Chapter 192.1: Picking Faults

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“There are geniuses beyond one genius, skies beyond one sky. Looks like it’s time for me to head out and broaden my horizons.” Cang Baicao gave an emotional sigh.

“You already have one foot in your grave, what horizon is there for you to broaden?”

Cang Baicao sighed again. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Old Cang, how long has it been since I last saw you? How did you become so profound all of a sudden?” At this time, Feng Wu had also walked out. She had changed into a red garment that beautifully outlined her perfect curves.

The moment Cang Baicao saw Feng Wu, his face turned pale like that of a mouse seeing a cat. His hand trembled uncontrollably as he pointed at Feng Wu. “She… she… why is she here!?”

Feng Wu gave a cold snort. “What? I can’t come?”

Did Cang Baicao dare to say that she couldn’t? He could only force out a couple laughs, then switch the topic. “I’ll go back in to help.”

Then he immediately slipped off.

However, in the blink of an eye he ran back again. “It’s finished. Where are the servant girls I told you to look for?”

“They’re sleeping in the kitchen, I’ll go call them!” Su Yi was also very excited to hear that the treatment was over and immediately ran to find the servant girls.

Feng Wu, who wasn’t clear on the situation, could only wait at the side and watch them bustle in and out. A while later, Bai Feiyun walked out, looking completely exhausted. When he saw Feng Wu who was leaning by the door, he was stunned for a moment, then immediately saluted her. “City Lord Feng.”

He didn’t, however, ask why she was here like Cang Baicao had.

“You’ve worked hard, Feiyun. How is Xueyi right now?” The irascible Feng Wu was still quite warm towards the younger generation, especially towards elegant gongzis like Bai Feiyun. After all, who could act fierce towards this type of people?

Bai Feiyun wiped at the sweat on his forehead and was silent for a while before he said, “The situation isn’t very good. The person that did it was extremely malicious. From the start, blades with barbs caused very severe injuries, yet that person even stirred the blade. I’ve already sutured the larger injuries but there are a lot of small injuries that we can only leave for her body to heal on its own.”

“That means the person came with the intention to kill?” Feng Wu became very curious about that murderer after hearing this.

Bai Feiyun replied with a worried expression, “This person is probably not an ordinary person since he dared to commit a violent crime within Cloud City. I wonder if City Lord has found anything from his investigations.”

“This matter probably won’t be easy to investigate,” said Feng Wu.

Bai Feiyun understood that clearly. Who asked for Li Xueyi to have a lot of enemies and even more people that wanted her life? The only way they’d be able to find out who did it will probably be to wait until she woke up.

Bai Feiyun turned back and glanced at Cang Baicao who was inside the room checking Tang Doudou’s pulse, before facing Feng Wu again and cupping his fist. “With Senior Cang there, she’ll probably be fine. Feiyun will head back to rest for now.”

His current state was pretty bad. His warm eyes were completely bloodshot and the rims of his eyes were also red. He looked very tired and it was clear he was struggling to stay alert.

Feng Wu had been about to urge him to hurry and rest so she immediately supported his decision when he said this. “Hurry and return to properly rest. We’re here so it’ll definitely be fine.”

Though he said he was going back to rest, he was only heading to the room next door.

However, right after Bai Feiyun entered the room on this side, something happened on that side.

“How could this be!? Aren’t you a Saint Doctor? What do you mean by you don’t know!?” Su Yi’s furious voice came from inside the room. Feng Wu hastily walked in. The moment she walked in, she saw that Su Yi was lifting Cang Baicao by his collar with an expression of murderous intent on his face.

“Su Yi! What are you doing!?” Feng Wu walked up and pulled them apart. “What is there that you can’t discuss properly?”

“This old thing actually said that Xueyi is dead! Feiyun had just said that there wasn’t much of a problem earlier! Yet in the blink of an eye she died!? What dog fart Saint Doctor! He’s just a quack!” Su Yi’s eyes were red. Ignoring Feng Wu’s attempts to stop him, he continued shouting for Cang Baicao to give an explanation.

Li Xueyi was dead?

Feng Wu also froze upon hearing this. She glanced towards Tang Doudou who was on the bed and saw that her delicate little face was currently flushed an unhealthy red and her tightly shut eyes seemed deathly still.

Feng Wu couldn’t help but knit her brows as she asked, “Old Cang, what exactly is going on?”

Cang Baicao was very angry that Su Yi had called him a quack and really wanted to just fling back his sleeves and leave. However, his medical ethics wouldn’t allow him to do so. Moreover, Feng Wu’s tone was pretty polite so he suppressed his anger and said, “She had already stopped breathing by the time Su Yi had brought her over. I had used a ginseng piece to help her keep half a breath of life. With Feiyun and I here, no problems occurred during the process…”

Before he even finished speaking, Su Yi started roaring again. “No problems!? Then how did the person end up dying!? Tell me ah? How did she die!?”The procedures and methods in critical care were very simple in description but extremely complicated to actually carry out. There were many things outside of predictions that could occur. Even if no mistakes occurred during the process, it didn’t absolutely guarantee that the person would recover.

Accidents couldn’t be avoided. If they could, they wouldn’t be called accidents.

However, after being yelled at by Su Yi like this, Cang Baicao couldn’t suppress his anger anymore. He shouted right back at Su Yi, “I don’t know! Who knows how she died!? I did everything I should have! I’m a doctor, not a god!”

Su Yi glowered at him and was about to yell back when Feng Wu hastily covered his mouth. “Don’t bicker anymore. Do you still want your disciple!?”

“The person’s already dead, what’s there to want!?” Su Yi pushed aside her hand angrily.

It was the so-called situation of ‘the people involved are confused but the spectators see clearly.’ Su Yi was angered by the news of Li Xueyi’s death to the point he lost his rationality. He was practically about to kill Cang Baicao for this loss.

However, Feng Wu saw things very clearly. If Li Xueyi really had died, Cang Baicao, with his pride of being a Saint Doctor, definitely would have left after being yelled at by Su Yi earlier. There was definitely a reason that was keeping him here. No one would want to stay just to be beaten up and yelled at. This meant that there was definitely still a way to save Li Xueyi.

When Feng Wu’s thoughts arrived at this point, she said, “Old Cang, don’t lower yourself to his level. Hurry up and tell us, how can we save Xueyi?”

Upon hearing what she said, both of the men froze.

Cang Baicao thought, how did she know that he still had a way?

Su Yi was stunned for quite a while before he rushed up anxiously. It was unknown what he wanted to do. Feng Wu was worried that he would do something that couldn’t be taken back and truly anger Cang Baicao to the point he refused to share the method. At that time, even if he regretted to the point his intestines turned green, it would be too late.

Su Yi became annoyed when Feng Wu blocked him again. He roared at her, “Let me go! Don’t force me to get violent towards you!”

“Su Yi! If you keep being like this, this ma’am won’t concern herself with you any longer!” Feng Wu wasn’t someone with a good temperament either. When she saw Su Yi continuously acting like this, her temper flared up as well.

Cang Baicao saw that gunpowder was rapidly igniting between the two and gave a heavy sigh. He walked to the bed and looked at Tang Doudou. “As of now, there’s only one way left.”

The moment he said this, Su Yi and Feng Wu simultaneously quieted down and looked towards him.

Six eyes looked towards each other. After a pause, Cang Baicao asked in a low voice, “Su Yi, can you bear to part with it?”

If it was said that they didn’t understand Cang Baicao’s earlier sigh, as of now, all the people in the room knew what he meant.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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