Chapter 190.1: Let Me Do It Instead

Prodigal Alliance Head


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For better or for worse, Bai Luoqing was the Head of the Bai family. Her ability to read people’s expressions had been honed to perfection.

“City Lord Su, there’s no need to hesitate if you have something to say.”

“From the looks of it, Bai Family Head doesn’t seem to be busy?”

“I only came to Cloud City this time for the sake of seeing this prestigious city so I’ve dealt with everything that needed to be handled before coming. As of now, I indeed do not have any urgent tasks to deal with.” Bai Luoqing’s eyes flickered. Su Yi had said just a moment earlier that he didn’t need help with anything, yet now he was asking questions like this. She couldn’t see through his intentions at all.

Su Yi’s thoughts were nowhere as complicated as Bai Luoqing was making them out to be. He just wanted to find a person to help boil water while he went to post some announcements.

“Since you’re not busy and you look quite bored at having nothing to do, just help me look after the fire!” Su Yi didn’t bother to speak in a roundabout way and spoke forthrightly. When Bai Luoqing heard, she was stunned. What he meant was, for her, who had never had to even pour tea for herself before, to help him boil water?

When she didn’t reply, Su Yi asked, “What? Is it an inconvenience for Bai Family Head?”

If it weren’t for the fact that she wanted to hook onto Cloud City, this large ship, in order to rescue the Bai family from the currently dangerous economic situation, she definitely would have turned and left. Although boiling water wasn’t anything troublesome, if news of this reached the ears of the people in the Bai family that were eyeing her position, she would never hear the end of it.

“Of course it’s not inconvenient!” Bai Luoqing forced a smile.

Since she had already agreed, no matter how unwilling she was, she had no choice but to go over. The moment she got close, Su Yi pulled her over and said, “If you see the fire getting small, just pull this box bellow a couple times. You have inner strength so pulling it probably wouldn’t take much effort.”

Su Yi knew from how Bai Luoqing looked that she had been the flower in her elders’ hands since youth and had never done this kind of rough work before. Hence, he took a little more time to explain in order to make sure she knew what to do. Unexpectedly, it caused Bai Luoqing’s face to flush entirely red due to the fact that his earlier tug had pulled her practically into his arms.

Bai Luoqing hadn’t had such intimate contact with a man since she became the Head of the Bai family years ago. Moreover, her first contact since then was even with such a handsome and easy-going man like Su Yi.

Her entire body was surrounded by the strong scent of a man. Her long still heart started to ripple and pound nonstop, so she couldn’t hear what Su Yi was saying at all. When she finally came back to her senses, Su Yi was already gone.

The grand Head of the Bai family actually stomped her feet like a little girl as she rubbed her red face. She hadn’t expected for him to be this kind of City Lord.

While Su Yi rushed off to handle that matter, Cang Baicao and Bai Feiyun had encountered a dilemma.

“Feiyun, go tell the City Lord to get Hemostatic Fruit.”

“Shouldn’t the Hemostatic Fruit have been used at the beginning? Would it still be effective to use it now?”

Cang Baicao liked people who had smart questions and dared to ask them like Bai Feiyun. He stroked his beard, then picked up the disinfected scissors and started carefully cutting off the garments near Tang Doudou’s injury to reveal the horrifying wound beneath.

As of now, Tang Doudou had once again fallen unconscious. The ginseng piece in her mouth had been swapped out for something else.

“If I wanted to give her the Hemostatic Fruit earlier, I would have to take out the ginseng piece in her mouth. However, that ginseng piece was all that kept her alive earlier. If I took it out and gave her a drug as intense as the Hemostatic Fruit, the outcome is easily imaginable.” He had wanted to train Bai Feiyun for a long time. This child’s personality and aptitude were both very good. There was no better candidate for him to pass his knowledge onto. However, Bai Feiyun was always busy with helping the City Lord handle affairs so he couldn’t really bring it up.

Now that he not only had the chance to teach Bai Feiyun, but also had a model in front of him to teach with, he couldn’t help but start lecturing.

Bai Feiyun could tell Cang Baicao had good intentions, but there was no way he could focus on learning right now when Tang Doudou’s situation was so bad. He cupped his fist towards Cang Baicao and said, “Senior Cang, I’m going to look for the City Lord and get the Hemostatic Fruits first. Then Senior Cang can directly demonstrate how it’s used.”

Cang Baicao nodded. “That works as well. Then go.”

Bai Feiyun glanced at Tang Doudou worriedly, then left to find Su Yi.

He didn't find Su Yi, but he did find Bai Luoqing who had made a mess of the kitchen.

“Why are you still here?” Bai Feiyun glanced around the kitchen. “Where’s the City Lord?”

Cough cough…” Bai Luoqing was suffocated to the point that tears filled her eyes. Her usual aloof and remote air was completely gone. When she saw Bai Feiyun, she immediately grabbed onto him as if he was her last hope. “C-city Lord Su went to take care of some matters and had me look after this fire. But… cough cough…”

Bai Feiyun sighed. The City Lord’s ability to handle matters was still so unreliable despite it being such a serious situation.

“There’s no more need for hot water so you should head back for now!” The only reason Cang Baicao said they needed hot water was to give Su Yi something to do so that he wouldn’t be stuck just worrying. Unexpectedly, he actually handed this task off to Bai Luoqing. It was enough that he didn’t boil the water, but he almost ended up roasting Bai Luoqing as well.

Bai Luoqing was so moved to hear this that she couldn’t even speak. She had never expected that one day, she, this grand Bai Family Head, would be stumped by something as simple as looking after a fire, and even ended up in such a wretched situation.

More importantly, she had even been seen in this situation by Bai Feiyun. It was seriously embarrassing to death.

She was extremely embarrassed, but couldn’t stay in the room any longer. She covered her face and started running outside. However, before she could make it out, she crashed into someone who was walking in.

Who else could the person be except for Su Yi?

“How did you end up like this? Where’s the hot water? Has the water been boiled yet?” Su Yi caught Bai Luoqing who he had almost sent crashing to the ground. When he saw that Bai Feiyun was standing in the kitchen, he thought they needed hot water and started hastily questioning Bai Luoqing.

How could Bai Luoqing possibly have the time to explain to him right now? She pushed him aside and immediately ran away.


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