Chapter 195.2: Two-Women Fight

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“Bai Feiyun, didn’t you say that Su Yi was in the City Lord Residence?” Bai Luoqing immediately started questioning Bai Feiyun the moment she walked in.

Bai Feiyun glanced at Tang Doudou. Seeing that she hadn’t been disturbed, he slowly said, “I said perhaps. Perhaps he’s in the City Lord Residence. What is it? The City Lord wasn’t at his residence?”

When he spoke the last sentence, he looked towards Feng Wu.

It made Bai Luoqing curious again about who Feng Wu was. The moment she had encountered this woman at the City Lord Residence, she had experienced a bad premonition. For some unknown reason, she felt strong hostility towards this woman. Since she couldn’t find Su Yi, she had no choice but to turn back. It was on her way back that she realized that this woman was also heading in the same direction.

However, that woman didn’t seem to feel amicable towards her either, hence neither of them spoke the entire way. At the same time, Feng Wu seemed to have lost in thought about something. That was what resulted in the scene Bai Feiyun saw earlier.

Even after Bai Feiyun asked this, Feng Wu still didn’t return to her senses. Bai Feiyun called once again, “City Lord Feng.”

Only then did she snap out of it. She smoothed back her hair and walked to the bed. “Why is she still not awake?”

When Bai Luoqing saw how concerned she was, she assumed that she was Tang Doudou’s friend and was no longer as curious. She just felt a tiny bit puzzled by what Bai Feiyun called her. City Lord Feng?

Of the several dozen well-known cities, there was not a single one with the surname Feng. Could it be that she was the city lord of some small city?

When she arrived at this conclusion, she lost interest in Feng Wu.

“Feiyun, where did City Lord Su go? You know that I’ve come this time to talk to him about a very important matter, but now I can’t even find him. I don’t have much time!”

If Feng Wu wasn’t here, Bai Feiyun definitely would have exposed the thoughts Bai Luoqing harbored right now. However, in this current situation he could only shake his head and say, “I don’t have the right to show an interest in where City Lord Su goes.”

Bai Luoqing was just about to say something else when Feng Wu knitted her brows, displeased. She took a look at this noisy woman for the first time as she asked, “Feiyun, who is she?”

Didn’t this person know that patients needed rest? She had been making a racket from the moment she stepped into the room. She seriously had no manners at all.

In short, Feng Wu’s first impression of Bai Luoqing was negative. Moreover, she disliked the way Bai Luoqing was dressed.

“Why are you casually bringing strays in?” She rebuked Bai Feiyun.

The moment Bai Luoqing heard that, she became very displeased. No matter what, Bai Feiyun counted as someone of her Bai family. Although he was currently helping Su Yi with affairs and also counted as Su Yi’s subordinate, what right did this woman of unknown origin have to criticize him?

And what was even more infuriating was the fact that she actually called her a stray!

Bai Luoqing immediately flared up. Pointing at Feng Wu, she gave a cold laugh. “Who do you think you are!? To dare boldly make criticisms here!”

Bai Feiyun stumbled and almost ended up dropping book in his hands.

Feng Wu’s expression was also surprised. Who the hell was this woman? To actually dare to point at her and speak this way?

Ha, it seemed that the current youngsters were truly becoming increasing presumptuous.

Feng Wu stood up and looked down at Bai Luoqing disdainfully.

That’s right, she looked down at her. Bai Luqoing wasn’t very tall, meanwhile Feng Wu was quite tall. The moment she stood up, the imposing aura in the room tilted towards one side.

“Who do I think I am?” Feng Wu repeated with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile as she slowly walked towards Bai Luoqing.

Due to the fact that Feng Wu was very tall, in order to prevent her imposing aura from being crushed, Bai Luoqing had to take several steps back. As of now, Feng Wu was walking towards her, so if she continued to retreat wouldn’t that give the impression that she was scared of her?

That wouldn’t do!

Bai Luoqing immediately stopped walking and allowed Feng Wu to approach.

However, when she stopped, Feng Wu stopped as well. She folded her arms and looked at Bai Luoqing disdainfully from three steps away. “What was Su Yi doing? To allow even people like this into Cloud City. It seriously pollutes Cloud City’s environment!”

“You!” Bai Luoqing was angered to the point her breathing was disturbed. She had never expected that Feng Wu would be so direct!

“You do have quite a large chest, but ah! Is it bigger than mine?” Feng Wu had been alive for almost a century. What kind of people hadn’t she seen before? She hadn’t paid attention to it earlier, but now that she thought about it, this woman’s every sentence was related to Su Yi. If she couldn’t figure out this woman's motives from that, then wouldn’t all her years of living have been a waste of time?

Who could possibly hold their own against Feng Wu’s straightforward and sharp attacks?

Bai Feiyun who was originally planning to watch the confrontation almost threw down his book in order to escape. However, he recalled that Tang Doudou was here and could only pick up the book and pretend to concentrate on it. He gave off the appearance of being so immersed in the book that he couldn’t hear a single thing.

Bai Luoqing’s personality was also not as conservative as that of normal girls. If that weren’t the case, she wouldn’t be dressed this way.

When she heard these words, she narrowed her eyes and said mildly, “What’s the use of having a large chest? Who would like a barbarous woman?”

For better or for worse, she was the head of the Bai family. How could she possibly be defeated just with a few words?


Feng Wu snorted. “Ha, even if one were to be gentle, it’d still depend on who the recipient is. Towards a woman like you whose clothes don’t cover your body and have no sense of shame, the fact that I haven’t directly swept you out with a broom already counts as being polite!”

She has always only been gentle in front of that one person. As the Lord of a City, absolute dignity and an imposing manner was extremely important. How else would she be able to keep those hundred thousand soldiers and generals in the city under control?

Moreover, the more polite you are towards this type of woman, the more she’ll take advantage of your courtesy to cause no end of trouble!

Rather than allow that, it would be better to force her to retreat from the very first encounter in order to save oneself from later trouble.

What was unexpected was that Bai Luoqing was thinking the exact same thing. She said with a sneer, “You truly don’t know the immensity of the world. Do you know who I am?”

After she finished speaking, she even glanced at Feng Wu expectantly to search for a trace of worry. After all, everyone that came to Cloud City this time were wealthy and respectable people, ordinary people had no way of obtaining that map. She didn’t know what small town this City Lord emerged from, but the only reason she was able to come here was probably because she had a connection to Li Xueyi. After all, based on how poverty-stricken she looked, there was no way she could have obtained a map!

She, Bai Luoqing, wouldn’t believe it!

However, she did believe that this woman definitely wasn’t a fool and was aware of who could be offended and who couldn’t!

The reason why she had thrown out this sentence was so that Feng Wu would realize her difficulties and retreat.

However, rather than the panic she expected to see, she instead saw Feng Wu looking at her with a ridiculing expression. Afterwards, she heard Feng Wu’s extremely tyrannical words: “Who cares if you’re a dragon or a phoenix? All that comes into this ma’am’s presence must obediently bow down!”


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