Chapter 188.2: Nangong Yan

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Seeing that she didn’t seem to be acting, Tang Doudou retrieved her gaze. She still felt a bit vexed but turned to focus on battling that person. The two’s inner strengths were similar, but the opponent had much more techniques and battle experience. After a few exchanges, Tang Doudou fell to a disadvantage and was forced to a corner. She tried to block the sword with the dagger but the dagger was sent flying.

“It is prohibited to kill one another within Cloud City. If you kill me in Cloud City, you’ll be captured by the City Lord before you even make it out of the city!” Right after she came to Cloud City, she had been forced by Bai Feiyun to read a thick pile of papers about the city’s rules. Although she didn’t memorize all of them, she faintly remembered this one.

She spoke very fast. Right as the sword was about to land on her neck, that person froze. Hesitation flashed through his eyes.

No matter what reason he had for killing her, anyone would have misgivings when it involved his own life. No one would be dumb to the point of using his own life to trade for another person’s life, right?

However, as that person hesitated, something Tang Doudou never imagined happened.

Nangong Yan who she had been shielding the entire time suddenly appeared in front of her. She picked up the dagger that had fallen to the ground and fiercely stabbed it towards that person’s chest.

This had happened in the blink of an eye. By the time Tang Doudou reacted, it was already too late. Nangong Yan’s dagger seemed about to pierce into that person’s chest. “Nangong Yan, don’t kill him!”

If she killed him, Nangong Yan would be the one that’d be arrested by Cloud City!

The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the more she felt she should stop Nangong Yan. Her body had started moving before her thoughts even fully formed. She reached out to grab Nangong Yan’s shoulder.

However, before she managed to do so, a pain came from her lower abdomen.

She spurt out a mouthful of blood, then lowered her head disbelievingly. She followed the sight of the sharp weapon inserted into her abdomen to look towards Nangong Yan’s face which had a brilliant smile. “Haha, you’re such a stupid woman. How did Senior Brother end up taking a fancy to you?”

Tang Doudou didn’t know who she was talking about and right now she didn’t care. She was furious. This already wasn’t the first time!

In Rutaceae Pavilion, she had also saved Feng Yunhuan out of the kindness of her heart but ended up being abandoned by him to burn in the underground palace.

However, she didn’t even have the strength to be angry anymore. The dagger that had pierced into her abdomen was her own dagger. That special dagger would eject sharp points from both sides once it stabbed into something and grip onto the flesh tightly. Just the slightest movement would hurt a person to the point it caused cold sweat.

It was precisely due to this dagger that Ah Meng had been able to deal with the alpha that quickly.

She never expected that one day she would end up being hurt by her own dagger.

It was also unknown what great grudge or hatred Nangong Yan harbored towards her. After she stabbed her with the dagger, she continuously stirred the dagger as if she would only be satisfied once she mashed all of Tang Doudou’s organs into mangled flesh.

Large droplets of sweat fell from Tang Doudou’s forehead. She was in so much pain she didn’t even have the energy to scream.

Nangong Yan smiled with exceptional happiness when she saw Tang Doudou in pain. Her little face was currently like that of a devil. “As long as I kill you, Senior Brother will be mine! Haha!”

“I don’t even know your Senior Brother, don’t you think it’s too excessive to try and kill me just because of this?” Nangong Yan was so young, yet she was so malicious. She even dared to come to Cloud City to kill her despite all the dangers just for the sake of a man.

It wasn’t that she was too audacious. It was that she was too naive and still didn’t know the complexity of the world.

So what if she died?

Would Su Yi let Nangong Yan off for killing her?

She was truly stupidly naive!

“Ha, you don’t know my Senior Brother? Would you dare to say that in front of him? Li Xueyi, you should have died long ago, yet you kept bouncing up like a cockroach!” Nangong Yan’s voice became increasingly filled with resentment.

But she freaking didn’t know who Nangong Yan’s senior brother was ah! Why did she have to suffer this stab?

Seeing the depressed expression on her face, Nangong Yan started smiling again in a completely harmless way. “However ah, that’s all in the past. This time, this lady has taken the time to do it personally. If you still don’t die, then I’ll acknowledge you as a rival.”

Acknowledge her as a rival? Tang Doudou really wanted to laugh but instead she asked, “Who exactly is your senior brother? You should at least let me know why I ended up dying, right?”

“I just like letting people die without understanding why. Those eyes filled with resentment and remaining grievances are so wonderful! I just can’t get enough of them!”

Ha. Ha. She was probably a lunatic.

Tang Doudou even felt pity for the Senior Brother that this girl had a secret crush on. To be longed for by such a terrifying woman, that person probably didn’t even dare to close his eyes at night.

However, all of that had nothing to do with her anymore. Blood continuously flowed out from her abdomen and soon dyed all of her clothes red. Even she felt that if she survived this, she was probably the reincarnation of a cockroach.

“Miss, someone is coming. We should hurry and leave!” A man holding a sword walked up to Nangong Yan and said this to her softly.

Nangong Yan glared at him coldly as she continued to move the dagger vigorously. Following that, she mercilessly pulled the dagger out and threw it to the side. Without bothering to even glance at Tang Doudou who had collapsed, she said, “Let’s go!”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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