Chapter 187.1: Save Someone

Prodigal Alliance Head


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This old guy probably liked Feng Wu.

The memory of that passionate kiss on the boat re-emerged in Tang Doudou’s mind and the blaze of gossip immediately ignited in her eyes. She leaned over and asked, “Hey, when are you going to marry Big Sister Feng Yu? Her Mist City looks quite valuable as well…”

“Stinkin’ brat, to dare to scheme against Feng Wu, aren’t you afraid that she’ll choke you to death?”

Tch, Big Sister Feng Wu would only thank me, you know?”

“Quit wasting words and be more serious. You already know everything I said earlier, but what I’m about to tell you now is in regards to how I used up so much capital and resources and rushed back and forth in the rain and wind for your sake, you little white-eyed wolf!”

When Su Yi got to the end, he started gnashing his teeth. The Li Xueyi from before was still alright. Although she hadn’t been on very friendly terms with him, she still knew to repay favors. Every time she came back, she would help him deal with the troublesome matters in Cloud City, but this current situation was just great. Putting aside the fact that she stirred up a huge amount of trouble every time she went out, she even refused for the life of her to return. Then, after he drugged her unconscious and brought her back, she would bother him every single day.

The most crucial point was that her elbows were completely turned outwards! She insisted on talking behind his back and saying that he was trying to troll Baili Yu!

This ignorant girl was about to drive him crazy!

This was what he was thinking and doing, but Tang Doudou had no idea what exactly he had done. From her point of view, Su Yi always popped up out of nowhere and disappeared again without doing anything.

When had she ever seen him do some big thing for her?

Of the many incidents she had encountered, if it wasn’t Baili Yu who saved her, then it was Mu Ye. She didn’t even see a shadow of him, didn’t he feel ashamed to say this? And to even say it was in the rain and wind...

Although she didn’t speak, Su Yi noticed the doubt in her eyes. He hit the table angrily and said, “During the martial arts convention you made up something about me handing you an important task. If it weren’t for the fact that I later said that there had been such an incident, do you think those damned bastards would have stopped bothering you? You and Baili Yu truly don’t know the meaning of fear, to actually beat Xi Qiulin up in front of everyone. If it weren’t for the fact that I had also pressured him from this side, do you think with just Baili Yu, Xi Qiulin would have let you off that easily? I don’t want to go into details about the other things… The main point is, you stinkin’ brat, if you want to live, if you want to live while the Seven Great Saint Tribes are hunting you, you’d better behave and obey my arrangements. Otherwise, if something really happened, not even the gods will be able to save you!”

When Tang Doudou heard how serious Su Yi’s words were, she didn’t dare fool around anymore and asked probingly, “The Seven Great Saint Tribes are still hunting for me?”

“You’ve been with Shen Moru for three months. He’s probably told you quite a lot about the Saint Tribes, hasn’t he?”

“It wasn’t him that told me. He barely appeared a handful of times while I was in Tree Valley. Mu Ye was the one that told me all of this.”

“Mu Ye?” Su Yi suddenly frowned. “You’re saying that Mu Ye knows about the Saint Tribes?”

After he said that, he started muttering to himself, “Demonic Sect. Could it be that the Demonic Sect is related to the Saint Tribes somehow…”

Only then did Tang Doudou remember that she hadn’t told Su Yi that Mu Ye knew a lot about the Saint Tribes, nor had she told him that the Demonic Sect was likely one of the Saint Tribes’ guardians.

She had no intention to tell him now either. “He said he had read about them in some sects’ ancient texts. The Demonic Sect often attacks other sects. He probably encountered the information on some texts that his sect had looted.”

However, Su Yi didn’t seem convinced at all. He rolled his eyes at her and said, “The ancient texts recording information about the Saint Tribes are usually written with characters that normal people can’t read. Only the Saint Tribes’ descendants and guardians can understand them. I say that you’re dumb but you seriously are dumb. How could you believe whatever anyone says?”

His words caused her heart rate to increase. She blamed herself for being too talkative. If only she had said that she didn’t know, that could have prevented Su Yi’s suspicions from being raised. If he ended up discovering that the Demonic Sect was a guardian, would he allow the Demonic Sect to continue existing?

Su Yi seemed to see what she was thinking and hit the table several more times. “I say ah, stinkin’ brat, in your heart, am I such a treacherous person?”

“Urgh…” Now that her thoughts had been seen through, all she could do was look at the sky and pretend that she hadn’t heard due to being distracted by the clouds.


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