Chapter 196.2: Dragon and Phoenix Meat

Prodigal Alliance Head


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The moment he left, Tang Doudou lifted up the blanket to check her injury. However, she couldn’t see anything because it had been wrapped up with bandages. She let go of the blanket, feeling very depressed. She didn’t know how long she’d have to stay in bed again this time. It was seriously demanding her old life! She had never had a peaceful day since coming here. If she was offered the choice to go back, she really wanted to just walk away from all this.

But then she asked herself, if she really did have an opportunity to leave, would she really be able to bear leaving all of this behind?

Would she be able to bear parting with these friends?

Parting with the big evil spirit?

But the big evil spirit said that he had put that lamp in Plum Garden for her…

“Aiy…” Tang Doudou pulled the blanket over her head and sighed. Xiao Bai said that she had to rest for half a month, so didn’t that mean Su Yi’s scheme was going to fail?

Would the big evil spirit still come to find her?

Tang Doudou was very distressed. She started worrying about Mu Ye again and wondered how he was right now.

As she lay there, all sorts of thoughts raced through her brain and she couldn’t fall asleep at all.

Just as she was starting to get fidgetly, Bai Feiyun came back carrying medicine.

“Have the medicine first.”

The distinctive bitter smell of medicine was apparent from far away. Tang Doudou covered her nose. “So bitter.”

“Good medicine tastes bitter.” Bai Feiyun helped her up and rearranged her pillow to support her before blowing on a spoonful of medicine and feeding it to her.

Tang Doudou felt a bit awkward watching him carefully move the spoon over and reached out to take the bowl. "I’ll do it myself!”

Bai Feiyun moved her hand away and said gently, “Be good, don’t move around. I’ll feed you.”

The tone was so gentle that it melted one’s heart. Tang Doudou couldn’t bring herself to reject his good intentions a second time and could only obediently drink the medicine.

Bai Feiyun put the bowl away, satisfied, then started talking about serious matters. “In a bit, Senior Cang will be coming and he might ask you some questions about your Disseminating Tassel Fragrance.”

Tang Doudou immediately tensed up when the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance was brought up. “What happened with the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance now? Is the poison flaring up again?”

“Of course not. Senior Cang said that your poison has already been cured. That’s why he wants to find out what happened,” Bai Feiyun answered nonchalantly. However, there was a trace of probing deep within his eyes.

Tang Doudou was currently still taken aback by his words and didn’t notice that Bai Feiyun seemed a little strange. She muttered to herself, “It’s cured? It’s actually cured? But why is it cured now?”

It’s too strange ah!

Tang Doudou was completely confused. She couldn’t figure out if it was because of the Black Demonic Nightcrawler’s heart or because of something else…

Bai Feiyun didn’t disrupt her thoughts. He simply collected the medicine bowl and the other things and went back out.

After that, Cang Baicao did come and ask her about the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. However, she herself still hadn’t figured it out yet so there was no way she was able to give him any clues. After being questioned for half the day, she got worn out and fell asleep.

The next time she woke up was already the next day.

The moment she opened her eyes, she was given a scare by Su Yi’s wide eyes.

“What are you doing ah!? I thought it was some dead person staring at me!” Su Yi’s gaze was truly very chilling. It almost scared her soul flying.

Su Yi laughed ‘hehe’ and said, “Bai Feiyun said you had already woken up yesterday but I hadn’t believed him. I believe it now that I see how lively you are. Girl, do you want to eat anything? I’ll get you anything you want to eat! Don’t hold back, I’ll get anything you want!”

That good?

Tang Doudou looked at Su Yi suspiciously, feeling that this old fox definitely had some hidden bad intention. “You have dragon and phoenix meat too?”

Su Yi’s expression froze, then he forced a smile and asked, “You really want to eat dragon and phoenix meat?”

His manner gave Tang Doudou a serious scare. If she said she really wanted to eat it, could it be that he would really go to get them?

“Humph, of course…” Unexpectedly, before she even replied, Su Yi slapped his thigh and stood up. “As long as my family’s disciple wants to eat it. Isn’t it just dragon and phoenix meat? Master will go get them for you!”

The moment he finished speaking, he slipped off.

And left Tang Doudou by herself to face the chaotic wind. It couldn’t be that this guy had really gone to get dragon and phoenix meat?

Before asking where he was going to get them, just this enthusiasm of his was abnormal!

Don’t the proverbs say that those who are eagerly attentive for no reason, if they weren’t traitors then they were thieves?

This bastard definitely wanted to troll her somehow again!

She was already bedridden, yet he still wasn't letting her off. Did he have any humanity!?

But Tang Doudou could only resign herself to fate with this kind of master.

The truth was, she had seriously misunderstood Su Yi. He had been blaming himself for failing to protect her so he wanted to get her something tasty in order to ease his guilt a little.

However, when he got the things and brought them back to Tang Doudou’s room, the two started staring at each other speechlessly again.

Because Tang Doudou couldn’t eat it right now ah!

If she ate it, it would simply sit in her stomach and cause inflammation. It might even affect the healing of her injury, so she could only let the maids occasionally feed her a bite of porridge.

Su Yi stayed to watch over her because he was too worried to leave. It was also a waste to throw away the food so, in the room as Tang Doudou swallowed the porridge with resentful eyes, Su Yi munched carefreely at the side. From time to time, he would even make satisfied smacks, causing Tang Doudou to itch to pounce on him and bite him to death.

How could he, it was too much…

Tang Doudou chewed the bland rice in her mouth indignantly as if she was chewing Su Yi’s flesh, causing Su Yi to be completely confused. He couldn’t figure out why Tang Doudou was staring at him with that type of expression. With a slurp, he sucked the meat from the bone into his mouth. After wiping his mouth, he asked, “I’ll just get some for you once you get better. Stop staring at me, it’s strangely spine-chilling…”

At least he knew that it was spine-chilling!

Tang Doudou silently complained. However, she was still very curious about the meat in his hand. Could it really be dragon and phoenix flesh? Wasn’t that too extraordinary?

“If you want to ask something, just ask. Don’t keep looking at me!”

Tang Doudou thanked the maid and indicated that she didn’t want to eat anymore. The maid curtsied and withdrew. After the door closed, Tang Doudou finally asked curiously, “What meat is that exactly?”


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