Chapter 191.2: Jun Yuner

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Feng Wu had known him for many years. The moment she saw his eyes whirl, she knew what he was thinking. “She met with an accident in Cloud City?”

Su Yi didn’t reply.

Then Feng Wu actually said crap.

“What crap?” Su Yi saw that her expression had changed after she said crap. Her eyes were filled with schadenfreude as she said, “I encountered Baili Yu outside Cloud City this afternoon. He’s probably already in the city by now?”

It would have been better if she hadn’t brought this up because this immediately caused Su Yi’s suppressed anger to rise up again.

“If he’s coming then let him come! As if I’m afraid of him!”

Feng Wu shrugged but ended up tugging at her injury. She inhaled sharply. “What about that little gongzi of yours? The one surnamed Bai. Have him come out and help me.”

The thought that Tang Doudou was heavily injured never occurred to her. After all, this was Cloud City. Even if someone disliked Tang Doudou’s presence, there was no way they’d go so far as to try and kill her.

Hence it surprised her when Su Yi sighed and said, “Whether Xueyi will be able to survive this time will depend on Old Cang and Feiyun. From how lively you seem, you probably aren’t too severely injured. Let’s go, I’ll help you treat those injuries.”

When Feng Wu heard how serious he sounded, she started worrying as well and wanted to ask what exactly happened. However, when she saw the intense worry in Su Yi’s eyes and recalled the familiar name she had heard earlier when she was on the roof, a trace of sadness flashed through her bright eyes and was immediately replaced by feigned anger. “Pei! You’re definitely trying to snatch this chance to eat this ma’am’s tofu!”

Originally, Su Yi wasn’t in the mood to chat with her, but when he heard this he couldn’t help but refute, “It’s already old tofu, who would still be interested!?”

Su Yi immediately met with a slap. Feng Wu said furiously, “Su Yi, if you have the guts, repeat what you said one more time!”

“What would happen to my reputation if I spoke just because you told me to?” Her slap barely tickled him. He was so used to it that he carried her into a nearby room without a pause. Moving with ease as if these movements had long become routine, he pulled out the necessary things from the medicinal chest in the room. “Take off your clothes.”

He spoke lightly. If it had been anyone else, Feng Wu wouldn’t have felt the slightest hesitation.

“Scram to the side, this ma’am will do it herself.” She walked up to snatch the medicinal vial out of Su Yi’s hand but he caught her hand before she could.

“Behave, don’t move around so much. You’re always so rough with applying the medicine. Aren’t you worried about the injuries leaving scars?” Su Yi pushed her back onto the stool and turned her to face the table before ripping apart the clothing on her back. “Moreover, you and I are already so old. It couldn’t be that we still worry about things like this?”

Though that was what he said, he still felt stunned by the sight of the snow-white back and hastily distracted himself by pouring out the medicine and sprinkling it over the wounds.

Medicine inevitably caused pain when it makes contact with wounds. Feng Wu gave a soft suppressed moan.

“Don’t force yourself to endure it. You’ll feel better if you just let it out!” In the end Su Yi was still someone who had lived for a long time. The feeling only lasted for a moment before he returned to normal and started carefully sprinkling the medicinal powder over all the wounds on Feng Wu’s back.

He was just about to help wrap her wounds up with gauze when he heard Cang Baicao’s worried shout. “Someone! Did everyone die!? Hot water ah, hot water!”

Su Yi only recalled the matter with the hot water when he heard Cang Baicao shout as if he was trying to summon a ghost. He immediately shoved the medicinal bottle into Feng Wu’s hand and said, “I’m going to get some hot water first. You can treat the wounds in front yourself!”

“Hey!” Before Feng Wu could stop him, he was already gone.

“My City Lord daren ah! Where the heck did you go? Where’s the hot water?” Cang Baicao was so anxious that he was covered with sweat. When he finally saw Su Yi’s old face, he was beside himself with relief.

Su Yi immediately squeezed into the kitchen. The servant girl that was looking after the fire had already fallen asleep. Luckily it seemed that she hadn’t been asleep long as the water in the pot was still boiling. Su Yi took out the cask he had prepared earlier, filled it with hot water, then lifted it and started running towards the courtyard.

“The hot water’s here. Old Cang, how’s Xueyi right now?”

“Feiyun’s still sewing her up. Her current state is unclear, but she’ll probably be fine.” Cang Baicao hadn’t expected for Bai Feiyun to be able to suture this well despite it being his first time either. Moreover, Bai Feiyun’s endurance was better than his so they were finishing much faster than he had predicted.

He was thinking these thoughts as he spoke, but the words he said scared Su Yi quite badly. Su Yi stumbled and almost dropped the hot water he was carrying. He stared dumbstruck at Cang Baicao. After confirming that it wasn’t a joke, he said between gritted teeth, “Cang Baicao, you’re actually treating Xueyi’s life as a trifling matter and using her as teaching material for your disciple!?”

Abominable! It was too abominable!

Su Yi really wanted to kill right now!

“D-don’t get so stirred up. Put the water in there first, then I’ll explain to you about it.” When Cang Baicao saw Su Yi’s murderous gaze, he immediately became worried that Su Yi would actually kill him out of anger and hastily pushed the cask back into Su Yi’s arms as he pointed towards the room.

No matter how angry Su Yi was, he didn’t dare to joke with Tang Doudou’s life. He lifted the cask and entered the room. Right after he entered, he saw Bai Feiyun who was covered in sweat yet still had an abnormally calm expression as his fingers moved rapidly. The flesh gradually folded close next to his hand. From the looks of it, things were progressing quite well.

When Su Yi saw this, his rage receded without needing Cang Baicao’s explanation. He watched for a little while longer, then left because he found he couldn’t understand.

“Old Cang, when did you teach Bai Feiyun that?” He knew Bai Feiyun’s level of medical expertise well. Although he was much better than those quack doctors outside, it could only be said to be proficient. It couldn’t be compared with Cang Baicao, this kind of Saint Doctor’s level. However, what he was doing right now was something only a doctor at the level of a Godly Doctor could do, so Su Yi couldn’t help but be curious.

As of now, all that needed to be done was to finish up, so there was no need for Cang Baicao to keep a tight eye on Bai Feiyun. Upon hearing this, Cang Baicao laughed ‘hehe’ and said, “Even if I want to teach him, he has to be willing to learn ah! I wasn’t the one who taught him this. However, that technique looks very familiar. I seem to have seen it somewhere, but for some reason I can’t remember where…”

Su Yi was stunned. There was actually a way to suture that Cang Baicao didn’t know of?


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