Chapter 188.1: Nangong Yan

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Save her?

Tang Doudou looked at the young girl, then looked at the door. Those footsteps were gradually getting closer. “Someone’s chasing you?”

“En.” The young girl gazed towards her pitifully. “Big Sister, please save me. If I get caught, I definitely won’t be able to go home again.”

“What’s your name? You don’t seem like someone of Cloud City?” Tang Doudou wasn’t worried about the people outside. After all, this was the City Lord Residence. It wasn’t a place a person could casually stroll into.

However, the young girl seemed very anxious. “I’m Nangong Yan. I only came to Cloud City recently. Big Sister, can you find a place for me to hide first?”

“Don’t worry, this is the City Lord Residence. Those little fish won’t dare to enter…”

Before she even finished speaking, the doors had been rammed open. A dozen people holding weapons flooded in. when they saw Nangong Yan, they shouted, “She’s over there!”

Fine, she took back her earlier words. Tang Doudou stepped in front of Nangong Yan as she looked at the people in front of her. “Don’t you know that trespassing on people’s homes is against the law?”

“Humph? Against the law? My family’s young master is the law! I’d advise you to hurry up and hand over that woman. Otherwise… humph! If you provoke my family’s young master, he has a hundred different ways to make you suffer so much you’d beg for death!”


This classical line almost made Tang Doudou burst out laughing. Could his family’s master be Xie Liangchen?

However, it was she that was the native here, alright?

“Oh, is that so?”

“Of course! Quit wasting time. Now that you know, hurry up and hand her over!”

Tang Doudou glanced back at Nangong Yan who was cowering behind her, then spread her hands helplessly and said, “What if I refuse?”

“Humph! If you won’t hand her over, then you’ll just have to suffer punishment from Young Master along with her!” The leader waved his hand and about a dozen people immediately moved up and swung their weapons at Tang Doudou and Nangong Yan.

Tang Doudou shielded Nangong Yan and moved back until they were at a corner of the courtyard. She looked down and said to Nangong Yan, “I’ll block them, you should hurry and leave.”

“But Big Sister, what about you?” asked Nangong Yan worriedly.

She smiled. “Don’t worry, trash like them won’t be able to cause any trouble for me!”

Ever since that incident with Mu Ye, she had made a resolution to properly practice martial arts. During this time while she was in Cloud City, whenever she had free time, she would ask Bai Feiyun to teach her martial arts. Although she didn’t learn anywhere close to enough, nor learned them proficiently enough, all the skills Bai Feiyun taught her were very practical. She could tell that these people weren’t experts from how messy their footwork were. The little bit of martial arts she knew was enough to defeat them.

“Big Sister, I think I should stay with you.” Unexpectedly, Nangong Yan refused to leave.

This wouldn’t work. If she couldn’t beat them, she could still run away by herself, but she wasn’t confident that she could protect this girl while running away. After all, the opponent had a lot of numbers.

“You had better leave. What if I’m too preoccupied to look after you later?”

“Big Sister, you’re so amazing, so you can definitely do it!” Nangong Yan seemed to have quite a lot of faith in her.

Tang Doudou gave a hollow laugh. “If I told you that I’ve only been learning martial arts for a few days, would you still say this?”

Nangong Yan hesitated. An expression of uncertainty appeared on her face. Following that, it was replaced by an expression of resolve as if she had made some huge decision. “I still believe in Big Sister!”

Her resolute words made Tang Doudou a little speechless. Everything she had said earlier were true ah!

Aiy, in this day and age, even if one told the truth, no one would believe anymore.

She tilted her head back forty-five degrees to look towards the sky sorrowfully. At this moment, a trace of ruthlessness flashed through Nangong Yan’s eyes and she shot a look towards the person leading that group. That person immediately understood and attacked Nangong Yan with his sword.

“Ah!” Nangong Yan’s face immediately turned pale with fright. She was so scared that she blanked out and froze there.

By the time Tang Doudou lowered her head, the blade was about to pierce into Nangong Yan’s chest. Her facial color changed slightly. As she flashed over, she pulled the dagger out from her waist and blocked the sword.

An enormous shockwave exploded outwards when they made contact. Tang Doudou’s purlicue went numb from the force. She looked up with shock towards the person holding the sword. He had been concealing his strength!

This inner strength was actually comparable to hers!

After that collision, Tang Doudou retreated once again while protecting Nangong Yan but was driven into a corner.

“Who are you? Why did you conceal your strength?” Tang Doudou questioned in a low voice. However, she was sneakily glancing around and assessing which place seemed easier to escape from.

At the same time, she was very puzzled. Why wasn’t there any reaction from people within the City Lord Residence even though so many people had barged in?

Could it be that Su Yi didn’t set up any defenses in the City Lord Residence?

Wasn’t this a little too lax?

Or was it that he felt no one would dare burst in like this and so didn’t bother with that effort?

She felt like that was probably the case. After all, other than what happened the past two days, most of the residents of Cloud City were always wounded around the City Lord Residence. Only outsiders that didn’t know the situation would dare barge into this place.

It was also Su Yi’s fault. Look how domineering Feng Wu’s City Lord Residence was!

Yet his City Lord Residence was just like her Alliance Head Residence, simple and crude to the point people could hardly believe it.

However, there was at least a sign hanging over her Alliance Head Residence so most people didn’t dare to casually barge into it. Su Yi’s City Lord Residence didn’t even have an indicator! It seemed like an ordinary roadside courtyard. Who would have imagined that this was where the Lord of Cloud City lived?

Hence, even if she said that this was the City Lord Residence, the people in front of her probably wouldn’t believe it.

“Humph! I’m someone who wants your life!” That person laughed coldly, then moved to attack her again.

Someone that wants her life?

Tang Doudou glanced back at Nangong Yan, a trace of suspicion flashing through her eyes.

Nangong Yan sensed her gaze and immediately scrunched up her face. Her eyes filled with tears as she asked, “Is Big Sister suspecting me? I really only came here because they were trying to kill me.”


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