Chapter 196.1: Dragon and Phoenix Meat

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Bai Luoqing of course expressed disdain in response to Feng Wu’s arrogant words. “I’m Bai Luoqing, the Head of the Bai family. Do you think you’d be able to stand the consequences of offending me?”

“Pfff!” Feng Wu couldn’t help but burst out laughing. This was the Head of the Bai family?

The mockery in her laughter was clear. A trace of anger flashed across Bai Luoqing’s face and she opened her hand slightly and attacked!

Feng Wu gave a cold laugh and met the attack without fear. The two soon got into a tangle and took their battle to the courtyard outside. Bai Feiyun didn’t bother to try and mediate between them. With a ‘bang,’ he closed the door.

Then he went back inside and sat down. Sounds of ‘boom’s and ‘bang’s came from outside. After a while, Cang Baicao couldn’t take it anymore and went outside to yell at the two. Only then did the sounds of combat gradually become more distant until they couldn’t be made out anymore.

Bai Feiyun was pretty sure that they would soon be arrested by the executive corps and dragged back to the City Lord Residence and gave a light laugh. He was just about to turn back to look at the person on the bed when he felt that something was off. He glanced over again and his glance met with those familiar, bright eyes.

“You’re awake?” Bai Feiyun cried out in pleasant surprise.

Tang Doudou tugged out a trace of a smile and said weakly, “I was awake since earlier.”She was pointing to the time when Bai Luoqing and Feng Wu started arguing. She had been woken up by the disturbance.

Bai Feiyun blamed himself. “I just knew that I shouldn’t have let them in.”

“It’s fine. If I kept sleeping, I probably would’ve slept to my death!” Tang Doudou closed her eyes for a moment before opening them again. “How am I now?”

“Your recovery is going pretty well. You’ll be fine after another half a month of rest, don’t worry.” Bai Feiyun got up to pour some water for her. “You’re probably hungry, right? I’ll have someone simmer some congee for you in a bit.”

“I’m not hungry. I just want to drink a bit of water.” Even if she was hungry, she didn’t dare to eat. Bai Feiyun and the others didn’t know the general knowledge in regards to this area, but she knew it well. Accumulation of food in the stomach easily caused fever, so it was best to endure it for a while.

After a fever, it’s best not to eat solid food for a while and give the stomach a rest, so as not to cause inflammation and the onset of another fever. It’s also best to drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration. But… this isn’t common knowledge. At least I didn’t know about it.

When Bai Feiyun heard that she was thirsty, he carefully supported her up and fed her water until she shook her head to indicate that it was enough. Tang Doudou looked at Bai Feiyun’s swollen eyes - people who didn’t know the situation would have thought he had cried - and said, “You should go rest. I’ll be fine.”

“Whether you’re fine or not is not up for you to decide. If you don’t want to sleep, then we can just talk.” Bai Feiyun put the cup down and helped her lie back down before tucking in the blankets. “Did you see who it was that injured you back then?”

“Nangong Yan.” That woman was probably too conceited and thought that she would definitely die, hence why she would openly announce her name without fear that Tang Doudou would send someone after her for revenge.

Or perhaps it was that she was not afraid of people taking revenge!

Also it was unknown who exactly her Senior Brother was! Tang Doudou swore that when she found out, she definitely wouldn’t let that person off!

“Nangong Yan?” Bai Feiyun knitted his brows.

Tang Doudou looked up at him, surprised. “What is it? Do you know her?”

However, she saw Bai Feiyun shake his head. “It just sounds familiar, but I can’t quite place it.”

Tang Doudou retrieved her line of sight, a bit disappointed. Who knew where she came from if even someone like Bai Feiyun had barely heard of her.

When Bai Feiyun saw her disappointment, he consoled her. “The City Lord has already gone to investigate this matter. With this clue from you, the perpetrator will probably be found very soon. You should just focus on recuperating without worries!”

As of right now, that was all she can do!

Although she really wanted to find the perpetrator as soon as possible, as she was right now, there was no point in talking about finding the perpetrator since she probably couldn’t even walk steadily.

“The person earlier was the Head of your Bai family?” After laying there a while, Tang Doudou still couldn’t fall asleep so she opened her eyes again.

“She is the Head of the Bai family, but not ours,” explained Bai Feiyun in a gentle voice.

It made her suddenly recall Gu Xun. “You also have a younger brother?”

“En, in Mist City.”

It became quiet again. Tang Doudou didn’t know what she should say, and Bai Feiyun also wasn’t very talkative. The two pretty much had no topics of conversation except for necessary matters.

Perhaps feeling that this silence was way too awkward, Bai Feiyun pressed his lips together, then asked, “That time when you rushed back to the Alliance Head Residence, what did you want me to look at?”

Had he not brought it up Tang Doudou would have forgotten about the entire matter. A trace of joy flashed through her eyes but soon dimmed again. If the demonic bug heart had been effective, Shen Moru would have been able to see that the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance was no longer there and she wouldn’t have the so-called poison blood. Meaning, she probably would’ve already been killed.

Even now she still couldn’t really tell if this was good or bad fortune. Perhaps it was just a combination!

Since this matter involved Jun Xin and she already knew the results of it, she had no plans to tell Bai Feiyun about it. It wasn’t that she was suspicious of Bai Feiyun, but just that she had a faint feeling that it’d be best if less people knew about this.

Hence, she revealed a troubled expression and said, “I forgot.”

Bai Feiyun didn’t urge her to answer. He told her to rest and headed out to check if the medicine was prepared.


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