yo, Big Sister, I’ll definitely get food for you-yo!”

“Thanks!” It wasn’t that she was heartless or impatient, but that she really didn’t want to continue to listen to ‘yoyoyo, check it out’ words.

Luckily, Nan Maner was very naive and didn’t notice the impatience in Tang Doudou’s tone at all. She smiled sweetly. “Big Sister doesn’t need to be polite-yo. Saint King said that I must do my best to fulfill everything that Big Sister needs-yo!”

Haha… (sarcastic laugh)

Tang Doudou didn’t continue this conversation with her. She tiptoed cautiously on the wooden plank ground. She only relaxed and started walking towards the edge after she confirmed that the planks were quite stable.

Nan Maner disappeared after she had finished speaking.

Tang Doudou knew that she had gone to prepare food for her.

She couldn’t see Mu Ye. She didn’t know if he had ditched her and ran off or went to do something with Shen Moru.

It wasn’t that she was narrow-mindedly thinking of random things but that Mu Ye had become strange after he saw Shen Moru.

Although she wasn’t very familiar with Mu Ye, and was even almost ‘kacha’-ed by him when they first met, later, during the Plum Garden Gathering after he asked her to make a deal with him while she was in the latrine, their relationship seemed to have gradually improved. After that, he taught her qinggong in Azure Water Valley, then intercepted the God Firmament Hall’s attack and saved her...

All these events occurred quite close together. Now that Tang Doudou thought about it, it was quite clear. Mu Ye’s change had happened after the Plum Garden Gathering, meaning that it probably had something to do with the deal he had mentioned before.

However, what exactly was that deal about?

They had met so many times afterward but why hadn’t he brought it up again?

“Why did you come out?” Just as Tang Doudou was deep in thought, Mu Ye’s voice came from above her head.

So there was a wooden ladder up. Looking at the ladder in front of her, she asked curiously, “What’s above?”

“Tree.” Mu Ye poked his head out from the dense leaves. “I picked the fruits from here.”

It would have been better if he hadn’t brought it up, but the moment he brought it up, Tang Doudou felt like cursing again. Fudge! When he was picking, he was definitely just picking whatever looked pretty. He probably never bothered to think about whether it was poisonous!

“Are they all plucked from this tree? But all those fruits look different. How could they all come from this one tree?” Tang Doudou pointed at the dense leaves above her. “And, don’t you sense a strange feeling from this tree?”


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