Chapter 203.1: He is the Senior Brother

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Tang Doudou didn’t believe Su Yi’s long explanation at all. He was definitely doing this with a hidden agenda. It was just that she didn’t know enough to figure out how deep his intentions went.

While the two were conversing, the competition had already started. Due to the fact that there were no restrictions in the competition, quite a lot of Cloud City citizens also got onstage to participate and the stage immediately became filled with people. At the start they had bowed with cupped fists and exchanged some polite words before starting to fight but later, once it got seriously crowded, they started fighting as soon as they stepped on stage.

It was a scene of chaos without any formula at all. It was you punched, then I punched - the scene was no different from a street fight. From time to time, some people would curse, causing quite a lot of the audience who were simply here to watch the show to double over with laughter.

It didn’t look like martial arts was used at all so a few highly eligible bachelors with sturdy physiques that didn’t know martial arts started dragging their fat and heavy bodies to the stage in hopes of winning by some fluke. However, right after they got onto the stage, they were kicked flying.

“Y’all are so fat, yet you still want to marry the Young City Lord? Scram!” After suffering such a hard fall, they even got jeered at like this. When had those people ever suffered such treatment? They immediately started complaining to Su Yi.

“City Lord Su, this competition of yours isn’t fair at all! I can’t accept it!”

“That’s right! We don’t accept it either!”

And indeed it was true. Everyone had come here from a great distance away and prepared so much gold, silver, pearls, and all sorts of exotic and rare treasures, yet in the end they were told to fight. This indeed did seem like Su Yi was messing with them. They had objections from the start, but hadn’t voiced them because they were afraid of Su Yi. However, when they saw how good-looking Li Xueyi was and heard that they could inherit all of Cloud City if they married her, how could they still stay calm!?

Even the manservants that they brought wanted to go up and try their luck. What if, as a blind cat, they managed to touch a dead mouse?

Then wouldn’t they rush straight to the heavens in one go and be able to lead a life of splendor and glory?

Su Yi wasn’t surprised at this but didn’t say much. He just had the manager walk over and deal with it. The manager raised his brows towards the people causing a fuss and guards immediately walked out from both sides of the stage. When they got to those people, they started dragging them towards the city entrance without a word.

“Those who make a racket and refuse to abide by the rules will be dealt with according to the city rules. Their names will be entered into the blacklist and never allowed into Cloud City again!”

A lot of people instantly wilted and didn’t dare to say any more words of complaint.

Tyrannical, how fricking tyrannical!

Tang Doudou glanced at Su Yi. “Aren’t you worried that they’d cause trouble?”

“Hehe, if they had the guts to cause trouble they would have already done it, why would they wait until today?” said Su Yi, completely unconcerned.

Aiy, from the looks of it this guy had no idea what was meant by ‘anger of the masses is to be feared’!

However, why was Baili Yu still not here? Pretty much all the people on the stage had been beaten down. There were only about twenty people that were continuously winning and knocking out all the people that weren’t strong enough.

Just as she was getting anxious that Baili Yu wouldn’t show up in time, she suddenly saw a familiar figure walk over.

She opened her mouth as fury filled her eyes. It was actually Nangong Yan, that bitch!

She was walking over with a swagger while the man that had injured Tang Doudou with his sword followed behind her. She walked to the audience area with a very arrogant cold smile, then scattered the food in her hands on the ground as she looked provocatively towards Tang Doudou.

She really dared to come!?

Tang Doudou immediately stood up to walk over and get revenge but Su Yi pulled her back down. Evidently, he had noticed Nangong Yan as well and knew that she was the perpetrator!

It was enough that he knew and wasn’t helping her, but he was even stopping her?!

She immediately glared at Su Yi angrily only to see him shake his head towards her with a serious expression. He said between gritted teeth, “I want to cut up that loathsome woman even more than you do!”

His tone seemed off, as if he harbored a deep grudge against Nangong Yan. Could it be that Nangong Yan had also stabbed Su Yi before?

Then this was troublesome. If she rashly went up to someone who dared to even stab Su Yi, it definitely wouldn’t end good. It would be better to first figure out the extent of the opponent’s abilities.

Seeming to know what she was thinking, Su Yi said, “It’s best if you don’t personally step into this matter. I’ll slowly get revenge for you!”

“Wouldn’t it be better if I made an appearance?” For better or for worse, she was the main person involved. If she made an appearance, there would be human testimony and material evidence…

“Would I harm you? I have my reasons for not having you make an appearance. Do you know whose Junior Sister she is? Whose disciple? That person is an existence not even I dare to provoke. Moreover, she’s so young, how could she dare to mess around like this in my Cloud City? Isn’t it simply because she had someone in the background to support her!?” Su Yi grumbled resentfully.

Da fudge? She really wanted to know about this too!

It was precisely due to Nangong Yan’s Senior Brother that she took a stab for no reason! Her soul had almost returned to the heavens!

“I just want to know who her Senior Brother is!”

Unexpectedly, Su Yi revealed a schadenfreude-filled smile. “You really want to know?”


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