Chapter 203.2: He is the Senior Brother

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Tang Doudou glanced at Nangong Yan who was currently looking at her with a provoking and contempt-filled gaze and nodded firmly. “I’m willing to do anything in exchange to find out!”

“No need to make it that severe. You can find out this information by casually asking around outside.” Su Yi’s smile was still filled with delight at the oncoming disaster.

“Stop smiling ah! Who exactly is it?”

“Guess ah. Nangong Yan’s unbridled way of doing things, whose manner is it similar to? That person who she learned it from is her Senior Brother!”


Tang Doudou tilted her head and thought about it. Suddenly, an unbelievable name appeared in her head. It became increasingly clear and seemed to match perfectly. Her eyes widened as she looked towards Su Yi. “You’re saying, you’re saying, h-her, her Senior Brother is Baili Yu!?”

Su Yi smiled. There was no doubt.

What the f*ck ah!

She was actually Baili Yu’s Junior Sister! No wonder Jun Xin’s expression turned so strange after hearing her name. So it turns out…

“Hehe, she had grown up with Baili Yu and counts green plums and hobby-horses, innocent playmates… Then you showed up and snatched the person’s Senior Brother away. It would be strange if she didn’t come to stab you!” said Su Yi with that same schadenfreude-filled smile on his face. He didn’t feel sympathy for the bitter experience Tang Doudou encountered at all.

If it weren’t for the fact that he had carefully looked after her while she was injured, Tang Doudou would’ve thrown her shoe at him and smacked his loathsome smiling face until it was beyond recognition.

“What the fudge?! This woman’s brain is definitely abnormal. It was clearly Baili Yu who came to seduce this lady, this lady didn’t have a fart to do with it! Don’t think that this lady cherishes Baili Yu, that damned fox. The hell, this lady hasn’t even done that with him, and yet already got stabbed. If I really married him, wouldn’t I be killed and buried!?” After Tang Doudou found out that Nangong Yan was Baili Yu’s Junior Sister, the anger in her heart started swirling like magma. It was unbearable to keep contained.

“Hehe, girl, could it be that you don’t suspect Baili Yu of orchestrating this entire thing?” Su Yi suddenly asked this question.

He was immediately met with Tang Doudou’s disdain. “Do you feel like someone as smart as Baili Yu would do something as dumb as this?”

“Don’t they say that ‘a clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity’?”

“Why don’t you try falling victim first for me to see?” Although this was what Tang Doudou said, a knot still appeared in her heart. What if this really was the case?

Su Yi gave a profound smile when he saw the fluctuation of emotion in her eyes. He didn’t continue this topic and looked towards the stage instead.

As of now, there were only about a dozen people left. Within the group, there were tall people, short ones, fat ones, and skinny ones. All the things that should be there were there…

Su Yi knitted his brows as he looked below the stage at those motionless figures.

What were they still waiting for?

Jun Xin, who was below the stage, looked up at the stage with flickering eyes. He tilted his head and said to Yuner, “When I go up later, make sure to stay here. Don’t run around, got it?”

“Big Brother Jun Xin, don’t go up yet!” Unexpectedly, Yuner shook his head.

Jun Xin was surprised. “Why?”

“It’s Yuner’s intuition. If Big Brother Jun Xin wants to marry Beautiful Big Sister, then don’t go up right now!” Yuner blinked his large clear eyes, looking very innocent.


Right after he said that and turned to watch the stage again, the manager stopped the competition.

“Haha, congratulations, gentlemen, on successfully advancing. Please go back and have a nice rest as you wait for the notification to participate in the second advancement round.”


Tang Doudou once again spurted out blood. It couldn’t be that Su Yi had also transmigrated over?

Was this a sports draft?

And to even have a second advancement round…

It wasn’t just Tang Doudou who found it ridiculous, those dozen or so people were unhappy as well. What was with this?

The rules weren’t explained clearly before the competition, and now a second advancement round was suddenly announced. Didn’t that mean all the effort they put in earlier was a waste?

“Ladies and gentlemen, please calm down. Think about it, this is the greatest event in our Young City Lord’s life, how could we decide on it so easily? Without overcoming 9981 difficulties, how could you let our Young City Lord see your sincerity?”

Da fudge? The more Tang Doudou listened, the more she felt that something was off. How come it seemed like Su Yi was using her as a shield as he secretly laid some strange hidden plot?

She glanced at Su Yi with suspicion. She couldn’t figure out what this old brat wanted at all.

However, these words did successfully calm down those people. They glanced towards the guards at the sides of the stage and swallowed their objections back down.

“Of course, today’s advancement round hasn’t ended yet. Friends who want to participate in the second advancement round can come up now to challenge these eleven friends!”

But even after some time passed, no one walked up. Those that had the ability to go up had already gone up earlier. All that were left were people that didn’t know martial arts, or knew martial arts but were very rational.

Those who were a little smarter all guessed that Su Yi was doing this with other meanings, but no one voiced it. No one dared to voice it.

This situation continued for a little while. Just when Tang Doudou almost couldn’t sit still anymore, she saw Nangong Yan move. The only reason why she had been able to notice it so quickly was because her line of sight hadn’t shifted away from Nangong Yan this entire time.

She saw Nangong Yan smile towards her; it was a smile filled with taunts.

Then, she turned and spoke to the man before her. That man also looked towards Tang Doudou with a slightly cold gaze. Then, he placed his hand on the sword at his waist and leapt onto the stage.

“All of you, just come at me all at once!” After he got onto the stage, he declared this arrogantly while looking at the people on the stage.

This only seemed arrogant to outsiders. Tang Doudou, however, knew that this person’s martial arts was pretty good, so she said to Su Yi, “If this person wins, then help me find a really amazing person to go up and destroy his freaking tool!”

Upon hearing this, Su Yi immediately started laughing. “Heh, as expected of my disciple, not bad, not bad…”


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