Chapter 193.1: Senior Brother, Junior Sister

Prodigal Alliance Head


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How could it be possible for them to not figure out by now that this was someone’s trap? The reason they had led Baili Yu over was clear: that person wanted to see them start fighting over Tang Doudou!

It had to be acknowledged that the person's plan was very careful and extremely sinister!

Su Yi reacted quickly. From the looks of it, Baili Yu was currently unaware of the fact that Tang Douodu had been injured. He immediately closed the door behind him and put on a smile. “So it turns out this is just a misunderstanding!”

“Misunderstanding?” When Baili Yu saw him close the door behind him, he started walking forward step by step with the smile still on his face. “Since City Lord Su is saying that it’s a misunderstanding, then I’d like to ask, what’s the truth?”

“The truth is obvious!” Su Yi had also guessed that the person who had led Baili Yu over was likely the person that had injured Tang Doudou. Ever since Tang Doudou had gotten injured, he had stationed secret sentries all over Cloud City. It seemed that Baili Yu had just arrived so the person that had led him here probably hadn’t gone far either. It was likely that person was even in the shadows watching this.

However, Tang Doudou’s treatment could not be put off so Su Yi decided to just get Baili Yu to leave first. As for that villain, since he had appeared where Baili Yu lived, there were definitely plenty of people that got a look at him. As long as he stayed in Cloud City, he would be caught sooner or later!

“The truth is that Feng Wu had been with me this entire time, so how could she have the time to send people to pick a fight with you…” This excuse was very forced. Su Yi couldn’t even convince himself of it, but he pushed on. “Of course, if you don’t believe me, you can go capture that person and we can all figure this out face to face!”

Baili Yu’s expression didn’t change. “Since there’s a rule in Cloud City that prohibits the instigation of fights and there’s currently someone breaking the rules, it couldn’t be that City Lord Su plans to ignore the crime?”

“Of course not! Don’t worry, I’ll immediately send someone to investigate this matter!” From the start, he had been planning to investigate that person’s whereabouts.

Baili Yu’s smiled deepened, but no one could tell if he was satisfied with this or not. However, he wouldn’t leave, so Su Yi started becoming puzzled. What else did he want?

From the looks of it, if he didn’t ask, the person didn’t plan on speaking.

“Ahem, does Baili gongzi still have any other matters?” Without waiting for Baili Yu to reply, he continued, “The sky’s getting dark. If you have no other matters, I’ll be heading back with Wu er to rest.”

er2, the word for son/child when added as a suffix to a person’s name conveys endearment. Usually used towards a child you are close to, or someone you’re very intimate with.

The meaning was very clear. People were planning to go rest now and regardless of whether or not you still have any matters, hurry up and leave!

Feng Wu’s face flushed when she heard Su Yi call her Wu er. She tried to shove him away while muttering, “Who wants to rest with you…”

If this was during ordinary times, Su Yi definitely would have retorted, ‘long sought for but never obtained.’ (Aka, this was what Feng Wu had clearly been trying to get for a long time.)

However, right now for the sake of making Baili Yu leave, he lowered his eyes to look at Feng Wu with a mischievous smile. “I’m talking about rest in pure and simple terms. Where have your thoughts gone?”

“Hateful!” Feng Wu lightly hammered his shoulder.

Su Yi caught her soft hand and looked at her with a deep gaze as he lowered his head…

Just as the two lips were about to make contact, there was a movement at the edge of their sight. The person that had been standing in the courtyard was gone.

“He’s gone!” How well did Feng Wu know Su Yi? How could she possibly be unaware of the fact that he was just acting? When she saw out of the corner of her eye that Baili Yu left, she immediately pushed Su Yi away.

She did like Su Yi, but what she had always wanted was his entire willing heart.

Su Yi turned and glanced at the courtyard, then looked all around. Just as she had said, Baili Yu was gone.

“I have to hurry up and make Xueyi better!” Baili Yu would find out about this sooner or later. At that time, if he raised a fuss, it’d be troublesome.

“But if you no longer have that thing, you won’t be able to leave Cloud City anymore.” Feng Wu’s face was filled with worry. She would rather sacrifice her own life than allow Su Yi to be trapped in this city.

“Hehe, haven’t you been able to get out just fine?” Su Yi didn’t seem to mind at all. He laughed a little and headed into the room.

Feng Wu felt very helpless as she looked on. The price she had paid to come out was not something small; she had almost died.

However, she knew that no one could change his mind once he decided on something except he himself.

Su Yi soon walked out of the room again and stood there in silence with Feng Wu.

A while later, Cang Baicao came out as well.

“How is it?” Su Yi asked.

Cang Baicao didn’t speak and simply passed what was in his hands - which was a small water-blue vial - to Su Yi. “I checked several more times earlier. Her lack of breathing is a symptom of suspended animation; she isn’t really dead, so only a little bit of this can be used. Currently the situation has stabilized, but it’s likely that she’ll have a fever. It’s best if someone keeps watch over her. As long as the fever recedes, there’ll be nothing more to worry about.”

“What if the fever doesn’t recede?” Su Yi immediately asked the crucial question. As for that thing, he took it without paying much attention to it and casually tucked it in his chest.

Feng Wu, who saw this from the side felt extremely speechless. For better or for worse, he was someone that was near a century old, so why did he still handle things like a twelve-year-old little kid?

Cang Baicao nodded. “If the fever doesn’t recede, then everything we have done earlier will be wasted effort.”

“That cut and dry!?” Su Yi glowered. “If we use up all of that thing, would it stop her from having a fever?”

“No, there’s no use. The fever is unavoidable.” Cang Baicao rubbed his forehead. “I’m going to rest for a while. Come call me once her fever starts!”

It was already the middle of the night. It wasn’t only Cang Baicao that needed rest, Feng Wu was injured all over and needed proper rest as well.

Su Yi chased the two off to rest, then returned to the room. Moving a stool over, he started staring at Tang Doudou without blinking as if he was afraid he would miss something.

It wasn’t like it was the first or second time he had looked after this girl. This girl has always had a weak body and would often get sick. He had never recruited servants because he felt it was troublesome, so he had always personally taken care of his and Tang Doudou’s meals and everyday life.

When Su Yi recalled these things, he couldn’t help but sigh. Back then, he had felt that life was difficult, but now that he thought back, he felt like time had truly passed too fast. Back then, when Old Man Tang had brought her here, she was only that big. He hadn’t even been able to carry her steadily…

Yet in the blink of an eye, she had already passed the age for getting married. After a few more years, the child she would give birth to would probably be as big as she was back then!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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