Chapter 185.1: How Considerate I Am

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It was a pity, he didn’t keep that beauty and chose a path completely opposite of what Master wanted for him.

Collecting his thoughts, Jun Xin walked back and asked, “How do you know?”

Yuner showed him the rock he had rubbed till smooth and smiled innocently. “I divined it!”

Divined it?

Jun Xin nodded with an unclear expression. “Then tell me, what did you find out?”

However, Yuner didn’t obediently answer him this time and instead opened his clear eyes wide and threatened him while looking very scared. “As long as Big Brother Jun Xin agrees to one thing for me, I’ll tell Big Brother Jun Xin where they went and news about the person you’re looking for.”

This kid actually dared to pressure him?

He looked at those fawn-like eyes. He could easily ask his subordinates and get the information he wanted but… Jun Xin smiled seamlessly and said, “Speak, what is it?”

When Yuner saw that he seemed inclined to agree, he blurted out excitedly, “Help me save Big Sister San Yu!”

As expected, this was it. “Is San Yu really that important to you?”

For the sake of that girl, not only had he been driven out of the Prime Minister Residence by his own father, his father even severed their father-son ties. He even had to live on the streets for more than a month as a beggar, yet he didn’t seem to care about any of this. The only thing he cared about was San Yu. Every time he saw someone he had met before, he would say this same sentence, ‘help me save Big Sister San Yu.’

It was just a shame that when he was in the Prime Minister Residence, he was treated as a fool and often jeered at. Now that he had fallen to this level, even fewer people were willing to help him.

There was no one willing to send coal into the snow, but there were plenty of people who would throw stones at someone who fell down a well.

Despite having encountered so many people like that, he didn’t complain or show any anger at all, and still only thought about saving San Yu.

Could it be that he had feelings towards that girl?

“Big Sister San Yu is the most important person to Yuner. Yuner swore before that Yuner would protect Big Sister San Yu for an entire lifetime, but Yuner is very useless. Yuner can’t do a single thing, Yuner can’t do a single thing…”

All of this, from the solemn vow to the helpless sobs were all so pure and sincere. It caused Jun Xin to be moved. He looked towards Yuner and said, “I’ll help you get San Yu out, but you also have to promise me one thing.”

“As long as you save Big Sister San Yu, even if it’s ten things, a hundred, Yuner would still agree!” Jun Xin’s words gave Yuner a lot of hope. Originally he wanted to ask Tang Doudou to help, but after Tang Doudou came back, if she wasn’t busy to the point that she was barely around, she was missing due to some reason or another. She was simply too busy to pay attention to his matters.

Now that he saw Jun Xin intended to help, he immediately shifted his hopes to Jun Xin.

“Alright. However, once you’ve promised me something, you’re not allowed to go back on your word. Otherwise…” Jun Xin allowed his cold aura to spread and pressured Yuner to the point he could barely breathe. “I can help you get San Yu out, but I can also send her right back in.”

Yuner nodded fearfully. Currently, he couldn’t guess Jun Xin’s intentions at all. He didn’t know what Jun Xin wanted to know, but he had always been good at sensing things. As of now, he had a premonition that once San Yu was saved, they’d have to bid each other farewell, perhaps forever.

Jun Xin’s efficiency didn’t require much explanation. He went directly to Xi Qiulin and demanded for the person. San Yu was the princess of the previous dynasty so Xi Qiulin naturally refused to release her. However, once Jun Xin said he’d guaranteed that San Yu wouldn’t return to Huai City nor ever scheme to overthrow the current reign, he finally agreed to allow Jun Xin to find a substitute.

With that, he only needed to execute the substitute and the world would no longer have a princess from the previous dynasty. This would safeguard his hold on imperial power.

As for Jun Xin, he didn’t care as long as he could get San Yu out.

San Yu reunited in Bai Courtyard with Yuner. They talked for a while, then someone came to take San Yu out of Huai City.

“Yuner, I’m leaving, you have to take care of yourself, alright?” San Yu had found out from Jun Xin how hard Yuner had worked to save her and the prices he had paid. She blamed herself a lot, especially because she had approached Yuner with impure motives from the start. She had intended to use this child to achieve her goal of revenge.

It was just a shame that she had been too naive. It was impossible to kill Xi Qiulin with the strength she had.

“Big Sister San Yu, you have to take care of yourself too and fulfill your dream of opening a big restaurant. At that time, Yuner will definitely go there to freeload for food!”

Yuner smiled very sweetly, his eyes were so pure you could see the bottom. At this moment, he had no idea that these words would actually come true in the future. It was just that although things had remained the same, people had changed. By the time the two met again, they had long since become strangers.

San Yu took a last look at him. It was time to leave.

After San Yu left, Yuner headed with Jun Xin to Cloud City.

This information wasn’t something that Yuner had told him. When Jun Xin went to Xi Qiulin to ask for San Yu, he heard from Xi Qiulin that Tang Doudou had returned to Cloud City and Baili Yu had also rushed over due to a sentence from the Lord of Cloud City.

Another thing that was worth mentioning was that at this time, the Lord of Cloud City had released more earth-shattering news.

That was, the child he had raised to adulthood, Li Xueyi, was actually a girl.

This news practically exploded the country to the point it flipped upside-down! Everyone forgot about the things that happened earlier and started discussing whether this news was true or not.

Although Cloud City had a lot of prestige, Su Yi had an extremely humorous personality and often liked to release these kinds of jokes to amuse the populace.

It was likely that it was the same situation this time.

However, very soon they got another piece of news that had been secretly spread through the underground channels.

The Lord of Cloud City was currently looking for a husband for Li Xueyi. As long as the proposer came to his door and took out something that satisfied him, regardless of whether it was money or an item, he would betroth Li Xueyi to that person. The even more explosive news was what followed. The day Li Xueyi got married was the day he would yield his seat.

The moment this news was spread, it confirmed the past rumors.

It was said that all of Cloud City’s main influential powers had vehemently opposed this decision, but Su Yi had done something and caused the voices that opposed it to gradually become silent. As for this matter, it was simply intensifying. Quite a lot of people had started rushing towards Cloud City.

In the past, Cloud City wasn’t a place that anyone could go to, nor could anyone enter as freely as they wished. However, for the sake of getting a husband for Li Xueyi, Su Yi actually broke the rule that had been in place for a hundred years and opened the doors of Cloud City wide. He even made several paths that led to Cloud City.

No one could figure out what exactly Su Yi wanted.

Could it actually be that he simply wanted to find a husband for Li Xueyi?

However, this didn’t seem logical? Wasn’t Li Xueyi and Baili Yu already engaged? Was Su Yi trying to provoke Baili Yu with this move? Or was it that he was angry at Baili Yu for having snatched away his favorite and wanted to vent his anger through this?

However, regardless of the reason, the Cloud City that had withdrawn from worldly affairs for several hundred years had finally reappeared in front of everyone. If this opportunity was missed, no one knew if they’d live till a second opportunity came around.

However, even though it was like this, there weren’t many people that could go. Who asked Su Yi to set a sky-high price on the map…


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