Chapter 208.1: Jun Xin's Past

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Tang Doudou immediately sensed that something was off. Just as she was about to press him to find out more, she spotted Jun Xin in the distance.

Since she had managed to discover Jun Xin, the black-clothed man naturally noticed him as well. With a swift movement, he entered the back mountain.

"Hey hey, you can't go in there!" Tang Doudou hastily shouted after him anxiously. Hell, if he went in and died, who would help her find those things?

It was precisely because she didn't know what exactly those things were that she was waiting to find out the truth after he found them all. However, if he died, no one would ever be able to know the truth!

Just as she gathered up enough courage to rush in after him, Jun Xin came over and stopped her. "Don't go in."

"Why did you come here?" Tang Doudou looked at him strangely. Then she turned back to the forest and saw that the black-clothed man's figure was completely gone. She sighed. Even if she rushed in now, she probably won't be able to find him, so she might as well give up on the idea.

She turned back to Jun Xin. For some reason, his current appearance didn't seem pleasing to the eye at all. She looked him up and down, then asked, "Are you really Jun Xin?"

"What? Stinkin' woman, just because I changed my looks you can't recognize me anymore? How blind are you?" Jun Xin purposefully replied using his past manner of speaking as he crossed his arms.

It was a familiar tone paired with familiar words. Even if Tang Doudou didn't want to accept it, she had to accept reality.

But it was still very awkward ah!

She looked at Jun Xin again. "Then from now on, should I call you Ming Mengxin or Jun Xin?"

"You don't have anything else you want to ask?" Jun Xin responded with a question.

Hm? She did have a lot of questions, but she didn't know where to start. She was also scared that after she asked, their relationship would change in an irreversible way. Although Jun Xin was very tsundere, unreasonable, liked to cause trouble, headstrong, and barbaric...

Of course, he also had a lot of good points. For example, he was simple and kind-hearted?

For example, he still treated her quite well, if a little fierce.

And for example, he would quietly help her search for a way to cure the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. That had to be acknowledged even though it turned out to be a troll.

In any case, Jun Xin was a pretty good friend. Most of all, he was well-behaved ah! He ate whatever she made without question!

"Don't worry, no matter who I am, I won't hurt you." How could Jun Xin not know what she was thinking? During this period, he had come to see things clearly. If she really did like him, based on her personality, she would have already expressed it to him. Moreover, it would only bring her harm if she was together with him. Rather than that, it would be better to let go now. That way, they could avoid the scenario of not even being able to stay friends after she found out the truth.

It's just that to let go was easy to say. As for whether it was doable or not, even he himself didn't know.

Since ancient times, the subject of emotions had been difficult to control.

However, just being able to stay at her side was already very good.

Won't hurt her?

He was probably the fourth person that has said that, wasn't he?

But not hurting her always meant keeping her in the dark and making her a naive, ignorant canary. No one asked for her opinion, her thoughts.

When Jun Xin saw sadness and frustration flashed through her eyes, he reached out and clasped her shoulder. Feigning nonchalance, he said, "Stinkin' woman, you better not say that I didn't give you a chance ah! I've already said you could ask. If you don't ask, then this young master will be heading home to sleep!"

When Jun Xin scrambled her thoughts with these words, all the distress in her heart immediately flew away as she cursed at him jokingly. "Little butt-aged brat! All you know to do all day is eat then sleep, then wake up just to eat again! Just get so freaking fat that you'll never find a wife!" Then she sneakily slanted a glance at him as she said, "Hey, actually I just don't know how to ask. Why don't you just talk about whatever comes to mind and when I think of something, I'll ask?"

When Jun Xin heard those four words, he buried that little bit of hope left in his heart beneath the soil forever. He rubbed her head, then pulled out the antique lamp. "You've probably seen this lamp several times. Look at it, what's different about it?"

To clarify, the four words Jun Xin was referring to were 'little butt-aged brat.'

Find what was different about it?

But she never got ahold of that lamp long enough to get a good look at it. How would she be able to spot the difference?

However, she had the child lamp on her. She glanced at Jun Xin, then asked after a moment of hesitation, "Are there a lot of these lamps?"

"Green Bone Phoenix Lamp. It was said to be made in ancient times from the bones of a green phoenix. 9981 lamps of various sizes were combined to make an enormous antique lamp. They hung on the sacred tree and symbolically illuminated the world." Jun Xin picked up the antique lamp. "But unexpectedly, the Seven Great Saint Tribes suffered a great change. The sacred tree withered, the Green Bone Phoenix Lamp was damaged, and all that was left were 12 intact antique lamps and 19 intact child lamps." (Legend says there are five phoenix colors: green, scarlet, yellow, white, and violet)

"There's that many?" Tang Doudou was speechless.

"Is it a lot? There were 9981 lamps, yet less than half remains."

"I'm not saying that a lot survived, but just that I always thought that there was only one lamp." Then didn't that mean the lamp had nothing to do with her transmigration?

Unexpectedly, Jun Xin said, "There is indeed only one Green Bone Phoenix Lamp."

"What you mean is that all these aren't real Green Bone Phoenix Lamps?"

"How could there possibly be that many green phoenix bones? There's only one true Green Bone Phoenix Lamp. It's said that the lamp possesses magical abilities and it's the sacred object of the Seven Great Saint Tribes. The person who obtains the lamp will become the Head of the Saint Tribes..." He paused for a moment and took in Tang Doudou's astonished expression before continuing, "However, those are just legends. How could something exist that possesses magical abilities? And the existence of phoenix bones is even more impossible. They're just things people made up."

"However, the fact that this Green Bone Phoenix Lamp is the sacred object of the Saint Tribes can't be denied. It's just that, ever since the Seven Great Saint Tribes went through the enormous change, the true Green Bone Phoenix Lamp disappeared and no one has seen it since."

That meant that the one Baili Yu put in Plum Garden for her wasn't the real Green Bone Phoenix Lamp either?

What a disappointment.

Tang Doudou lost interest in the lamp and started asking about the old man.

"He is your grandpa, but he's not as good as you think he is. He's nothing but a petty and contemptible person." When Grandpa Tang was brought up, Jun Xin's tone turned particularly disdainful.

"Were you guys the one that set Ten Kilometers Emporium on fire?"

"I started the fire."


"I felt like it, there's no reason."

If it weren't for this, why would she say that Jun Xin was obstinate? She couldn't think of anything to say to refute this.

Tang Doudou really wanted to ask him what was going on with him but she didn't know how to ask. What if she accidentally jabbed his secret and he refused to reply? Wouldn't that end up very awkward?

The reason Jun Xin had come was to confess this matter to her. The reason he spoke so much earlier was because he was also trying to figure out a way to start talking about it.

The two thought for a long time but still couldn't think of a good question, thus they simply stood in silence staring at each other.


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