Chapter 197.1: Childhood Sweethearts

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So that was what she was curious about!

Su Yi laughed nefariously, then moved his grease-covered face over to whisper, “It’s the Eight Treasures Chicken and Dragon Loach from next door…”

“Next door?”

“Next door is the Murong family,” replied Su Yi quickly. Then he finished the last piece of meat and swiftly cleaned up the bones on the table. He picked at his teeth with a toothpick as he said, “I’m going to go deal with these now. You had better hurry up and recover. There aren’t many of those chickens and Dragon Loaches left in that residence.”

After he finished speaking, he left again while whistling a little tune.

Tang Doudou was extremely speechless. It was likely that he had stolen these things from the neighbors!

Just the names Eight Treasures Chicken and Dragon Loach were enough for one to figure out that these weren’t normal chickens and loaches. Moreover, they even belonged to the Murong family!

He was probably the only one in the entire Cloud City that had the guts to do such a thing.

Tang Doudou covered her head. He even said that he would go steal some more once she got better. It looked like this wasn’t the first time he had committed this crime.

No wonder so many people in Cloud City disliked this guy. It wasn’t without reason!

She didn’t know what Su Yi did but he was able to make all those big shots that came to Cloud City stay for an additional half a month. During this time, due to the two godly doctors’ meticulous care, Tang Doudou had soon recovered enough to get off the bed and walk. The only thing was that she still couldn’t do any violent movements and she also couldn’t straighten her waist.

From some unknown place, Su Yi got something like a wheelchair and gave it to her as a means of transportation. Before she could even start to feel grateful, the number one craftsman in the world, Boss Lu, caught up with Su Yi and caused a huge ruckus yelling at him. When he found out that the item was for her, he first gave Su Yi another fierce and thorough scolding, then went back to his residence and sent her an even more comfortable chair.

It surprised Tang Doudou a lot. Wasn’t it said that a lot of people in Cloud City wanted her dead?

However, the reality doesn’t seem to reflect the rumors?

Su Yi explained sullenly. The gist was that the people that wanted her dead were the people that wanted to contend for power and influence. The rest of the people in Cloud City quite liked her. After all, she had grown up in Cloud City. Back then, Su Yi often left the city alone to deal with affairs so he would throw her to this family for a day, then to that family for a couple days. It could be said that she had grown up under the care of the entire city.

No wonder…

Tang Doudou couldn’t help but feel blessed on behalf of the deceased Li Xueyi. Li Xueyi had truly been more blessed than her, who had grown up alone in the modern world.

In the blink of an eye, another half a month had passed and Tang Doudou was already pretty much recovered.

“En. As long as you don’t use your inner strength for a while, after half a year you’ll be completely healed!” Cang Baicao retrieved his hand as he continued to nag at Tang Doudou, “Remember, you can’t use your inner strength. Make sure to have your Master accompany you wherever you go. Don’t get injured anymore. Right now you’re no longer poisoned with Disseminating Tassel Fragrance so you’ll easily bleed out if you get injured.”

Tang Doudou nodded. After the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance left, the body’s ability to clot blood declined sharply. It was best if she didn’t injure herself to the point of bleeding anymore because her blood would continue to flow without stopping.

It was just unexpected that the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance actually had the effect of increasing the rate at which blood clotted. It was truly a mysterious poison.

After Cang Baicao finished nagging, he left.

He had been investigating the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance this whole time, almost crazily. The only time he took breaks was to help check her injury. He barely even bothered to eat.

It caused Tang Doudou to feel very uncomfortable. She really wanted to tell him that it might have been because of the bug heart, but she wasn’t certain if it was. After all, she had experienced a lot of things after eating the bug heart and also ate and used a lot of other things as well. There was simply no way to make sure.

Moreover, she harbored another suspicion that it might have to do with the fruits of that sacred tree since those were the most abnormal things she had eaten aside from the bug heart.

However, it was very dangerous to go to Tree Valley. She didn’t dare to tell Cang Baicao until she was completely sure.

Su Yi saw her scrunch her face up conflictedly before sighing. Thinking that she was worried about the marriage arrangements, he said, “Don’t worry about those things. Master is here for you!”

The moment Tang Doudou heard what he said, she knew that his line of thought was not on the same track as hers. “I want to go out and walk around.”

The most important thing was that she was felt discomfited and on edge since the perpetrator still had not been found.

“How about tomorrow instead? It’s already pretty late in the day, why don’t you go rest and I’ll bring you out to play early tomorrow morning?”

“I already rested for an entire month. I’m about to grow mold from staying in this courtyard so long! No! I have to go out today!” Tang Doudou stubbornly flared up. She didn’t want to stay here any longer.

Worried that she would aggravate her injury due to her rash movements, Su Yi hastily said, “Fine fine fine. If you want to go now then let’s just go. Don’t get so stirred up, I’ll go prepare a little.”

“Prepare what? There’s no need to prepare, I’m heading out like this!”

After she finished speaking, she pushed opened the door. After taking a deep breath of the fresh air, she opened her eyes and saw that Feng Wu was performing a sword-dance in the courtyard outside.

“Big Sister Feng Wu!”


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