Chapter 199.2: Analyzing the Situation

Prodigal Alliance Head


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The moment she stepped out, she saw Su Yi staring at her without blinking. His gaze was like a searchlight that wanted to see through all of her.

It caused Tang Doudou to feel goosebumps all over. She couldn’t even repress the feeling. “Su, S-su Yi! What do you want!?”

“You seriously have no etiquette or manners at all, to not even know to call master.” After she spoke, Su Yi retrieved his gaze and scolded her in a seemingly casual manner. Then he asked, “You want to head out?”


“You’re not allowed to head out on your own.”

“I’m looking for Big Sister Feng Wu!”

“She’s busy.”

The meaning was just that she wasn’t allowed to go out, wasn’t it? Tang Doudou was thwarted. At the same time, she was puzzled. Could it be that Su Yi knew her intentions?

That didn’t seem very possible ah! How could he have found out?

It wasn’t like he was a deity!

Could it be that Feng Wu had told him about what happened with Murong Yu?

From the looks of it, that was definitely the case. There was no other possible reason why Su Yi would hang around her door to stop her from going out. After thinking a little bit, Tang Doudou felt like there was a need to explain this a little. Otherwise, if Su Yi ended up insisting that someone go with her every time she headed out in the future, wouldn’t she have no freedom to speak of any longer?


“There’s no need for you to explain. I understand it all. If you want to go out, I’ll accompany you!” Unexpectedly, right as she was clearing her throat in preparation to speak, Su Yi interrupted her words.

From the looks of it, the situation was indeed a bit severe. However, since Su Yi didn’t seem to have the patience to listen to her, she could only retrieve her leg that had been about to step out of the door. “I feel a little uncomfortable so I won’t head out anymore. Thanks!”

After saying so, she closed the door with a ‘bang.’

Da fudge was with this?

Could it be that Su Yi wanted to put her under house arrest?

For some unknown reason, she recalled Murong Yu’s eerie words, you can’t leave either…

She had always thought that Murong Yu was hostile towards her because he wanted power in Cloud City. She never expected that Murong Yu actually wanted to leave Cloud City so much.

What secrets did Cloud City contain?

Why were all the people that lived here the peak experts in their respective categories?

What was their goal in gathering in Cloud City?

Could it be that they wanted to unite and find a place to live in seclusion?

If they were all just some old people in their seventies and eighties, this explanation could still work, but she had been in Cloud City awhile and saw that quite a lot of people, including Murong Yu, were in their thirties. Some were even in their twenties…

That, in addition to Su Yi’s strange actions earlier, caused curiosity and suspicion to grow in Tang Doudou’s heart like wild weeds. The more she cut them, the more wildly they sprung back.

She grew increasingly restless. This was the type of person Tang Doudou was. She couldn’t hold too many matters in her heart and she also tended to be abnormally curious. Once she got interested in something, she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from investigating.

However, Su Yi was guarding outside so it was impossible for her to go out right now.

Su Yi also wasn’t like Baili Yu’s little subordinates. It wouldn’t be easy to shake him off.


Tang Doudou sighed. She held onto the door frame and peeked through a small crack. As expected, Su Yi was still standing outside against a wall with his head lowered. From the looks of it, he wasn’t planning to leave anytime soon.

Inside the room, Tang Doudou was running through all the possible ways to get out. Outside, Su Yi was also wracking his brains but still couldn’t figure out when Murong Yu had started colluding with the girl. He was inwardly panic-stricken. Could it be that the girl had already been investigating her past before she had even gotten poisoned with the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance?

Moreover, she had even looked for Murong Yu, that psycho, to help her?

How was that possible? The girl had grown up under his watch. It was impossible for her to look for Murong Yu without him knowing about it!


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