Chapter 177.2: Fruit of the Sacred Tree

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Heehee, didn’t Shen Moru want poison blood?

She’ll let him have plenty!

“Mu Ye, could you help me with something?”


Tang Doudou had already gotten used to Mu Ye using ‘en’ to express all his thoughts. She immediately pointed towards the fruits above their heads and said, “Nan Maner said that it was fine to casually pick these fruits. Can you help me pick some?”

Mu Ye knitted his brows. “You want to use these on Shen Moru?”

Tang Doudou lifted her pointer finger as she said sneakily, “Shhh, don’t say it so loud!”

“He won’t fall for it.”

“Heehee, he won’t have a choice!” Tang Doudou gave a devilish laugh. Without waiting to see whether Mu Ye would help, she leaped up and started picking fruits.

She pulled one from the pile she gathered and bit into it. Other than her tongue going numb, nothing else happened.

She looked pleased with herself. Then she glanced at Mu Ye who still looked confused.

This wasn’t a sudden inspiration. She had started crafting this plan since the time she first ate this fruit. Although she looked extremely idle most of the time - when she wasn’t sleeping, she was chatting with Nan Maner or sometimes training the big iceberg Mu Ye a little - in reality she had been squeezing her brain juices dry every day in order to think of a way to safely escape from this place!

What she said about not being afraid of dying were just empty words.

She hadn’t even enjoyed her fill of her wonderful youth, and there was even an exceptionally beautiful seductive yao at home waiting for her to bring him disaster, wouldn’t it be such a pity to die?

Hence, she would go through the broadcast exercises with inner strength added in every morning. After that, she would practice tai chi. These two things not only confused the others but even made them think that there was something wrong with her head. She was the only one that knew that every time she did the broadcast exercises, her entire body would feel extremely comfortable. Her inner strength was gradually becoming more bonded with her body and the symptoms of losing control rarely occured anymore.

As for tai chi, there had been plenty of rumors about it in her era, so it probably also counted as a sort of martial arts?

Hence, she started to practice it while she was at it. She hadn’t expected for the effect to be rather good. Mu Ye found the inner-strength-embedded tai chi very mysterious. He had tried to probe her on what martial arts this was quite a few times, but never managed to get the specifics. On the contrary, he ended up getting several moves fished out of him.

In short, now that she knew a bit of martial arts, she definitely wouldn’t be as wretched when facing those wolves again.

She didn’t harbor hope that this bit of martial arts would be enough to defeat Shen Moru, but she had much more confidence in defeating other people.

As for this pile of fruit she had in her arms...

Heehee, of course it was time to bring out her stored cooking skills again!

“Big Handsome Brother Mu, don’t just stand there. Hurry up and pick some more fruits for me. If it becomes too late, you’ll just have to cry!” urged Tang Doudou. Then she slid down the ladder and headed to the little kitchen behind the vine house.

As she passed by the vine house, she saw that its door was shut. She didn’t know what Shen Moru and Grandma Shen were discussing inside. Nan Maner was, as always, sitting in the leaves in front of the house in a daze with her chin propped up.

This girl counted as Mu Ye’s super fan. Every time she saw Mu Ye, her eyes would light up like a hundred light bulbs.

She didn’t have much interest in anyone other than Mu Ye.

Even if Tang Doudou swaggered past right in front of her, she still wouldn’t even lift an eyelid.

Ever since Tang Doudou found out that Nan Maner was sent by Shen Moru and Grandma Shen to watch her, she didn’t feel much interest towards her either. However, when she ran into her, she would still greet her.

“Maner, are you sunbathing?” As she spoke, she started to head towards the little kitchen.

Nan Maner made a languid sound in reply. When she looked up and saw the fruits in Tang Doudou’s arms, she said, “Big Sister-yo, you can’t eat that many of those fruits-yo!”

She hadn’t picked these for herself!

However, Tang Doudou naturally wasn’t dumb enough to tell Nan Maner why she picked these fruits. She gave a mysterious smile, then entered the small kitchen.

The small kitchen was rarely used. Nan Maner and Grandma Shen’s food were sent by the villagers below. Nan Maner was called the Saint Girl by the villagers and Grandma Shen the Saint Envoy.

Mu Ye told her that Shen Moru was a Saint King.

These were all hierarchy ranks within the Seven Great Saint Tribes. The highest seemed to be the Saint Emperor, which was not much different from an emperor. Back then, the Seven Great Saint Tribes governed the world. Each tribe ruled over one region. Later, an unforeseen event occured and after a huge war, the Seven Great Saint Tribes completely vanished without a trace. This was actually the first time they had openly appeared again.


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