Chapter 202.1: Break Apart Mandarin Ducks

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By the time she came back to her senses, Tang Doudou had already left the palanquin.

Since the Cloud City Lord, Su Yi, was on the large palanquin, the person on the small palanquin was doubtlessly the Young City Lord, Li Xueyi. After Su Yi got out, many people turned and directed their curious gazes towards this direction.

On the Jianghu, the name Li Xueyi was even more widely known than the famous name of Su Yi, the City Lord!

All those “grand” things she did made it hard for people to forget her even if they wanted to. In particular, there was the earlier incident where she had been about to marry Baili Yu, the wealthiest individual in the world, with a male identity. That topic had occupied many enthusiastic conversations on the Jianghu for quite a while. As of now, Su Yi had revealed her female identity and brought her back to Cloud City, and even set up such a large matchmaking event. People couldn’t help but wonder what Baili Yu thought about this!

It was just that they didn’t know whether those two truly had feelings for each other. Outsiders, of course, felt that the relationship was more likely to be fake than real since it was hard to imagine Baili Yu being sincere towards anyone with his fox-like businessman personality.

However, what everyone was truly curious about wasn’t this, but rather the question of who exactly would dare to jump out and try to snatch Li Xueyi from Baili Yu.

Tang Doudou had no idea that so many people had already turned to look this way before she even got out. Without any prior preparation, she lifted the golden yellow gauze curtain. She silently chanted in her heart, amitabha Buddha, Buddha please give your blessings and protection, please let everything go smoothly today ah…

It wasn't that she was overthinking, but that she was seriously worried that something would happen today.

Her luck has always been pretty crappy.

As a matter of fact, right after she stepped out she was almost intimidated into retreating back due to all those curious gazes that were also filled with restrained fear.

The fudge? Was there a need to be this focused!?

Luckily, the skin on her face was thick enough. She only panicked for a moment before her calmness returned. Treating those probing gazes as clouds, she ignored them and stepped off the palanquin.

On the other hand, quite a number of  people were stunned to see the person that walked out of the palanquin.

They hadn’t expected that Li Xueyi was actually this good-looking!

The water blue garment extended till it touched the ground and it glimmered with silver embroidery. The translucent sheer garment draped over as a coat made the outfit seem even more refreshing, like a ripple in water. Her fine black hair was in a simple half-up half down hairstyle and decorated with a single, blue jade plum hairpin. The tassel from the hairpin swayed slightly and drew attention to the delicately exposed ear below it. The snow-white neck and distinct collarbones could be seen from time to time below the loose black hair. The person’s features were delicate and exquisite, and her sparkling eyes were especially lively. As she walked, she seemed like a water fairy that was lightly walking over the surface of a lake; the scene was so beautiful, people forgot to breath.

Someone immediately said with an emotional sigh, “This trip has not been made in vain, it has not been in vain ah!”

“And someone had spread rumors that she was ugly! That person must have been blind!”

“The other half that I long for should probably be like this - with peerless talent and beauty capable of toppling a city…”

“Scram! She’s mine, you damn fatty!”

“Damned cripple, get out of here! What are you blindly saying!? Are you trying to pick a fight!?”

“If you want to fight then let’s fight! You think I’m afraid of you!?”  

Tang Doudou was speechless when she heard all of this. She glanced towards the people fighting and found that all of them had vulgar looks, deformed figures, and were practically sights too horrible to endure. She instantly started to despair. This rotten idea of Su Yi’s wasn’t just rotten on an ordinary level! What if Baili Yu didn’t come and these people seized the spotlight? Then would she have to marry one of them…

She suddenly sensed a sharp gaze from the side. It was so intense it felt physical; she couldn’t ignore it even if she wanted to. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw that it was a masked man, but the person disappeared before she could get a clear look.

A trace of confusion flashed through her eyes. Who was that person?

Just as she was consumed in her thoughts, she sensed a hate-filled gaze. When she shifted her gaze over, she saw that it was Bai Lianhua who she hadn’t seen for a long time and was surprised. Why was Bai Lianhua here as well?

Also, she didn’t seem to have offended her before, so what was with this gaze?

Wait, Bai Lianhua liked Baili Yu ah! Jealous women were very scary, so in the future she had better stay away from Bai Lianhua!

The surprises didn’t stop there. There were quite a lot of familiar people standing not far away from Bai Lianhua. First of all, there was Xi Qiuyue, that drunkard. As usual, he was holding a wine gourd and drinking from it from time to time. He would also glance at her occasionally with a weird expression. When she met his glance, he immediately shifted his gaze to the side and acted as if he didn’t see her.

Tang Doudou couldn’t help but silently criticize, could you act a little more fake!?

Following that, she became very stirred up because Golden Wind Jade Dew were also in the crowd. They looked towards her with delighted and gratified expressions that also contained a hint of guilt.

They were probably still feeling guilty for not being able to help during the last incident when she had been arrested.

Tang Doudou decided that no matter what, after this crappy martial arts matchmaking competition was over, she had to make Su Yi invite Big Brother Yu and the others to the City Lord Residence as guests!

Then there was also Jun Xin, Yuner, and the rest.

Elder Yu definitely wouldn’t miss an event as big as this. His gaze was unreadable as he watched her leave the palanquin.


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