Chapter 189.1: Dying Flash

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Right after Nangong Yan left, Su Yi returned.

The moment he saw Tang Doudou lying in a pool of blood, fury ignited in his eyes and he roared, “F*ck!! Who the hell did this!?”

After he finished roaring, he was hit with regret. He had known that there was going to be a lot of people coming to Cloud City yet he forgot to set up defenses in the City Lord Residence. However, wasn’t this girl seriously a little too weak? The people that have entered Cloud City recently weren’t anything special so how did she still end up like this?

Though he felt a lot of regret, it didn’t interfere with his judgement. He picked Tang Doudou up and headed straight to Cang Baicao’s place.

The moment Cang Baicao saw Tang Doudou’s wretched appearance, his expression twisted and he noisily commented, “I’ve never seen a kid with worse luck than you!”

Su Yi ignored his complaints and moved to place the person onto the bed. “Stop wasting time and save her!”

“It’s not that I want to scold you, but it’s enough that she gets injured outside, now she’s getting injured like this despite being in Cloud City? Should it be said that you, this City Lord, is too useless, or that her luck is too terrible so she ended up having a Master like you?” said Cang Baicao, clicking his tongue.

Upon hearing this, Su Yi’s anger immediately erupted. “Once I find out who it was that did this, I’ll kill him! Quit rubbing in salt and check on her. She’s already fainted and seems severely injured!”

Appearance wise, the injuries caused by the dagger didn't look serious. However, this was because all the injuries were internal. “She only fainted from losing too much blood. It probably isn’t a big problem. I…”

Before he even finished saying the rest, his facial color suddenly changed. “How could this be!?”

Su Yi started to panic when he saw that Cang Baicao looked flustered. He hastily asked, “How is it?”

“Don’t block me! I need to take a careful look!” There was no longer any trace of the earlier humor on Cang Baicao’s face. He bent over with a serious expression to check the wound. When he saw that the flesh outside the wound was completely cut into mush, he immediately pulled out a piece of ginseng and placed it in Tang Doudou’s mouth. Then he scattered some medicine over the wound to stop the blood.

After he did that, he turned around and said to Su Yi who had been staring worriedly, “Go call Bai Feiyun over to help.”

His words stunned Su Yi. He knew better than anyone how profound Cang Baicao’s medical expertise was. In all these years, he had never heard him say that he needed someone’s help.

Cang Baicao saw his confusion but didn’t bother to explain and simply pushed him out. “If you don’t want to see your disciple die, hurry and find Bai Feiyun. Have him bring his medicinal chest and prepare a lot of ginseng pieces. This will probably take a long time. You shouldn’t be stingy either. Go and bring me all of the valuable medicinal ingredients in your treasury!”

Su Yi’s face paled when he heard the seriousness in Cang Baicao’s tone. He wanted to immediately go, but at the same time was too unsettled to leave without knowing the situation. “Old Man, you should at least let me know the worst case scenario.”

“Haa…” Cang Baicao gave a cold laugh. “Worst case scenario? I can’t even tell how bad this is. How am I supposed to give you a worse case scenario?”

“There’s no worst case? Even you can’t see the limit of this? Then she, she…”

“Stop dawdling. We can still make it in time to snatch back her life, but if you delay too long, you’ll have to visit the King of Hell to ask for the person!”

By the time he finished speaking, Su Yi’s figure was already gone. Even he didn’t have the ability yet to demand the King of Hell to give someone back!

Only after Su Yi left, did Cang Baicao's expression become truly grave. He turned back to continue checking Tang Doudou’s injury only to find that Tang Doudou had opened her eyes at some unknown time. When she saw him, she tugged her lips into an unsightly smile. “Old Cang.”

“Don’t speak, it’ll be troublesome if the ginseng piece falls out.” Cang Baicao had her stop talking, then started to closely examine the injury again. “If it was just the injury from that dagger’s barbs, it would have been manageable, but the person that tried to kill you was seriously vicious. He actually used that dagger to stir your insides…”

Not only was Nangong Yan extremely vicious, she was also very cunning and good at acting. If it weren’t for the fact that she had been stabbed by her, there was no way she would have been able to link such a vicious event to someone that looked as innocent and pure as Nangong Yan.

A trace of helplessness flashed through Tang Doudou’s weak eyes. Cang Baicao didn’t ask her who did it, nor did he start treating her. “Endure for a while. Once Bai Feiyun gets here, I’ll start treating you. However, your current condition is very unusual so no mistakes can be allowed during the treatment. Otherwise…”

The meaning was very clear. If anything unexpected happened during the treatment, she’d have to ‘go die.’

Perhaps feeling that saying these things to her were meaningless, Cang Baicao changed the topic. “Your condition looks very complicated. Although I’ve stopped the bleeding, to treat the injuries inside your body I must cut you open. I have to cut open your lower abdomen and sew up your injured intestines and internal organs. It’s a bit complicated to talk about, and we need Hemostatic Fruits for it too…”

The more he spoke, the more worried he seemed to become. When he brought up the Hemostatic Fruit, he sighed. Those things weren’t easy to get. That was why he had told Su Yi not to be stingy earlier. He just hoped that Su Yi had Hemostatic Fruits in his hoard of accumulated treasure.

As of now, Tang Doudou was seriously alarmed. What he means was that he was going to operate on her?!

Jesus ah, there were no anesthetics, equipment, or anything here. To do surgery like this, was he really serious?

Hemostatic Fruit, would that thing really work?

“Ahem, well, you’re going to die either way so why not let me try it out?” Cang Baicao gave a dry cough. His gaze was starting to become fervent as he looked at Tang Doudou.

Fudge, he really did want to use her as a little white mouse ah!


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