Chapter 177.1: Fruit of the Sacred Tree

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Mu Ye didn’t speak and simply pointed at the wooden ladder, indicating for her to climb up and see for herself.

The ladder looked pretty sturdy so she started climbing it. When she was halfway up, Mu Ye couldn’t stop himself from reminding her, “Use qinggong.”

She always ended up forgetting that she knew qinggong.

When she gradually got near the end of the ladder, she leaped up and landed on a branch nearby.

“Wah, does this still count as a tree? It’s way too magical!”

Tang Doudou stood on the enormous tree branch. The beautiful scene above her was completely different from what was below her. Rainbow-colored leaves glowed with faint radiance like the immortal trees of the legends.

There were all sorts of fruits hanging in between those leaves. Their colors were all very bright and as far as the eye could see, no two were identical.

“How magical!” She couldn’t help but sigh emotionally.

Mu Ye nodded. “Nan Maner said that these fruits were really good, so I picked some.”

Could he not bring up this subject?

Her tongue was still slightly numb right now!

“Ahem, really? Have you eaten any?”

“I haven’t.” He was worried that she would be really hungry when she woke up so he immediately went down to give them to her as soon as he picked some.

Tang Doudou was speechless. Suddenly, she saw a rainbow-colored leaf drop onto Mu Ye’s shoulder. She reached over and picked it up. “How could rainbow-colored leaves exist? It really doesn’t follow common sense!”

“Perhaps it’s related to the soil,” said Mu Ye.

“The soil?” Tang Doudou was a good child of the new age and knew that the things required for plants to grow were not simply soil and sunlight.

However, she didn’t investigate deeply into this question because the question of how this tree became like this really didn't have much to do with her. She wasn’t an explorer so she wasn’t that interested in the reason why. Hence, she just gazed at it for a while. Once she looked enough, she said goodbye to Mu Ye and returned to her room to wait for Nan Maner to bring her food.

Mu Ye watched until her head disappeared from view. Nan Maner had mentioned that the medicinal bath was made from these fruits, so he thought they would help her recover. Why did her facial color turn so bad when he brought them up?

Could it be because the fruits didn’t taste good?

He pulled off a nearby fruit. After a moment of thought, he bit down. His cold expression instantly crumbled as a red flush crawled up his neck.

He finally understood why Tang Doudou would make such an expression when looking at the fruits.

Unexpectedly, they’ve already been stuck on this crappy tree for three months.

Filtered sunlight shone through the dense leaves. Tang Doudou was bored stiff as she lay on the tree, counting the days. She then gave a long sigh.

Mu Ye was sitting not far from her, his expression the same as always.

“Hehe, the Alliance Head and the Leader of the Demonic Sect disappeared at the same time for so long. The Jianghu has probably turned into porridge from the disorder by now, right?” Tang Doudou smacked her lips, before suddenly speaking, as she looked towards the expressionless Mu Ye.

Mu Ye nodded. “They’ll think that I took you.”

“Then search the entire country for our tracks.”

“In the end, they wouldn’t find anything.”

“They’ll definitely think that we took each other down! Haha!” Tang Doudou started laughing. After interacting with Mu Ye for these past months, she discovered that this iceberg was actually  only cold on the surface. At times, he was actually quite fun.

But it was seriously thanks to her careful guidance!

Three months ago, he only spat out one or two words at a time, but now he was already capable of carrying on random banter with her. She would even see a faint smile occasionally appear on his face.

“Heh, Mu Ye, why do you always have such a serious expression? Isn’t smiling like this great?” Tang Doudou couldn’t help but ask.

Mu Ye stopped smiling and glanced at her. “I don’t feel that there’s anything amusing.”

She still had to decipher his words though. What this meant was that previously, his life was too dull and there wasn’t a time when he was happy at all.

Tang Doudou sat up and knitted her brows. “Could it be that I look really funny?”

Mu Ye shook his head.

“Heh, well, whatever.” Tang Doudou lay back down again and looked at the rainbow-colored leaves above her. “I really miss Xiao Bai, I really want to go back ah…”

Of course, she missed Baili Yu the most. It’s been almost half a year since they’ve seen each other.

She didn’t know if he was searching the country for her or if he already had a new flame.

“Soon now,” said Mu Ye suddenly.

“Soon now what?”

Mu Ye’s tone was serious. His eyes were filled with worry as he looked towards Tang Doudou. “Shen Moru is almost back.”

“If he comes back then so be it. The earlier one dies, the earlier one reincarnates. If one dies sooner, one will be able to avoid the birth-control policy…” said Tang Doudou in a nonchalant manner. However, in truth, she was afraid. She didn’t know what Shen Moru would do to her when he came back. Would he lock her up and drain her blood every day, or would he drain her dry in one go?

“Hehe, you’re rather open-minded.” Shen Moru’s voice suddenly came from above their heads. He laughed in his usual strange way. “It’d save me some effort.”

Tang Doudou sat up and looked around but didn’t see Shen Moru.

“Is sneaking around pretending to be a ghost all you know to do?”

Shen Moru’s ‘jeje’ laughter got closer. “Little girl, don’t think you can act impudent just because I can’t kill you…”

As the last word sounded, Shen Moru’s figure also appeared in front of her. That same instant, his withered fingers made contact with Tang Doudou’s neck.

“Humph, if you dare then just choke me to death right now!” Tang Doudou continued to be cheeky and didn’t even look straight at Shen Moru.

“Hehe, you want to die?”

“I don’t want to.”

“If you don’t want to, then you had better behave!”

She had already heard words like this countless times these past three months. She didn’t pay attention to it at all. “If you want to kill me, do it more straightforwardly. I’ve never seen a man that dawdled as much as you!”

“Hehe, it will be as you wish soon!” said Shen Moru darkly.

He then released Tang Doudou’s neck. No longer minding the two, he went down the ladder to find Grandma Shen.

“Sicko!” Tang Doudou cursed at his back, then looked towards Mu Ye. “How about you do it?”

“I won’t kill you.”

“Aaah!!! If this won’t do and that won’t do, will I really have to accept this fate of being a blood source?” Tang Doudou once again lay down on the tree branch. Her glistening eyes contained a secret scheme. Three months ago, she didn’t have any way to deal with Shen Moru but three months later…

A faint smile appeared on her lips as she looked at the fruits above her.


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