Chapter 198.1: Have a Leg with Him

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Currently, all that could be seen was that a crowd of middle-aged uncles and aunts were emerging from the street she had just left and were chasing crazily after her. They were even continuously shouting as they ran.

“Xueyi ah! When you were little weren’t you always making a fuss about wanting to marry my family’s Er Danzi!?”

“Xueyi ah, I’m Gou Yazi’s uncle ah! Why didn’t you come visit my house even though you've come back!? That way you and Gou Yazi can reminisce a little ah!”

“Little Xueyi, you and my family’s…”

Lord Heavens ah! Tang Doudou was stupefied, alright!?

Weren’t these people a little too terrifying!? What second egg(Er Danzi), dog teeth(Gou Yazi)... Seriously!

“Looks like we won’t be able to play today. I had better bring you back!” Feng Wu was pretty speechless as well. In the past when they didn’t know that Xueyi was a girl, though these people didn’t hate her, they still didn’t like her that much. Now that they found out she was a girl and was looking for a husband, these people became so energetic it was as if they had been injected with chicken blood.

“Yes yes yes!” When Tang Doudou heard Feng Wu’s suggestion, she hastily nodded in agreement.

Feng Wu smiled. She reached out to grab Tang Doudou and jumped towards the rooftop. Unexpected, they had just started flying when she saw someone out of the corner of her eye and stumbled. She and Tang Doudou fell from the sky with a ‘thud’ into the courtyard next to the street.

“Aiyoh!” This fall almost caused Tang Doudou to lose half her life. Luckily, she had fallen into the courtyard’s flowerbed. However, Feng Wu’s situation was tragic. She had fallen directly onto the hard floor and was lying there facedown without a sound.

“Big Sister Feng Wu!” Tang Doudou’s heart started pounding uneasily when she didn’t hear Feng Wu make any sounds. She thought Feng Wu had died from the fall and hastily ran over. “Are you alright!?”

When she helped Feng Wu up, she discovered that the person was fine. The person just didn’t dare look at her out of embarrassment.

What was going on?

A trace of confusion flashed through Tang Doudou’s eyes. She clearly didn’t understand why Feng Wu was doing this.

Feng Wu said embarrassedly, “Sorry ah, little Xueyi, I was too stirred up earlier and fell because I lost control. Are you alright?”

This was solid ground ah!

Just tripping on it would cause pain for several days. Wasn’t it a little too awesome to be completely fine despite falling from so high up?

“I’m also fine. I used inner strength to prop myself up as I was about to land so I didn’t actually hit the ground,” explained Feng Wu.

Tang Doudou loosened a breath of relief. So it was like that.

However, immediately afterward, a question emerged in her heart. Feng Wu was so good at martial arts, how could she possibly lose control?

Moreover, she had seen her expression turn strange earlier. However, before she could ask, the two of them had already started falling.

En. Feng Wu was definitely hiding something from her.

After Tang Doudou came to that conclusion, she didn’t immediately ask more questions but looked around first. She found that there was already someone walking over.

It was to be expected. Anyone would come out and look if two unknown objects had fallen from the sky into their own courtyard.

This didn’t look to be too big of a problem since the person that came out was actually Murong Yu.

That’s not right ah!

Wasn’t the Murong family neighbors with Cang Baicao?

How did it end up on this street?

For a moment, Tang Doudou’s brain got stuck on this question and she even forgot to pull Feng Wu and leave. In the blink of an eye, Murong Yu had reached them. When he saw that it was her, he immediately furrowed his brows. “Why are you here?”

Then he glanced at Feng Wu and asked, “Who is she?”

Tang Doudou propped up her cheek, noticing the strangeness in Murong Yu’s question.

First of all, what he should be asking someone that had somehow got in was: how did you get in?

Next, towards her, a person he itched to kill, the question should be something like: what did you come here for!?

Yet it had been neither. He had said: why are you here?

It gave off the impression that they were very familiar with each other and it was a familiarity that had to be kept secret from others.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Murong Yu asked impatiently when he saw her in a daze. He swept another glance over Feng Wu before saying to Tang Doudou, “Come with me.”

Fudge, it seemed like her guess had hit the mark!

She had a leg with Murong Yu? (have a leg = affair)

Wait, no, it’s Li Xueyi that had a leg with him!

Then now there was a problem.

Should she go, or should she not go?

“You should go.” Although Murong Yu didn’t recognize Feng Wu, Feng Wu knew him. This scene also seemed fishy so leaving definitely wouldn’t solve the problem. Feng Wu felt that Li Xueyi might as well go. After all, with her here, no one would be able to do anything to Li Xueyi.

Seeing that Feng Wu had said that and she herself was also very curious, Tang Doudou decided to follow Murong Yu obediently. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the little courtyard ahead.


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