Chapter 180.2: Escape From Tree Valley

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The enormous snake gave a long hiss, then shot out after them like a ray of lightning. Its massive body rammed straight through the complicated terrain of the mountain cave. In the blink of an eye, it had caught up with Mu Ye.

Mu Ye flung his iron chain backward. When it hit the snake’s head, it made an ear-piercing sound like that of metal colliding. Though the chain did hurt the snake, it was able to slap it away so that the chain landed between the stalactites.

Tang Doudou was shocked speechless. Had this snake become a spirit? The scales on its body were actually like iron! (When animals, plants, items gather enough spiritual energy to gain consciousness and intelligence, they became demon/spirits.)

What should they do!?

Tang Doudou panicked when she saw that the snake was chasing after them without any intention of giving up. She couldn’t think of any good ideas. However, she realized that Mu Ye probably would have been able to rush out already if he hadn’t been carrying her. She gritted her teeth, then said to Mu Ye, “Put me down and escape first, then come back with people to rescue me!”

Shen Moru still needed her poison blood to feed the bugs. It was obvious from how long he had allowed to her live peacefully on the sacred tree just how much he valued the bugs.

So for the time being, he definitely wouldn’t take her life. At most he would just torture her to vent his anger.

The likeliness of survival was pretty high if Mu Ye managed to get out and bring people back here to rescue her.

After all, if this continued, both of them may end up being captured again.

After she finished speaking, she looked towards Mu Ye, only to see that his expression was very cold and dark, his thin lips were pressed tightly together. As if he sensed her gaze, he said calmly, “If I wanted to leave, would I have stayed until now?”

This sentence caused Tang Doudou to blank out for a moment.

Then she instantly reacted. The reason Mu Ye had stayed in Tree Valley so long wasn’t that he couldn’t leave but because…

She didn’t dare continue thinking along those lines. However, another important matter occurred to her. She had been wearing female garments for so long and Nan Maner had been calling her ‘big sister’ every day, yet Mu Ye had never brought this matter up.

That meant that he had already known about her female identity!

Tang Doudou felt like her intelligence had seriously gone and died.

She didn’t say anything else, and Mu Ye didn’t speak either. He looked at the light ahead of them, then gathered blackish-purple light in his palm and fiercely sent the palm strike towards the enormous snake.

This time he had used ten levels of his inner strength so that enormous snake was sent crashing to the ground.

It writhed painfully on the ground, sending countless rocks flying in its struggle, but could not get back up.

Mu Ye glanced coldly at it, then flew out of the cave with Tang Doudou.

They had finally gotten out! Tang Doudou almost wanted to shout with joy when she saw the familiar valley outside. Right after she opened her mouth though, her expression turned worried and a trace of fear flashed through her eyes.

Not far away from them, still on that tall convex rock, Ah Meng had soundlessly appeared. Its green eyes that contained a bit of red light fixated on the two below the valley.

Along with its appearance, green light appeared all around the valley soundlessly as well. If one swept one’s gaze over them, it would look like a green ocean. The pack Tang Doudou had encountered before paled in comparison to the pack they were facing now.

Mu Ye’s cold expression also turned extremely serious.

Tang Doudou could sense his fingers gradually tightening around her back. The sound of his low voice came. “Hold on tight…”

“Mu Ye, don’t be rash!” Tang Doudou called out to stop him. “There are too many wolves. You won’t be able to handle them alone…”

Mu Ye thought that she was going to tell him to leave her behind again and coldly interrupted, “I’ll send you out if I live! But even if I die, I’ll still send you out!”

“Pei pei pei! Don’t keep saying die! It’s such bad luck!” Tang Doudou hastily stopped him from saying any more. Suddenly, her eyes moved and she looked towards Ah Meng.

Or it should be said, towards the figure behind Ah Meng.

“Do you see that?”

The figure was hidden in the shadows. The person’s entire body was enveloped by a black robe so the person’s figure and features couldn’t be made out. Not even the person’s gender could be made out.

However, after Tang Doudou spoke, Mu Ye looked over as well, and the two immediately concluded that he wasn’t an enemy.

That was because there was a shiny green leaf currently by the person’s lips. A melodious and clear, yet strange melody came from that leaf. When Ah Meng heard that melody, his expression changed. The surrounding wolves all cried out softly, then slowly retreated.

“Let’s go.” Seeing that the wolves were retreating, Mu Ye carried Tang Doudou and left the valley without turning back, and without questioning who that person was.

Behind them were specks of green light that were gradually receding like the tide and a melody that had become strangely soothing. Ahead was the pitch-black mountain road. Tang Doudou was being carried in Mu Ye’s arms as she looked towards the figure that was standing next to Ah Meng. Just as Mu Ye turned a corner and the figure was about to be out of sight, that person suddenly lowered the leaf and tugged off the black robe covering her head, revealing a pair of lively eyes.

When Tang Doudou saw that it was her, she smiled and waved towards her until she was out of sight.

“It was Nan Maner?” Mu Ye only slowed his speed after they left the valley and had gotten quite far away.

Now that the danger had passed, Tang Doudou was hit with the full effects of the drug. She faintly heard what he asked and replied with a soft ‘en’ before she fell asleep in his chest.

Her soft breathing came from the moonless darkness. Mu Ye looked at his shoulder. Blood had already soaked through the clothes on his back.

However, he didn’t dare stop and tightly hugged Tang Doudou as he headed towards Huai City.

Originally, he wanted to bring her far away and find a secluded place to live in. To - like the past three months on the sacred tree - hear her chatter about strange stuff every day. Just this was enough to make him feel like this life was wonderful.

However, he didn’t dare to risk doing this, because he knew the lengths that the Seven Great Saint Tribes would go to. Currently, going to Huai City was the safest option, because Baili Yu was there.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, this was the reality. He was the only one in this world that could protect her. As long as she was alright, he had no other wishes.


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