Chapter 193.2: Senior Brother, Junior Sister

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As Su Yi sat next to the bed thinking random thoughts, Tang Doudou started feeling as if her entire body was on fire.

She only recalled that Cang Baicao had given her something to sniff before she completely lost consciousness. She only woke up due to this uncomfortable heat. Her chapped lips burned and her entire body hurt to the point she could barely breathe. She had gone through surgery before, back in the modern world and this was the same feeling she had after that surgery.

From the looks of it, Cang Baicao had already finished operating on her. Moreover, she was slowly becoming more alert, so what was left was probably just to recover.

She never expected that technology like this would exist in the ancient era. It seemed it was true that you couldn’t underestimate the intelligence of the ancients.

Since they had the technique for surgery, then they should be able to handle the oncoming inflammation and fever, right?

The more Tang Doudou thought, the thirstier she got. She really wanted water and her head felt very heavy.

However, she couldn’t make a sound.

She couldn’t help but become depressed. It couldn’t be that they thought it’d be fine to leave her to recover after the surgery and didn’t even leave a single person to watch over her?

That wasn’t possible. Cang Baicao wasn’t a quack that you could pull off the streets. Regardless of whether it was after a surgery or just while an injury was healing, a fever would always occur. Cang Baicao probably wouldn’t be that careless!

When her thoughts got to this point, she used all her strength to force her dry throat to make a sound. “Water…”

Her voice was very hoarse and quiet. If it weren’t for the fact that Su Yi had very good hearing, he definitely wouldn’t have heard it.

Although this sound was way too brief and Su Yi hadn’t even heard what she said clearly, he immediately knew from seeing Tang Doudou’s chapped lips that it was time to give her some water.

He hastily rushed to the table and poured a cup of water. When he got back, he picked up the spoon for feeding medicine and scooped water bit by bit to Tang Doudou’s mouth.

When the warm water slid into her parched throat and entered her stomach, Tang Doudou felt soothed all over. Of course, the pain was still there. Moreover, she couldn’t even open her eyes anymore - it was as if shot put balls were crushing down on her eyelids.

Just as she wanted to open her eyes and see who was feeding her water, her mouth became dry again. So there was no more water.

She licked her lips, still wanting more.

Although Su Yi knew that she was very thirsty, he didn’t dare to feed her too much water. Placing the bowl to the side, he reached out to check her temperature.

The result was that he had to immediately retrieve his hand after placing it on her head. It was scalding!

Afterward, he didn’t say a thing and immediately ran to find Cang Baicao.

However, it was three people that came back. Bai Feiyun ended up being awoken by the disturbance Su Yi caused. When he heard that Tang Doudou had a fever, he headed over with Cang Baicao.

When Cang Baicao arrived, the first thing he did was check Tang Doudou’s condition by measuring her pulse. Then he said to Su Yi, “Have those two servant girls boil more water.”

Turning to Bai Feiyun, he said, “Feiyun, go simmer some medicine. Remember to add Verdure Spring Grass!”


Tang Doudou was currently very alert and could hear what they were saying. However, she couldn't speak and could only anxiously shift around.

Su Yi went to instruct the two servant girls before rushing back. When he saw that Tang Doudou was shifting on the bed uneasily, he asked, “What’s wrong with her?”

Cang Baicao had seen plenty of patients react this way. “It’s nothing. It’s common to feel uncomfortable during a fever; she might even have nightmares later. As long as we make her fever recede, it’ll be fine. The water’s being heated?”

“It is.” Although Cang Baicao said that it was nothing, Su Yi still felt very worried. “She seems to be in a lot of pain. Should I feed her a little more water?”

“There’s no need. In addition, her injury is near her abdomen so drinking too much water would actually have an adverse effect. Once the water is boiled, mix this medicinal powder into the water. Afterwards, tell those two servant girls to take off her clothes and wipe her down with the medicinal water. Tell them not to stop until the fever recedes!” Cang Baicao gave him a bag of medicine. “I’ll go see how Feiyun is doing on his side!”

When Tang Doudou heard his method of dealing with the fever, she stopped shifting around because it sounded quite reliable. Since there was Cang Baicao, this Godly Doctor here, she should stop worrying and try to rest a bit. That would help in her body’s recovery process and more importantly, good sleep would help boost her immunity…

Before she fell asleep, Tang Doudou made a fierce vow that she would definitely find that abominable Nangong Yan once she got better and also fricking let her have a taste of the dagger!

At this time, in another part of Cloud City, Baili Yu was currently in an inn. Nangong Yan who looked completely innocent lay on her stomach not far away from Baili Yu. “Senior Brother ah. When will you finally bring me out to play?”

After she finished speaking, she even pouted and looked towards Baili Yu in a dissatisfied and pitiful manner.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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