Chapter 189.2: Dying Flash

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Tang Doudou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She really wanted to just get up and beat the crap out of him, but she also couldn’t not admit that Cang Baicao had a fricking point.

Tang Doudou licked at the rough ginseng piece in her mouth. She wanted to speak but couldn’t concentrate enough to do so. She was starting to see doubles.

Apart from this though, she didn’t feel much of anything else.

She knew that just because she didn’t feel anything, it didn’t mean that she was fine. On the contrary, it was a signal that her body’s perception was shutting down. The only reason she was clear-headed right now was due to the ginseng piece Cang Baicao had put in her mouth.

“Why is he still not here? Any longer and we’ll miss the optimal time!” Cang Baicao was completely unaware of what Tang Doudou was thinking right now. He was currently pacing back and forth anxiously in the room, only pausing from time to time to look outside.

From the start Tang Doudou was experiencing  double vision. Now that Cang Baicao was walking back and forth, the entire room seemed to be filled with ghost-like figures of people. She couldn’t help but feel a chill at this sight. She really wanted to tell him to stop pacing. Even if she were to die, he should at least let her die comfortably.

Just as she was spitting out all these comments in her heart, Cang Baicao suddenly stopped pacing with a strange expression on his face.

She was surprised. It couldn’t be that he heard what she was thinking in her heart?!

However, events soon told her that she was overthinking again. The only reason Cang Baicao stopped pacing was because Su Yi and Bai Feiyun had come back. The reason his expression was strange was because a charming girl was following behind them.

Snow-white arms and legs could faintly be made out through the purple garment. Through the semi-transparent purple gauze that fell from her head, over her cheeks, and down her body, her perfect curves could be seen. There was a string of small bells attached at her waist and they tinkled as she walked.

This was the current Head of the Bai family, Bai Luoqing.

She followed behind Su Yi. Her charming eyes would dart towards Su Yi from time to time, like a hook that wanted to bait a large fish.

However, it was useless as Su Yi was currently beside himself worrying about Tang Doudou and didn’t have the presence of mind to pay attention to her at all. He rushed into the room. When he saw that Tang Doudou had her eyes open, he cried out in surprise, “You’re better?”

“Dying flash!” Cang Baicao immediately cleared up his confusion, then started to chase them out. “All of you leave, don’t waste time. Feiyun, go get my medicine box from the secret room in my house. Afterwards, heat all of the cutting tools with fire.”

Although Su Yi had a lot of questions to ask, he had no choice but to keep them in his heart. “Then, then what do I do?”

Cang Baicao pointed outside the door and said, annoyed, “Go wait outside.”

“You…” Forget it. He couldn’t help even if he stayed here. Moreover, he was only going to worry more as he watched so he might as well wait outside.

When his thoughts reached this point, he started heading out. Just as he was about to close the door, Cang Baicao turned back around and said, “Go boil a lot of hot water.”

“Boil hot water?” For a moment Su Yi couldn’t figure out what the hot water was for. Moreover, unlike the way it was at his City Lord Residence, Cang Baicao had servants.

“The wound and the cutting tools must be cleaned. Ah Shu has gone back to his hometown. Hurry up and go!” Cang Baicao urged impatiently. Afterwards, he slammed the door shut without waiting for Su Yi’s reaction.

Su Yi rubbed his nose. He sensed Bai Luoqing looking at him with a strange expression and immediately escaped to the kitchen to start boiling water.

Who asked the person that was injured to be his precious disciple?

Bai Luoqing looked meaningfully at the closed door, then followed Su Yi to the kitchen.

“City Lord Su.”

“You saw as well. I’m currently very busy, I don’t have the time to chat with you so Bai Family Head, you should just head back!” Su Yi pulled the box bellow and told Bai Luoqing to go home without even bothering to look at her.

However, it hadn’t been easy for Bai Luoqing to finally meet Su Yi. How could she possibly be willing to return just like that? She walked over with a smile. “I just wanted to ask if City Lord Su needed me to help with anything. I didn’t have any other intentions.”

Su Yi wanted to say, it’d be a huge help if you just leave.

However, as the proverbs say, it would be better to offend a petty person than a woman, so he silently started the fire before saying, “It’s just boiling water, there’s not much to help with. Many thanks for Bai Family Head’s good intentions.”

“I never would have thought that City Lord Su, with your respected status, would still be so familiar with kitchen matters…” Bai Luoqing watched as Su Yi swiftly started the fire then started pouring the water. All his movements were smooth and fluid as if he had often done them.

What was strange about it? Countless people that looked impressive outside Cloud City would have to do everything themselves once they came to Cloud City. This was because the quota on the number of people allowed into Cloud City every year was very strict so barely anyone in Cloud City had servants to wait upon them.

After residing a long time in Cloud City without breaking the rules and after accumulating reputation and prestige points, one could recruit within Cloud City for residents who were willing to work as servants. Cang Baicao’s Ah Shu was the person he had spent fifty thousand reputation points to recruit as a helper to help him take care of the medicinal plants he grew. If Cang Baicao wanted Ah Shu to help look after his meals, he’d have to spend even more reputation and prestige points.

Moreover, he even had to arrange for reasonable resting times and vacation days for Ah Shu. In brief, in Cloud City, this sort of place, the City Lord was the only one that had a slightly higher position. Everyone else had the same status. Even if you were very amazing, in the eyes of the people in Cloud City, you were the same as them.

Su Yi was originally preparing to write all this on the Cloud City announcements, but he encountered an urgent matter right after he returned to the City Lord Residence and ended up having to put it off.

What Bai Luoqing said earlier caused him to recall this matter. More and more people were entering Cloud City so he had to hurry and announce all the rules and regulations.

However, he currently couldn’t leave this place…

As he thought about all this, he looked towards Bai Luoqing.


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