Chapter 184.2: If You Want Your Wife, Bring Money!

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Tang Doudou also understood this reasoning, but she couldn’t relax at all. She felt extremely useless. If she had been better at martial arts, she wouldn’t have to be so passive.

When Bai Feiyun saw the self-blame in her eyes, he patted her shoulder. “Don’t blame yourself. It wasn’t your fault.”


“I’m also relieved to see that you’re alright. Due to the fact that the martial arts Alliance Head and the Demonic Sect Leader disappeared at the same time, and the fact that I haven’t been able to look after the Alliance Head Residence since I was busy searching for you, currently Jianghu is a mess. If you don’t hurry back and calm people down, you probably won’t be able to keep this martial arts Alliance Head position much longer,” said Bai Feiyun with a smile. He poured a cup of water and tilted a pill out of a medicinal vial, then offered them to her. “I saw that most of the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance in your body has dispersed. If this speed continues, all of it will probably vanish from your body in less than half a month. After that you won’t have to worry about the poison flaring up anymore.”

“What? What you mean is that my body is digesting the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance? No way, how’s that possible? When I was at the sacred tree, that Grandma Shen even said that the poison blood in my body was very pure. This doesn’t make sense.”

“Take this pill first, then I’ll tell you what’s going on.”

Bai Feiyun once again put the pill in front of Tang Doudou. When Tang Doudou saw the black pill, she thought of MYLIKES again and that incident in which she tried to dry-swallow the pill. She couldn’t help but smile at that memory. “Alright.”

She picked up the pill and put it in her mouth before hastily taking the water to wash it down. “That’s right, Xiao Bai, you said that the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance was about to be cured, but why do I still feel like I’ve forgotten something important?”

“Really?” After she took the pill, Bai Feiyun’s expression became a bit strange. However, it wasn’t very conspicuous and Tang Doudou was thinking hard about something so she didn’t notice.

“When I woke up earlier, I felt like I had forgotten some things but I don’t remember what I forgot. Aiy…” Hopefully she hadn’t forgotten anything important. Otherwise that would suck.

Bai Feiyun said gently, “It’s alright. Perhaps you’ll recall it once the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance is completely cured? Go back to sleep and eat something once you wake up. I’ll leave first.”

It was probably because she had slept too long and hadn’t eaten anything, but after talking for a while, her head started feeling heavy again and she could barely keep her eyes open. When she heard what Bai Feiyun said, she closed her eyes and was soon asleep.

Although Bai Feiyun said he was leaving, he didn’t leave after she fell asleep but rather approached the bed and stared at her for a while. Then, revealing a strange smile, he reached towards his chin and tugged off the human skin mask.

This Bai Feiyun was actually Su Yi in disguise.

He casually threw the human skin mask onto the ground, then folded his arms as he stared at Tang Doudou in a deliberating manner. He muttered softly to himself, “Looks like it’s about time to set that plan in motion.”

It was unknown what he meant. He then tidied up his clothing and sneakily went to the window to scan the surroundings. When he saw that there were only a few hidden guards outside, he knocked them out with a flick of his fingers. Following that, he came back, lifted Tang Doudou up, and jumped out the window. In the blink of an eye, he had run off with Tang Doudou.

Baili Yu, who had also been drugged by Su Yi, was currently deeply immersed in a sweet dream. He never imagined that his wife, who had just come back, would be stolen away again like this.

When he woke up, Qing Yin trembled as she handed him the letter Su Yi left in Tang Doudou’s room.

He opened it furiously. There was only a single sentence on the large white paper. “If you want your wife, bring money!”


Baili Yu fiercely slapped the white paper onto the table. He spoke between gritted teeth. “Su Yi, you’re playing with fire!”

However, he didn’t immediately send people to Cloud City to demand for her back but went back to Huai City and canceled all the secret search orders before leading people to grandly head towards the legendary Cloud City.

At the same time, Jun Xin had also returned to Huai City with the unconscious Mu Ye. However, he just happened to miss Baili Yu who had just left. When he found out that Baili Yu had canceled all the search orders for Tang Doudou, his gloomy expression became even harder to read.

There were only two possible reasons for why Baili Yu canceled the search orders. One was that he had found Tang Doudou, the second was that Tang Doudou was dead.

“What? Bai Feiyun has gone back to Cloud City? When did that happen?” Since Jun Xin couldn’t find Baili Yu and also couldn’t find out if Baili Yu had found Tang Doudou or if Tang Doudou was dead, he could only go to Bai Courtyard to find Bai Feiyun.

In the end, Yuner told him with halting sentences that Bai Feiyun had returned to Cloud City half a month ago.

Jun Xin became increasingly vexed at having hit another dead end. He casually threw Mu Ye to the ground and prepared to head out to try and get news from other people.

Yuner called him to a stop. “Big Brother Jun Xin, I-I know what they've gone to do.”

Upon hearing this, Jun Xin turned back to look at him. All the flowers on the magnolia trees had already wilted and fell, but there were many faint green leaves on the trees. Sunlight passed through the leaves and illuminated the youngster’s pure eyes. For an instant, Jun Xin was dazed.

Not so long ago, Master had also said to him that he had the purest eyes in the world. After one looked into them, one would feel that the world was so fine.


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