Chapter 202.2: Break Apart Mandarin Ducks

Prodigal Alliance Head


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The palanquin had stopped not far from the stage. By the time she finished glancing through the crowd, her feet had already stepped onto the stage.

“My good disciple, come sit over here!”

The moment she got onto the stage, Su Yi patted the seat next to him with a beaming smile.

Usually, Tang Doudou definitely would have rolled her eyes and refused to sit over there but since today’s situation was unique, she decided to give him some face. She smiled faintly and walked over.

Su Yi was a little surprised to see her so well-behaved, but he soon realized what she was thinking.

However, it was good that she was a little more well-behaved. That would be one less thing for him to worry about.

After Tang Doudou sat down next to Su Yi, she discovered that this guy had seriously arranged stuff well. From this seat, the entire plaza was within view; she had a feeling as if she was overlooking the entire world.

Su Yi, this old brat, sure didn’t fear the idea of ‘the higher you sit, the harder the fall.’ First was that golden yellow palanquin and now he was sitting so high up. His desire to rebel was clear as day ah!

But, would he care about that position?

Probably not…

She had started mulling over those thoughts again and hence didn’t hear any of what Su Yi said. Su Yi had coughed quite a few times and stomped on her foot under the table before she came back to her senses.

“Huh? What is it?”

Su Yi glowered at her. “About what I said earlier, do you feel that it’s good or not?”

What did he say earlier?

A trace of confusion flashed through her eyes. She sensed that everyone below was looking at her, and became even more bewildered. When Su Yi impatiently urged her again, she nodded without thinking. She came back to her senses and was just about to shake her head when she heard Su Yi say with a refreshed laugh, “Since my family’s darling disciple has said it’s good, then the matter is settled!”

“What’s settled?” Tang Doudou couldn’t help but ask in a small voice.

Su Yi slanted a glance at her. “I’ll tell you once we get back. For now, sit up properly and pull out the demeanor of an unmarried daughter of a noble house. All you have to do is watch.”

The demeanor of an unmarried daughter of a noble house?

Tang Doudou really wanted to cover her head. When did she ever get something like that?

However, Su Yi didn’t care if she had it. He lifted his chin slightly and the manager standing to the side immediately bowed and walked towards the center of the stage.

“We are honored that all of you have come to participate in our Young City Lord’s martial arts matchmaking convention!”

It was seriously a never-changing opening remark!

“Everyone has probably already heard of our Young City Lord, Li Xueyi! Thus, I won’t bother with an introduction. Next, I’ll be talking about the rules in this matchmaking competition.”

“It is different from other martial arts matchmaking competition. Our City Lord believes in the idea that true strength is only when one’s own fist is strong. Hence, participants are not allowed to have substitutes participate for them and must participate themselves. If an imposter is discovered, the person will lose the right to participate and will also be added to Cloud City’s blacklist! Thus, we hope everyone will think things through carefully before making a decision!”

When the people below saw that he was serious, they immediately started discussing worriedly.

Following that, the manager cleared his throat and said, “There are no restrictions on the eligibility of participants. As long as your fist is strong enough and you can defeat all the opponents in front of you, you can carry our family’s Young City Lord home!”

When they heard that they could carry a beauty home as long as they won the fight, many of them immediately threw the manager's earlier words to the back of their heads. One even asked loudly, “Then what City Lord Su said before about wealth and precious treasure isn’t necessary anymore?”

“That’s right! My friend, you didn’t hear wrong, that is precisely it! As of now, as long as your fist is strong enough, you can carry the beauty home, and can even possess all the wealth and power of Cloud City! This is such a great deal, what are you still waiting for? Hurry up and come on stage! Let our Young City Lord witness your heroic form, your outstanding talent!”


Tang Doudou coughed out blood, then glared resentfully at Su Yi. Da fudge? Was this a martial arts matchmaking competition or a sales promotion event?

And it was even, buy one get one free!

“Hehe, this is called setting the atmosphere. Look, don’t the people below look completely heated up as if they itched to come up and battle three hundred rounds?” However, a certain person didn’t feel like this action was inappropriate at all and even sent her a delighted look of ‘I’m so smart.’

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. “If the one that wins in the end is ugly, don’t blame me for flipping out and directly stomping off!”

“Don’t worry, how could that be possible? My dear disciple, even if you want to marry an ugly person, as the master I wouldn’t allow it!” Su Yi laughed ‘hehe,’ then started whispering his plan to Tang Doudou. “First of all, I only did this after careful consideration. Look, which person on the Jianghu with amazing martial arts doesn’t have impressive looks?”

Tang Doudou thought about it and realized that it was true. However, what did that have to do with this?

When she was offstage, all the people she saw were fat and short uglies. She hadn’t seen a single one of the type that Su Yi had described.

Jun Xin had pretty good looks, but she didn’t count him in at all.

Xi Qiuyue’s looks were also decent, it was just that he was too old and also drank heavily…

“Those people are of course the main act, how could they come so early? Didn’t you notice that even Baili Yu, that little fox, still isn’t here?”

“Perhaps he doesn’t plan on coming at all,” muttered Tang Doudou. She had originally been disappointed to see that Baili Yu wasn’t here, but now that Su Yi said this, she secretly started to anticipate again.

“Don’t worry, if he doesn’t come, I’ll help you get him here!” said Su Yi with a nefarious smile.

It surprised Tang Doudou. “Didn’t you hate him?”

Su Yi’s expression turned sincere and he spoke seemingly seriously, “I’ve been walking through the city these past two days and found that he was actually a little pleasing to the eye. Moreover, you two like each other. How could I break apart a pair of mandarin ducks…”

Although he put it nicely, wasn’t what he was doing right now precisely breaking apart a pair of mandarin ducks?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by ed.L

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C: Well, pleasing to the eye could be interpreted as Su Yi found that Baili Yu’s personality wasn’t that bad after all, but if taken at face value, Su Yi’s probably saying that most of the people that have come to Cloud City are ugly so Baili Yu’s looks, in comparison, are more appealing lmao.


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