Chapter 198.2: Have a Leg with Him

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Feng Wu didn’t immediately follow after them but leaped onto the wall and looked at the people passing through the street. She knitted her brows. Baili Yu hadn’t gone out a single time the past month, how did he end up coincidentally coming out today?

Then she looked at the lively pale yellow figure next to him. That was Nangong Yan?

Was she the one that brought Baili Yu here?

But how did she know that Li Xueyi would head out today?

It couldn’t be that she also had spies at Old Cang’s place?

This wouldn’t do, she had to let Su Yi know as soon as possible.

However, when she recalled that Tang Doudou had gone with Murong Yu, she could only prioritize protecting Tang Doudou from the shadows. Her figure flashed and she dropped down from the roof.

The moment she jumped down, Baili Yu, who was walking on the street, looked up with suspicion towards the roof Feng Wu had been standing on. Who was that earlier, to size him up so audaciously?

“Senior Brother ah! This Cloud City isn’t fun at all. We had better return to Wind Cloud Island!” Nangong Yan casually tossed the little thing she was toying with back towards the vendor stand and pouted as she reached out to grab Baili Yu’s arm.

Baili Yu naturally didn’t let her get close. It was unknown how he moved but his figure instantly moved to another side and Nangong Yan’s hand missed entirely. He spoke slowly with a tone that was neither happy nor angry, “If you don’t feel like it’s fun, then you should just go back.”

“Ah!” Nangong Yan stomped her feet unhappily. “Senior Brother still wants to wait here for that Li Xueyi?”

Baili Yu simply pressed his lips together without speaking.

Nangong Yan then said, “But you’ve already been here half a month yet she hasn’t shown her face a single time! It couldn’t be that she has already been secretly killed by someone?”

“No one would think of you as mute if you didn’t speak!” Baili Yu’s facial color immediately darkened as he threw out this sentence and left.

From the looks of it, there was no way he would leave Cloud City before he got Tang Doudou.

Nangong Yan was so bitter her teeth itched. She clenched her fist inside her sleeve so hard her nails dug into her palm. She had already said this sentence countless times, yet every single time she only got a reply like this.

How could she not be angry? Other people didn’t know but she clearly knew that Li Xueyi had already been killed!

If she wasn’t dead, based on Cang Baicao’s medical expertise, Tang Doudou should have already bounced back out. What need would there have been for Su Yi to find one excuse after another to delay things?

Yet, she couldn’t reveal the truth in order to avoid arousing Senior Brother’s suspicions.

She had no choice but to accompany him in this stupid wait!

She seriously hated this feeling!

If she knew earlier, she would have brought the Ghost Mother with her and had the Ghost Mother eat Li Xueyi after she killed her. She would have liked to see what ideas Su Yi could come up with when there wasn’t even a corpse left.

No one would have imagined that an innocent young girl who was at the age of double eights would have such malicious thoughts.

Meanwhile, Tang Doudou had followed Murong Yu to a small courtyard. The entire way, they didn’t even exchange a single word. Murong Yu only spoke after he indicated for her to sit down next to the stone table. “Su Yi didn’t follow you, right?”

Tang Doudou thought about it, then shook her head without speaking.

She didn’t know what exactly was the connection between her and Murong Yu so she felt that it was best to speak as little as possible. Everyone knew that the more you spoke, the more mistakes you’d make.

Murong Yu then asked, “What exactly is he planning this time, to bring so many people into Cloud City? Isn’t he worried about Cloud City’s secrets being exposed? Why haven’t you finished researching the things I asked you to investigate even after so long?”

The string of questions hit Tang Doudou and made question mark after question mark emerge from her head. She had no idea what it was about and no idea how to reply.

She could only shake her head, shake her head, and shake her head again.

As Murong Yu took this in, his anger rushed up all at once. Flinging his sleeves back, he gave a cold humph. “If you don’t know a single thing, then what’s the point of this collaboration? From my point of view, if this is the case we might as well just break this off!”

Tang Doudou was completely baffled. What was that?

Another collaboration?

What could Li Xueyi and Murong Yu collaborate on?

Could it be they were plotting to seize the throne?

That wasn’t right. That didn’t seem right at all. If Li Xueyi wanted to seize the throne, it was a very simple matter!

Moreover, Su Yi looked as if he’d rather die than be City Lord. If she truly wanted to be City Lord, he’d probably immediately throw the position over to her and go off to wander the world.

When Murong Yu saw that she still wasn’t willing to speak, he became even angrier and hit the table and kicked the chairs. Finally, he pointed a finger at Tang Doudou’s nose and said, “Li Xueyi! What exactly are you trying to do!?”

I’m freaking not trying to do anything ah!

Tang Doudou really wanted to say that, but when she saw how Murong Yu was on the brink of losing it, she carefully said, “Um, Murong gongzi is misunderstanding me. I just wanted to…”

Before she even finished speaking, Murong Yu fell to his knees in front of her. Tang Doudou was dumbstruck!

Jesus ah, was she still dreaming?

Something even more unexpected happened.

Murong Yu, who had always been aloof in front of others, knelt in front of her as tears and snot streamed down his face. He cried extremely sorrowfully, “I just want to get away from this damned place. Why can’t I do it? Why can’t I? So what if I’m number one in the world? I don’t even have freedom, what was the point of coming here! Xueyi, help me! Help me leave this damned place, alright?”

At the end, he seemed to beseech her almost crazily. He grabbed Tang Doudou’s hand tightly. His gaze which was filled with yearning also contained hatred in its depths. “Back then, if it weren’t for your master, I wouldn’t have come to this damned place! It’s been an entire fifteen years! How many fifteen years exist in one’s lifetime!? I’m begging you. In light of the fact that I helped you block a sword back then, please help me! Once you help me leave, I’ll give that thing to you! Haven’t you been searching for it a long time? I’m telling you I know where that thing is. As long as you help me, I’ll immediately tell you, alright!?”

Murong Yu shook Tang Doudou’s shoulders madly. Tang Doudou was so shocked by his words that she couldn’t even speak. Damned place… Was he talking about Cloud City?

Cloud City counted as a damned place?

Fifteen years, no freedom, block a sword, that thing, searching…

Everything seemed to plunge into unintelligible mist again. Not even Tang Doudou could figure out how many secrets this body contained.

Just as she was in the middle of trying to make some sense of all of this, Murong Yu suddenly calmed down again. He laughed self-mockingly and released her shoulders as he sat back down dispiritedly. His faint bitterness-filled voice drifted into Tang Doudou’s ears. “What’s the use in begging you? You can’t leave either…”


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