Chapter 199.1: Analyzing the Situation

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Tang Doudou decisively defined Murong Yu’s current state. Following that, she prepared to tiptoe away. If we couldn’t afford to provoke them, we could still hide from them, right?

“Big Sister Feng Wu, Big Sister Feng Wu…” She quietly called out. Feng Wu said that she would secretly follow, so how come she still hadn’t replied?

She turned back to peek at Murong Yu and saw that he was busy going crazy by himself. She decided she could raise her volume a little. “Big Sister Feng Wu, where are you?”

The moment she finished calling out, Feng Wu landed on the roof opposite her and made a ‘quiet’ gesture.

“Big Sister Feng Wu, let’s hurry and leave. This Murong Yu is a lunatic!” When Feng Wu got close, Tang Doudou hastily went over and said in a low voice.

Feng Wu had been able to view the situation clearly from the roof. The reason she hadn’t come down for so long was because she wanted to see if Murong Yu was acting. However, Tang Doudou kept calling out louder and louder so she had no choice but to come down ahead of time to avoid alarming Murong Yu.

“Then let’s leave first.”

Tang Doudou agreed, Murong Yu’s current situation was way too unstable. It would be hard to deal with if he ended up really going crazy and started screaming to kill!

“Yes, let’s leave!” After Tang Doudou said that in a small voice, she hung onto Feng Wu’s arm.

Feng Wu smiled and wrapped her arm around Tang Doudou’s shoulder. With a few jumps, they flew straight out of Murong Yu’s courtyard. However, rather than going to Cang Baicao’s place, they headed straight to the City Lord Residence.

Su Yi was rather surprised to see that they had returned so soon. “You’re back this soon?”

Tang Doudou shrugged gloomily. “I never want to go out to stroll again.”

There was definitely a reason why she said that, hence Su Yi looked towards Feng Wu.

Feng Wu said with a mischievous smile, “Little Xueyi ah, my family’s Gou Dandan (Possible Translations: Dog Eggie, Dog Balls) and you are green plums and hobby-horses that grew up butt-naked together ah, how about considering it?”

“Big Sis Feng Wu!” Tang Doudou was currently thinking about what happened with Murong Yu earlier and hadn’t expected for Feng Wu to reveal that awkward incident. Her little mouth pouted into a high arc unhappily.

Feng Wu stroked her hair. “You’re probably tired out from earlier, you should go rest!”

That suited Tang Doudou well as she wanted to find a quiet place to mull over Murong Yu’s words. She waved weakly before returning to her own room.

Right after she went in, Su Yi started questioning Feng Wu, “What’s going on? It couldn’t that you guys encountered Baili Yu?”

“We did.”

“What the heck happened? If you guys encountered him, there’s no way that the girl would come back so quickly. Could it be that he was with that Nangong Yan?”

Feng Wu shot him a look. “You associate things too much. We only passed by where Baili Yu was. As for that Nangong Yan, I’ll make her pay sooner or later!”

“Then who exactly did you guys encounter? That girl looks a little off?”

Feng Wu could only tell him about the incident with Murong Yu earlier. After she finished speaking, Su Yi’s expression also turned strange. He nervously dried the sweat from his palms on his clothes.

When Feng Wu saw him like this, she asked, “What Murong Yu said was true?”

Su Yi didn’t answer her. He asked her to wait for him, then headed to Tang Doudou’s room. However, he didn’t go in. It was unknown what exactly he was thinking.

Feng Wu simply shook her head. She didn’t stop him or try to ask anymore. She just sat quietly in the courtyard and drank tea.

As for Tang Doudou, the first thing she did when she got back to the room was sleep.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that her injury this time was too severe, or perhaps it was because she no longer had the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. Regardless, ever since her body started to slowly recover, she would feel exceptionally tired out and sleepy.

She had to sleep for a long time every day in order to meet the needs of the energy she typically used up.

Once she woke up, she found some paper and a brush in order to sort out the thoughts in her head. Although this was originally something that Li Xueyi should be investigating, since she had transmigrated over, this task had inevitably fallen to her.

That’s right, this was the question of Li Xueyi’s past.

Everything that happened recently was undoubtedly related to the matter of her identity.

The first time her identity was mentioned was probably at Mist City’s Five Kilometers Emporium. In the secret passageway, the book had talked about her past. Back then, she hadn’t paid much attention to it but when she thought back to it now, she could still recall most of it.

The book was the written account the Tang couple had left. Although it didn’t clearly state their backgrounds, from the words it could be understood that most of the time the two were fleeing and evading pursuers that wanted to kill them.

The book did not record the reason why they were being hunted down either. The only thing that was certain, was that they had given birth to Li Xueyi while they were fleeing for their lives, and that they had given her the name Tang Doudou.

However, they didn’t stay with this infant for more than a few days before they were separated by death.

She had found out from the old man that Li Xueyi’s parents had been killed just a few days after she was born. When the old man returned to the place, he had found his granddaughter in a concealed location.

Afterward, he handed her over to Su Yi of Cloud City.

Now this part was strange.

There were so many people in the world. If he wanted her to have a peaceful life, results would have been better if he had given her to some random rural family rather than to Su Yi, wouldn’t it?

Why exactly did the old man do this?

And why would Su Yi break down and agree to take in a kid like her?

Tang Doudou couldn’t figure it out so she recorded these questions on the paper.

After drinking a bit of water, she continued thinking. The next leap was big. She jumped directly to what Shen Moru said in Tree Valley.

The descendants of the Seven Great Saint Tribes, the guardians, as well as the type of blood she had.

This part was even more confusing. What exactly were the Seven Great Saint Tribes!?

Her brush moved rapidly over the paper as she wrote all this down.

What else?

Tang Doudou nibbled on the brush as she pondered. Something wasn’t right. She had probably missed something.

That’s right! Suddenly, a light bulb lit up in her head and she took out the antique lamp the mysterious person had given her in Mist City. He had said that this was what she had been looking for. Murong Yu had also mentioned something like this last time.

Wait, no. It wasn’t her that had been looking for it but Li Xueyi!

This meant that Li Xueyi had already been investigating her own identity while keeping it a secret from Su Yi?

Otherwise, there was no way Murong Yu would act like he viewed her with contempt on the surface but kneel down to her in private.

At this point, she added another few words. The collaboration with Murong Yu.

In addition, the meanings contained in Murong Yu’s words. He had said that the condition for him to give her what she wanted was that she had to help him get out of this damned place.

It was very clear that 'this damned place' referred to Cloud City.

Cloud City had an illustrious reputation and was the symbol of respect and extraordinary status. How did it become a damned place?

This was another really big question mark!

These were pretty much all the questions…

That’s not right, that’s not right, it’s still not right. She felt like she had still left something out. What was it that she had forgotten?

Despite wracking her brains hard, she still couldn’t recall what it was. Thus, she shoved the paper into her chest and prepared to head out again. She had to find someone to clear this matter up. Otherwise, if this matter remained vague, the question marks would only grow increasingly larger as they rolled until they crushed her, this little Beanbean, to death.

It wasn’t that she was overthinking. For better or for worse, Li Xueyi at least knew some of what was going on. However, didn’t she still fail to succeed and died in the middle of the attempt?

When it was something that involved her little life, there was no way she could treat it lightly!

She heard that Baili Yu was in Cloud City…

In regards to both the private and public matters, she felt like she should first go look for Baili Yu. She needed to first express the longing in her heart, then carefully fish info out of him. Her intuition told her that Baili Yu was the only other person that knew about most of this, aside from Su Yi.

Deep in thought, she headed out the doors.


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