Chapter 207.2: She Ran

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At this time, the person Su Yi was thinking about had already run into a small alley outside of the plaza. She had come here following after that black-clothed man. As she was running, she recalled who this person was. Wasn't he the person that had given her the small lamp before in Mist City?

She had been in too much of a rush last time and he was also wearing black, so she hadn't gotten a clear look at him. That was why when she saw him earlier, all that she felt was that he seemed a little familiar.

The black-clothed man's qinggong was still pretty much the same as last time. It wasn't very fast. Although she didn't use qinggong, due to the fact he would purposefully pause from time to time, she was still able to keep up.

After heading forward for a while, they soon got to the end of the alley. When Tang Doudou saw that black-clothed man nimbly jump up on the wall, she immediately felt like crying but didn't have the tears. Still, she attempted to climb the wall. It was to no avail, however, since Cloud City's walls were generally very tall. After failing a couple times, she couldn't stop herself from cursing!

"Fudge! Why insist on choosing a small alley out of all the routes he could have taken!? It's enough that he chose a small alley, but now he insists on jumping over the wall!?" Tang Doudou rubbed her butt as she cursed. "Humph! Who cares who you are! This big sis won't accompany you anymore!"

After she finished speaking, she turned to leave, only to see that black-clothed man appear barely a step away in front of her. If it weren't for the fact that she had immediately stopped, she would have crashed into his chest.

"Y-you, why are you back?" stammered Tang Doudou as she subconsciously retreated backward only to find that behind her were hard bricks.

That person didn't speak and just stared at her.

Tang Doudou's hair started to stand on end from being stared at. Last time this person had still acted quite normal and immediately stated his reason for looking for her after he came, so how come he was acting so strange this time?

Could it be that he intended to harm her!?

Crap! She had left too hastily earlier and hadn't thought about this possibility at all. The only thing she had been thinking was that he might have come here to talk to her about the other components.

Last time he had talked about remuneration. It couldn't be that due to her taking Li Xueyi's place and not giving him remuneration after getting the item, he had decided to kill her? The reason he led her here was to kill her in order to vent his anger?

Reality showed that she was completely groping in the wrong direction. The person didn't have this intention at all.

The black-clothed man took a step towards her, then lifted her and threw her over the wall.

Tang Doudou was already flying through the air before she had come back to her senses. She shouted, a beat late, "Hey, hey! Can't you be a little gentler? I'll fall to my death!"

Right after she finished speaking, she started to fall. The black-clothed man leaped onto the wall and caught Tang Doudou. After jumping over a few roofs, they arrived at the mountain behind Cloud City.

"What business do you have? Just say it here!" When Tang Doudou saw that he was about to bring her into the mountains, she hastily stopped him. Su Yi once mentioned to her that there were a lot of restricted areas in the back mountain. He warned that death was inevitable once one entered, so she shouldn't casually visit the back mountain.

The black-clothed man didn't speak. He stopped at the foot of the mountain but didn't let Tang Doudou down.


When Tang Doudou saw that he didn't intend to let her down, she subconsciously looked at him. Just as she was about to tell him to let her go, she suddenly had a familiar feeling as if she had once been carried in his arms like this before!

She was shocked by her own feeling. Her face turned pale. "You, we know each other, don't we?"

After what happened with Jun Xin, Tang Doudou was seriously scared that this person would also be someone she knew. She peeked at his black veil, then gulped. Should she try pulling it off?

But wouldn't it be terrible if he turned out to be a stranger?

The fact that he covered his face definitely meant that he didn't want people to know what he looked like. If she found out, he might kill to silence her. When Tang Doudou's thoughts got to this point, she hastily threw out the idea and said, "Um, can you put me down?"

After she said that, she felt the black-clothed man's body stiffen, then he rigidly set her down, seeming a little embarrassed.

Afterward, he stood there without a word like a block of wood.

Tang Doudou couldn't help but become bewildered. Could it be that he wasn't planning to give her something this time? Then what was he here for? Only to check out the excitement like the rest of the people?

"Have you found the rest of the parts?" That was all she could ask.

The black-clothed man's gaze seemed to change a little and he replied hoarsely, "No."

"Not a single one?"


He was really here just to check out the excitement ah! Tang Doudou didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Then why were you looking for me?"

"You were very nervous."

The f*ck!?

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou couldn't help but have a whole new level of respect for him. He had actually been able to sense that she was nervous from that far away?

She looked at the person again. The more she looked, the more she got the feeling that she knew him. Narrowing her eyes slightly, she asked, "You knew that I wanted to leave the stage? That's why you had me follow you?"

The black-clothed man also looked at her. He looked at her for a long time before a single word jumped out from his lips, "Yes!"

Tang Doudou's expression immediately turned strange. "Who exactly are you? Do we know each other?"

"We don't!" The black-clothed man's tone was very firm, abnormally firm.


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