Chapter 180.1: Escape From Tree Valley

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However, she soon found that she had been worrying for nothing. Right after Shen Moru said this, blood leaked out from the corners of his mouth and his eyes burned even more fiercely with fury. He had never imagined that Tang Doudou would have the nerve to openly use the fruits of the sacred tree to poison him.

How did he end up being captivated by that dish? Now this was just great. He was immune to a lot of poisons but he just happened to be abnormally sensitive to the sacred tree’s fruits. He had only eaten a small piece earlier, but the new meridians that he had spent the last three months carefully remaking were already ruined.

By the time he digested this poison and repaired his meridians again, these two would probably be at the other end of the world. It would be much harder to catch them a second time!

Moreover, Baili Yu was currently searching frantically in the outside world. If these two escaped from Tree Valley and brought people back, Tree Valley and the sacred tree would be doomed!

When Shen Moru thought up to here, his cold eyes filled with murderous intent. “Grandma Shen, don’t hold back. Kill that brat and put Tang Doudou in the tree prison!”

Back then, he shouldn’t have taken into consideration that she was that woman’s daughter and allowed her to live in a place as comfortable as the tree house!

As Shen Moru regretted his past deeds, Tang Doudou had already regrouped with Mu Ye. “Frick! That damned old woman tricked me into drinking knockout drops. Hurry up and escape with me!”

Mu Ye didn’t say anything and simply lifted her onto his back as he blocked Grandma Shen’s attack with a tree branch.

“Maner, help me stop them!” Grandma Shen’s martial arts was at the same level as Mu Ye’s. When she saw that she couldn’t stop Mu Ye, she shouted for Nan Maner who was, as always, staring dazedly at nothing.

Nan Maner returned to her senses. “W-w-what’s going on-yo!?”

All she had been told was that Mu Ye and Tang Doudou were Grandma’s guests and that the Saint King ordered her to keep an eye on them. She had no idea that any animosity existed between them.

“Don’t worry about that, hurry up!” urged Grandma Shen.

While she was speaking, Mu Ye just happened to pass by Nan Maner. His cold eyes swept over and the inner strength Nan Maner had just gathered up completely dispersed.


“Humph! If you don’t help, Grandma will throw you into the tree prison as well and allow you to experience the taste of being nibbled away by ten thousand bugs!” threatened Grandma Shen.

Nan Maner didn’t dare talk back anymore, she reached out to block Mu Ye but was immediately sent flying by his palm strike.

She crashed into the dense branches.

A trace of surprise and worry appeared in Mu Ye’s eyes when she fell, but when Nan Maner started screaming, those emotions faded. Following that, he leapt off the tree without turning back.

Grandma Shen glared at the back of the two figures. Nan Maner jumped out from the branches and said, “Aiyohey! Man attacks way too ruthlessly-yo! Doesn’t he know to pity the fragrance and cherish the jade? See how I’ll sort him out once I catch him-yo!”

Following that, she ignored Grandma Shen’s attempts to stop her and chased after Mu Ye and Tang Doudou.

Grandma Shen angrily rapped the ground with her clutch. At the side, Shen Moru said, “Stop being angry and come help me cure the poison!”

Mu Ye quickly passed through the village beneath the tree. When those usually idle villagers saw them, they immediately rushed up to intercept them.

There were quite a few people with pretty good martial arts, so it caused Mu Ye’s speed to slow down. Tang Doudou hadn’t fallen unconscious yet, when she saw this, she couldn’t help but become anxious. The fact that Grandma Shen hadn’t chased after them definitely meant that she was treating Shen Moru’s poison. She had amazing medical expertise and might be able to cure Shen Moru in just a few minutes. Once Shen Moru was cured, they wouldn’t be able to escape anymore.

“Mu Ye, don’t fight with them anymore, hurry up and leave!”

Mu Ye kicked down the men that were rushing up and nodded. “Can you still hold on?”

“It’s fine, I’m only dizzy!”

“Grab onto me tightly, don’t fall!” After he said that, he stopped holding onto Tang Doudou. Pulling out his iron chain from his waist, he swung it out. The iron chain flashed with blackish-purple light as it swept all the people blocking them to the ground.

Following that, he held onto Tang Doudou with one hand and threw the iron chain towards a low branch of the sacred tree with the other. He then swung them forward and flew away from the village, and landed in front of the small black road that they had taken before. Without a pause, he shifted Tang Doudou from his back into his arms and entered while holding onto her tightly.

When they got to the stalactite cave, Tang Doudou felt his body tense up as if he sensed great danger.

“We can’t disturb that snake.” Just that one snake would hold them up for a long time. She looked towards Mu Ye. He nodded at her, indicating for her to hold her breath. Then he started walking forward soundlessly.

Tang Doudou’s heart tensed when they got near the pond. She stared nervously at the pond, worrying that the snake would suddenly jump out. Although Mu Ye didn’t look away either, he moved very quickly and they were soon about to leave the pond.


There came the sound of something breaking through the water, then an enormous figure abruptly rushed out of the pond and appeared above the two.

Tang Doudou covered her head in alarm while Mu Ye hastily retreated backward. He crashed through countless hanging stalactites but didn’t even crease his brows as he picked a different direction and ran.


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