Chapter 191.1: Jun Yuner

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Cang Baicao considered the idea and came to the conclusion that there was no other choice.

He himself was aware of his own condition. Even if he insisted on pressing on, he likely wouldn’t be able to hold out until Tang Doudou’s wounds were all sutured.

And once he collapsed, there would be no one here to advise Bai Feiyun if he encountered a problem.

It was much safer to let Bai Feiyun take over and guide from the side.

“Alright. Since you’re confident, then I’ll leave it to you! Don’t disappoint me ah!” Cang Baicao passed the blade in his hand over and was just about to point out some things to take note of when Bai Feiyun silently took the knife and looked down to continue from where he left off.

Cang Baicao went to the side to sit down and rest, but also to look at Bai Feiyun’s technique. However, the more he watched, the more astonished he became. In the end, he couldn’t he but blurt out, “When did you learn this technique?”

Although Bai Feiyun was young, his physical strength was far from on par with Cang Baicao’s. Moreover, this was work that, even in the modern times, required abnormal mental focus and caused intense strain. Right now, Bai Feiyun was staring fixedly at all the small arteries and veins near the wound. In order to see them clearly, he continuously stimulated the blood vessels near his eyes with his inner strength. In his intense focus, he didn’t hear what Cang Baicao said at all.

Since he didn’t reply, Cang Baicao had no choice but to just patiently continue watching.

Outside, the sky was already darkening. Faint yellow lights were lit.

Time gradually passed. Su Yi was about to go crazy from waiting. He had rushed to the door several times, wanting to barge in to see the situation. But every time he touched the door, he would abruptly retrieve his hand. “You must endure it ah! Inside is a godly doctor, she’ll definitely be fine!”

When his thoughts got to this point, he would turn back around and sit down in front of the door. He scratched his head in vexation as he looked at the silver moonlight that was spilling onto the ground. As he stared, a figure seemed to appear from within that silver-white mass.

“Su Yi, my family’s Doudou, will she be…” The figure’s eyes were filled with tears and looked towards him sorrowfully.

“It’s all my fault. I let down Doudou, I abandoned her when she was still so little.”

“Su Yi, I’m begging you, you must save her!”

The shadow of the person’s sobs lingered in his ears as if the person was within a hand’s reach. However, from start to finish he couldn’t make out the person’s features clearly. In his heart though, he linked this figure with the features in his mind. Intense longing spilled out from his heart. “Yuner…”

The ‘yun2’ in this name is the character for ‘skin of bamboo’ rather than ‘cloud’ which is used in Yuner’s name. But her surname is the same as Jun Xin’s!! But then again, Jun Xin is only one of his identities so who knows if that’s really his surname. Anyways, I think you guys can figure out from context which Yuner is being talked about, but if you think it’d be helpful to have additional notes, then comment below to let me know.

His voice came out very hoarse. He tried reaching out to touch the figure that he longed for so much, however, the scene in front of him instantly shattered from his touch and dissolved back into silver light.

Yuner, have you come back?

He clearly knew that she would never come back again, yet he couldn’t forget about her. Sometimes when he thought about it, he would find it quite laughable.

He had lived much longer than ordinary people, yet it hadn’t allowed him to see things more clearly. Back then, if he hadn’t been so stubborn and clinged on so hard, perhaps the ending would have been different.

“I just knew that you would be here.” Just as he was gradually sinking into the painful memories and feelings of self-blame, a melancholic voice arose from the roof above him.

Su Yi looked up in shock towards that side. “Why are you here?”

The person that had come was actually Feng Wu, who never leaves Mist City! As always, she was dressed in red. However, that wasn’t the original color of her garments, it was the result of the garments being dyed in blood!

“Why can’t this ma’am come!? Do you know that this ma’am almost lost her life just for the sake of coming to this rotten old place of yours!?” After Feng Wu finished speaking, she directly lay down on the roof and allowed her body to slide down the tiles.

Su Yi knew that she was doing this on purpose but still had no choice but to fly up and catch her.

“What will Mist City do without you?”

“It’s not like I don’t plan to go back.” Feng Wu was injured all over. It was unknown how she had gotten injured.

The original faint yellow color of the garment could no longer be made out at all. It was covered with dried bloodstains. “How did you end up like this?”

More importantly, Cang Baicao was currently treating Tang Doudou’s injury. Su Yi didn’t know when he’d come out, and even if he did come out, he’d probably be so tired that he’d immediately collapse. Would he have time to help treat Feng Wu’s injuries?

“Where’s Cang Baicao? Tell that brat to come out. These injuries are killing me!” Feng Wu leaned on Su Yi’s shoulder and made a big fuss. Suddenly, she noticed that the doors in front of her were tightly shut. “Who’s inside?”

“It’s Xueyi.” Originally Su YI wanted to put her down but he was worried about accidently tugging at her injuries so he kept carrying her. Luckily, though Feng Wu was tall, she wasn’t actually very heavy.

“Xueyi? Didn’t that girl just come back a little while ago? What’s happened to her now?”

It was kind of embarrassing to talk about. It could still be explained if she was injured by someone outside, but this time she had almost been stabbed to death inside Cloud City. It was such an embarrassment. What made it even harder for Su Yi to talk about was the fact that he had put into use so many connections, yet he still hadn’t been able to find out who it was that had stabbed Tang Doudou.

It was truly the case of many years of bad luck gathering all at once.


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