Chapter 195.1: Two-Women Fight

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Cang Baicao was stunned by those words. He looked incredulously towards the bed at Tang Doudou.

Bai Feiyun was still very stirred up and continued muttering to himself as if he was trying to sort out his own thoughts. “That day, Alliance Head Li had disappeared for half the day. We were searching everywhere for her when she suddenly emerged again and insisted on having me help check her pulse. That time I hadn’t thought much about it. However, from the looks of it now, she had probably taken the antidote to the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance at that time. The events that occurred later were too sudden and complicated. By the time she was brought back to Cloud City by the City Lord, I found that the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance had already combined with her blood. According to this logic, it should be even harder for them to separate. However, why did it suddenly end up disappearing? Could it be that the antidote only takes effect after death?”

“That’s a very likely possibility! After all, from the start the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance is a very abnormal poison and rumored to be incurable. However, now not only has Baili Yu cured it, even this girl had somehow cured herself of it. It’s likely that the rumors were wrong!” Cang Baicao stroked his beard. However, he couldn’t calm down at all so he immediately stood up again. “I’m going to check the ancient texts. I’ll leave this place to you for now.”


Although he really wanted to find out as well, someone had to stay here.

After seeing Cang Baicao off, Bai Feiyun sat back down next to the bed. As he gazed at the person on the bed, peculiar emotions once again emerged in those warm eyes. If someone had barged in at this moment, he would definitely notice that Bai Feiyun was very different from usual, but he wouldn’t able to pinpoint what exactly was different.

Following that, Bai Feiyun reached out, about to pull open the blanket to check something.

However, halfway through the motion, the emotions in his eyes suddenly disappeared and his expression returned to normal. His hand landed on the blanket and he tucked the corners in for her.

He had just finished tucking her in when Feng Wu walked in. “Looks like Xueyi is fine now? Feiyun, do you know where Su Yi went?”

Bai Feiyun stood up and saluted Feng Wu. “City Lord Feng.”

“You’re not an outsider, there’s no need to be so formal.” Feng Wu walked to the bed. Seeing that Tang Doudou’s facial color was much better, she asked, “Why isn’t Su Yi here to watch over her?”

“City Lord said that he still had some affairs to handle so he left first.”

“Old Cang?”

“He went to check the ancient texts.”

She had gotten up right when the sun rose, but the two were already gone. Feng Wu grumbled under her breath, then exhorted Bai Feiyun to look after Tang Doudou before heading out. From the looks of it, she was probably heading to find Su Yi.

Though Feng Wu left, Bai Feiyun didn’t continue what he was going to do earlier but ordered the two servant girls Su Yi brought back to simmer the medicine and cook food. Following that, he sat down to the side and started reading the medicinal texts.

However, he had barely flipped through a few pages when someone else came.

He heard the clear jingling of bells from far away and didn’t even need to look up to confirm who it was that had come. It was the Head of the Bai family, Bai Luoqing.

When Bai Luoqing walked into the room, she did pretty much the same thing Feng Wu did. She glanced to see if Tang Doudou had gotten a little better, then started asking about Su Yi.

“He went out? Did he say where he was going?” asked Bai Luoqing impatiently.

The difference was that Feng Wu hadn’t continued pushing for an answer like this.

How was it possible for Bai Feiyun to not know what Bai Luoqing was thinking when she was acting this impatiently?

However, he didn’t support her in this. Although Su Yi looked like a very loose romantic, he actually tended to be very sentimental and emotionally attached. From what he knew, the woman Su Yi loved was already dead, yet he still hadn’t forgotten about her even after so many years. Feng Wu had persistently waited for several decades, yet it was to no avail.

Bai Luoqing was doomed to be a moth that threw herself into the flames.

“Perhaps he’s gone to the City Lord Residence.” If she went there and encountered Feng Wu, perhaps she would realize the difficulties and retreat. The only way to avoid implicating the Bai family would be if she gave up before causing too much trouble. No matter what the Bai family had once done to them, Mother still did care about the family.

Bai Luoqing had no idea where the City Lord Residence was so she asked for directions.

Bai Feiyun explained it to her patiently. In the end, before she left, Bai Luoqing asked with a strange expression on her face, “Why aren’t you stopping me anymore?”

Last time in Huai City, Bai Feiyun had told her to give up on her wishful thinking yet his attitude seemed to have suddenly shifted greatly.

Bai Feiyun didn’t reply and simply picked the book back up.

Bai Luoqing saw that he didn’t plan to answer and so turned and left.

Putting down the book, Bai Feiyun smiled slightly. Su Yi would probably flee back to this place in less than an hour.

Neither of these two women were easy to deal with.

However, the result turned out to be outside of Bai Feiyun’s expectations. The first to come back was actually Bai Luoqing. The stranger thing was that Feng Wu was walking behind her with a sullen expression.


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