Chapter 207.1: She Ran

Prodigal Alliance Head


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"Heh, it was actually that brat. Why did he dress himself up like that for no reason?" Su Yi's voice was puzzled.

Although Tang Doudou heard, she couldn't quite process it as she stared stunned at the both familiar, yet also unfamiliar person in front of her.

Though the person had the same appearance, his temperament was completely different. She couldn't accept the fact that Ming Mengxin was Jun Xin and even considered whether if Ming Mengxin was actually Jun Xin's twin brother.

After all, that was the case with Bai Feiyun and Gu Xun.

Jun Xin and Baili Yu could sense her questioning gaze even without looking in her direction.

Baili Yu glanced at the mask on the ground before slowly lifting his eyes again. "You’ve already thought things through. The reason why you haven't looked for me before is because you were waiting for today, isn't that so?"

"You and I grew up together. I can't compare with you on many fronts, but there's one area in which you will never be able to surpass me." Jun Xin's expression was very calm. His black hair lifted gently even though there was no wind and the lamp lit up with a faint blue light as it floated up and hovered above his hand. "Let's fight! It's been a long time since we've exchanged blows. It's already been ten years since the last time, hasn't it?"

Their exchange was very baffling. Tang Doudou wasn't the only one puzzled; everyone present couldn't make head or tails of it either. First, the Hall Master of God Firmament Hall, Ming Mengxin had become Blood Fiend Jun Xin, now there was this exchange. Not a single person could understand what was going on.

Nangong Yan was included. She was undoubtedly the one most shocked. Her large eyes were filled with astonishment as she looked at Jun Xin.

She, Jun Xin, and Baili Yu all grew up on Wind Cloud Island, and they all knew each other pretty well. She knew Jun Xin especially well. He was just a rude and impetuous, forever immature brat; when had he become so reserved and unreadable?

In addition, wasn't that lamp something of the Seven Great Saint Tribes?

That was a taboo object of Wind Cloud Island, so how come Jun Xin dared to bring it out in public? Wasn't he worried that Master would find out and punish him?

"You remember it quite clearly." Baili Yu smiled but didn't show any intention to fight with him. "Since you've already made the decision, it doesn't matter whether we fight or not. If you want to fight with me, it'll have to be another day."

After he finished speaking, he added pointedly, "Another day, when you're in a better mood."

One actually needed to wait until one was in a good mood before challenging someone to a fight?

Everyone was truly enlightened by Baili Yu's way of doing things.

What was unexpected was that Jun Xin actually didn't persist either. He put away the lamp and said, "Alright."

"Then, right now, do you plan to go or to stay?" asked Baili Yu.


"That's also good."

Then it was over!

The two started walking towards Su Yi and Tang Doudou, one behind the other. Su Yi was speechless when he saw this. What the heck? They had made the atmosphere so serious earlier, yet after a few sentences, decided not to fight anymore?

As for Tang Doudou, she was still stuck on the fact that Ming Mengxin was Jun Xin. Su Yi couldn't help but sigh. Not even he was able to understand, so there was no way this girl would be able to.

"Girl, stop dazing out. They've already walked over, so why not just ask them directly?" Su Yi patted Tang Doudou's shoulder.

Tang Doudou looked at him blankly. "Then are we continuing with this matchmaking competition?"

"What's there to continue? It's all been messed up by that little fox again. It's seriously angering me to death!" It would have been better if this hadn't been brought up because it immediately angered Su Yi to the point his eyes almost rolled back.

Tang Doudou retrieved her gaze, feeling slightly embarrassed, without looking at the two people that were walking this way. She couldn't really bring herself to look at them and her heart for some reason felt very vexed.

However, Baili Yu and Jun Xin were unperturbed. Of course, this was only on the surface. If someone had looked carefully at Jun Xin's eyes, he would be able to see that there were all sorts of complicated emotions swirling around. Perhaps the person himself didn't even know about some of the emotions he was experiencing.

The closer the two got, the more nervous Tang Doudou became. The worst thing was she didn't even know why she was nervous. Her gaze was wandering flusteredly over the crowd when she suddenly saw that figure again!

This time, that person didn't immediately leave but made a 'follow me' gesture towards her. Tang Doudou knitted her brows as a trace of hesitation flashed through her eyes. However, she didn't hesitate long before she stood up.

Without bothering to look at the two that were almost here, she strode over Su Yi who was completely stunned and hastily ran off the stage towards the distance. In the blink of an eye, she was gone.

Things had happened too suddenly. The three men only came back to their senses in the midst of the crowd's uproar when she had disappeared from sight.

At the same time, they were also completely confused. What was she running for?

Su Yi abruptly stood up and made to follow her. Currently, Cloud City was filled with both fish and dragons; there were all sorts of people here. As of now, she couldn't use inner strength. She wouldn't even be able to use qinggong to escape, much less fight!

If she really encountered danger, it was quite possible that she would be killed off ah!

"I'll go!" Jun Xin stopped Su Yi. He glanced at the rowdy crowd below the stage, then looked towards Baili Yu. "I owe her an explanation. If I don't explain myself now, I might never have another chance."

Baili Yu didn't even think before he replied, "Go."

However, Su Yi refused to accept it. "Humph! It's not your turn yet to mind my disciple!"

"Then you're going to leave this many people here without minding them?" Baili Yu looked towards Su Yi with a smile that didn't quite seem like a smile. He straightened out his clothing and flicked off the petals that had landed on it. "City Lord Su, it seems that it has been a while since we've compared notes as well, hasn't it?"

At some unknown time, the sky had become filled with flower petals that were lightly spilling down.

"Fine fine fine! You win!" Su Yi finally sat back down. However, he was already secretly scheming up a way to use Tang Doudou to sort out this hateful brat.

"Thanks." Jun Xin nodded towards Baili Yu before his figure became a shadow and disappeared.

This strange martial arts movement once again evoked Su Yi's curiosity. "What kind of martial arts is that really?"

"It's not martial arts," replied Baili Yu.

"Then what is it?"

"You want to know?"

That tone, which contained a hint of amusement, was filled with calculations. Su Yi shivered from a sudden chill. "I don't!"

If it came to it, he would just have his disciple go find out and come back to tell him!


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