Chapter 208.2: Jun Xin's Past

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In the end, it was Jun Xin who couldn't take this heavy atmosphere anymore and broke the silence by asking casually, "You know that black-clothed man from earlier?"

"I don't really know him. I've only met him once, but he seems very familiar."

"Then there's no need to mind him. As long as he doesn't harm you, it's fine. As for Nangong Yan, it's best if you don't compete with her too much so that she doesn't get the idea of trying to injure you again. She's the biological granddaughter of the Wind Cloud Island Master, so even Baili Yu doesn't dare to do anything to her. If you want to get revenge, it's best if you borrow someone else's hand to do it."

"Humph! For a nobleman's revenge, ten years is not too late! I'll make her pay sooner or later!" Tang Doudou rubbed her nose. "Let's head back first. Su Yi, that old brat is definitely furious that I ran off."

Jun Xin lowered his eyes slightly and swallowed back his words again. As he watched her lively figure leave, he suddenly called out, "Tang Doudou!"

"Eh?" Jun Xin's abrupt call of 'Tang Doudou' made her momentarily confused. After all, she had gotten used to being called 'Li Xueyi' so being called 'Tang Doudou' was disorientating. She turned around and asked, "Are you calling me?"


"What else do you want to say?" In reality, she still had questions to ask as well. Now that Jun Xin had called her to a stop, she had to take advantage of this chance. Who could guarantee that he wouldn't change his mind later?

Jun Xin nodded. "Ming Mengxin is my original name. After I was brought to Wind Cloud Island by Master, my name was changed to Jun Xin."

When he saw Tang Doudou open her mouth, he said with a smile, "Since you're already used to calling me Jun Xin, there's no need to change your way of address."

"Hehe, that's was exactly what I was thinking..."

"I lived on Wind Cloud Island for about eleven years, then left to see the world and gain experience. The reputation of Blood Fiend Jun Xin started to spread during that time. During those years, I went to a lot of places and saw a lot of things. Then, I finally found information on who I am."

As he slowly recounted these events, a bit of turbulence appeared in his clear almond eyes. "I also found out about many hidden secrets, and joined God Firmament Hall and became a Saint Envoy of the Saint Tribes."

"The Seven Great Saint Tribes' Saint Envoy?" These words caused Tang Doudou great shock. Her eyes widened in disbelief. "But you, you..."

"I'm a descendant of the Seven Great Saint Tribes. After becoming a Saint Envoy, I found out from researching in their book repository that I am from the Wind Tribe. However, I didn't tell anyone about it. In the Saint Tribes, Saint Envoys had much more power than the descendants, and also had much more freedom."

"Many years passed again. While I was investigating the Seven Great Saint Tribes' secrets, I discovered an even more important secret and at the same time also became the alleged Hall Master of the God Firmament Hall." (Basically, in public they call him that, but it's not necessarily true.)

"It couldn't be that God Firmament Hall still has some other Hall Master? What secrets were you investigating? You know my grandpa, could it be that he's also someone of the Saint Tribes? Am I..."

"Don't overthink things. I only got to know your grandpa through the Master of Wind Cloud Island. It has nothing to do with the Saint Tribes. Other than the fact that you've been poisoned with Disseminating Tassel Fragrance and hence will be raised to become a blood source, you have no connection at all to the Seven Great Saint Tribes."

However, Tang Doudou saw that his gaze flickered as he said this. It was clear that he was still keeping something from her.

"It couldn't be that you're just saying this in order to console me?"

Jun Xin had finished saying most of the important things that he wanted to say, so he returned to his usual casual manner. Curling his lips disdainfully, he said, "Who would have the time to bother to try and console you? I'm simply putting out the facts!"

"However, there's still one more important matter that I have to tell you about. Su Yi's motives when he agreed to shelter you back then weren't simple, so it's best if you stay on guard around him. He acts carefree and casual, but you shouldn't be fooled. When he was young, the entire world called had called Cloud City the Devil's City."

"Devil's City?"

"Because a devil lived in it, obviously! You really are dumb!" Jun Xin rapped her head. "Aiy, now that I think about it, I'm the only one with pure motives, everyone else all harbor secret motives. If you hadn't lost your memories, there'd probably be a lot of people that want to kill you. It's just a pity that now..."

"What you're saying is that people wanting to kill me is a good thing?" Although she spoke about it lightly, she knew that everything Jun Xin said was true. If it wasn't, she wouldn't have transmigrated into this world and the real Li Xueyi wouldn't have gone to report to the underworld at such a young age.


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