Chapter 186.2: Guest from Cloud City

Prodigal Alliance Head


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She tilted her head back and saw Su Yi’s face which seemed to be itching for a beating.

When she saw this guy, all her suppressed anger burst out uncontrollably. She glared at Su Yi as she spat out the words, “Su. Yi. You. Damned. Old. Bastard!!”

The atmosphere wasn’t good. Su Yi immediately slid down the tree and pointed at her as he said, “Little girl, you had better be more polite towards me. For better or for worse, I’m still the Master that raised you from the time you were in diapers!”

Pei! As if I had been raised by you!”

“White-eyed wolf!”

The two started bickering angrily. Bai Feiyun felt a headache from listening, but he didn’t know which side to help. On one hand, he owed Su Yi a lot. On the other hand, he had made Tang Doudou a promise. It was seriously too hard to choose.

In the end, the pile of people in front of the door noticed the ruckus and immediately swarmed over.

“We pay our respects to City Lord daren!” The person who was walking at the very front was a person whose influence in Cloud City was second only to Su Yi’s. His surname was Murong and his name was something like Murong Yu. It was said that he was a distant relative of the Murong family in Cloud Sun City. His appearance was actually quite similar to Murong Ming’s and he was also one of the people in Cloud City that disliked Su Yi.

No wonder Su Yi didn’t bother with words last time before proceeding to beat Murong Ming up until his parents couldn’t even recognize him.

The people following behind Murong Yu were people she had met before, but she didn’t really remember their names. The only one she remembered was the fatty that was called a Kitchen God, Shi Weitian.  

No ordinary person was capable of living in Cloud City. Murong Yu’s fencing skill was number one in the world, Shi Weitian’s cooking skill was number one… The one she remembered the most deeply was the guy whose skill at the feminine arts was number one in the world…

She swept a glance over the crowd, but that exotic person wasn’t there. She couldn’t help but feel that it was a shame.

Cloud City was very large, but there weren’t a lot of people that actually lived there. Thus, no matter what you shouldn’t look down on anyone within Cloud City. Even a random peddler on the street might have an identity so shocking that you’d wet your pants!

Tang Doudou retrieved her train of thoughts and started listening to what Su Yi and Murong Yu were talking about. The words they had exchanged had already made the expressions of the people around relax quite a bit. Murong Yu said, “Since City Lord already has plans, then please hurry and settle the matter as soon as possible to restore an orderly environment.”

“Don’t worry, at most this matter will only take another half a month. When the time comes, I’ll send people to deliver the things to your residences for you guys. For now, just go. Don’t all gather for no reason. Those who don’t know the situation would misunderstand and think that you guys wanted to blow up my residence.” Su Yi waved his hand. After he finished speaking, he didn’t wait for Murong Yu and the others to reply before pulling Tang Doudou inside the City Lord Residence. Not even Bai Feiyun made it in before the door closed again with a loud ‘bang.’

Bai Feiyun calmly turned around and cupped his fist in salute towards Murong Yu and the rest. “Sirs, please return.”

Although Murong Yu wasn’t happy with Su Yi’s conduct, the person was, in the end, the Lord of Cloud City. No matter how discontent he was, he could only bury it in his heart. In any case, it wasn’t like it had only happened a few times.

“Let’s go.” In their eyes, Bai Feiyun wasn’t worth mentioning, so they didn’t bother saying a single polite word before leaving.

However, Bai Feiyun didn’t mind. He looked into the distance quietly. She had coveted Cloud City for such a long time, she would probably come this time, wouldn’t she?

Hopefully, she wouldn’t do anything stupid.

“Hey hey! Xiao Bai is still outside!” After Tang Doudou was pulled into the residence, she saw that there was an evil smile on Su Yi’s face and couldn’t help but shudder. What did this old brat want now?

For some unknown reason, Tang Doudou suddenly recalled a c-c-certain report, the foster father dat the foster daughter ten years…

Pei pei!

“Do you really think that guy doesn’t have work to attend to? That he should just keep hovering around you every single day doing nothing? He’s just a dumb brat, you shouldn’t pay so much attention to him either. Once you get married, don’t interact with him anymore,” said Su Yi with a displeased tone.

Tang Doudou couldn’t understand it. What did Su Yi mean by this? The way he was talking was like she was some green tea bitch. She only asked after him because she thought of Xiao Bai as a friend. After all, they had come over together. Now that the guy was shut outside, it’d be way too heartless to not even ask about him!

“Speaking of which, I still have to ask you about an important matter.” Just as she was about to explain her earlier words, she heard Su Yi speak with a very serious tone.

“What important matter?” When Tang Doudou saw how solemn his expression was, the first thing she thought of was that something had happened to Mu Ye. She hastily asked, “Is it that you haven’t found Shen Moru?”

“It’s not about Mu Ye! I just wanted to ask you that, if the husband I choose for you doesn’t turn out to be Baili Yu, what would you do?”

“Of course I’d refused to get married ah!” After she finished speaking, she felt like it wasn’t quite right and supplemented, “Even if you choose Baili Yu, I wouldn’t easily agree to marry just like that!”

Su Yi asked, “Then if it really is Baili Yu, you still wouldn’t marry him?”

“What exactly are you trying to say?” What exactly was this old guy planning? Wasn’t he the one that was pushing her to get married? How come now it looked like he didn’t want her to get married?

This time Su Yi didn’t try to distract her by talking around the topic. He indicated for her to sit down, then explained, “Remember when I mentioned the Spring Offering Ceremony in Mist City? That time I had been planning to bring you back with me first, but in the end, I discovered something in that Gu Residence and had to deal with that first. By the time I got back, you had already returned to Huai City.”

“That’s right ah, even I felt that it was strange. What exactly did you see in Gu Residence to make your facial color turn so poor? Afterwards, you ran off without a word. Big Sister Feng Wu’s subordinates told her that you had left Mist City right after that. Hehe, when you went back later, did Big Sister Feng Wu do anything to you?”

“Humph! If she was capable of doing something to me, she wouldn’t have foolishly stayed in Mist City for so many years. Hey hey, we’re talking about you. Why did you drag her into the conversation?” As Su Yi protested, a suspicious trace of shyness flashed across his face.


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