Chapter 209.1: The Ideal Life

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Tang Doudou shrugged and looked towards Jun Xin with a depressed expression. "Su Yi told me to be careful of Baili Yu, and now you're telling me to be careful of Su Yi. I don't even know who I should listen to anymore."

"What's the use in worrying over that? Just associate with whoever you wish, think as you wish!"

"It's always easy to say but not very easy to do." Tang Doudou counted her thoughts on her fingers. "I don't care about the events before I lost my memories, nor do I care about what I thought about those two back then. What I feel now is that neither of them are bad people. They treat me quite well too. Even though I'm not the brightest, I can at least distinguish between those who treat me well and those who don't. The only frustrating thing is, why does everyone have to keep so many secrets? Couldn't everyone just be a little more honest?"

How much of it was a scheme? How much of it was sincere!?

"Stinkin' woman, you're thinking of it way too simply. Some things can't be resolved just by being honest. This involves several hundred years of grudges and grace. You should just focus on handling your own matters well and live each day to the fullest." Jun Xin smiled. This was exactly what he had expected from her. However, this was also good. It’s always the more simple minded person that led the happier life, this has always been the case. He would rather watch her enjoy these simple happinesses than to have her get caught up in those conflicts.

This was the reason he opted to confess those things to her. However, after revealing everything, he discovered that she didn't mind those things at all.

This was probably the good that resulted from her losing her memories?

"I also want to do that, but trouble insists on seeking me out even if I don’t go looking for it! If it were up to me, I'd get far far away from the Jianghu and then open a small restaurant or something. When I have free time, I'll cook a little something or stroll around to flirt with young ladies..." Tang Doudou longingly looked towards the blue sky, her eyes filled with little stars. Everytime she thought about that kind of life, she would be captivated and continue daydreaming for quite a while.

As Jun Xin watched, he couldn't help but laugh a little. He’d guessed that she probably didn't have much ambition, but he hadn't imagined it would be to this degree. It was enough that she didn't want to be the martial arts Alliance Head and also didn't seem interested in being the Lord of Cloud City, but who knew how Su Yi would react if he found out that the person he had carefully nurtured for twenty years just wanted to be the idling boss of a restaurant?

However, Jun Xin realized that it was exactly the kind of life he yearned for as well after thinking about it carefully.

Peaceful and tranquil, with tasty food everyday too...

The two that were originally still walking had stopped at some point and sat down on a roof. They both propped their chin up with their hands as they gazed towards the distant swirling clouds, where the horizon and the clouds melded into one.

With some birds flying through the sky, the scene was exceptionally calming and tranquil!


An inharmonious sound suddenly appeared. Annoyed with the interruption, Tang Doudou immediately pointed at Jun Xin and said, "It's your stomach that's growling!"

"It was clearly your stomach that was growling. Stinkin' woman, don't randomly fling accusations at the innocent!" Jun Xin also looked at her with distaste. The sound earlier had clearly come from her direction.

"Pei! You think I wouldn't know if my own stomach growled? It was definitely your stomach! If you were hungry, you should’ve just said so, it's not like I’d laugh at you!" However, even as she spoke her voice became a little unconvincing. Earlier she had been too dazed out to hear whether it was her or Jun Xin’s stomach that was growling.

"Then, based on what you're saying, I don't know my own stomach?"

"Humph! In any case, it was your stomach!"

When Jun Xin saw her huffing childishly like this, all his accumulated stress seemed to disappear. "This young master won't lower himself to a woman's level!"

His remark was responded with just another cold humph from Tang Doudou.

They continued to sit on the roof for some time. They both stayed silent and didn't seem to want to head back.

"Stinkin' woman, from what I see, you're also hungry. How about I go get us some food?" Jun Xin broke the silence first and took the initiative to get up.

Tang Doudou hastily stood up as well. She was indeed really hungry ah!

"Where are you going to get the food? I don't want to head back yet." The reason why she didn't want to head back was naturally because she didn't want to see Baili Yu. She really wanted to just stay here quietly like this for a while longer.

"If you don't want to go back, then let's just not." Jun Xin shrugged, unconcerned. He had already predicted this.

"But, they'll definitely be worried." After all, she had run out blindly. There were all sorts of people that had come to Cloud City, and many that wanted her dead. Although Jun Xin had come after her, she hadn't sent them any news for a long time. If it were her, she would also be really worried.

Jun Xin started to ponder. As of now, Su Yi had probably sent people to scour the entire city for her. Jun Xin said, "How about this? I'll send them a signal and tell them that you're safe."

"Afterward, you can just head back whenever you feel like it!"

This suggestion made Tang Doudou happy to the point where her smile curved her eyes into arcs. "Hehe, then what are you still waiting for? Hurry and send it!"

Jun Xin shook his head as he detached the things needed for sending the signal from his waist. He identified the direction, then shot the signal towards the sky. Magnificent fireworks burst forth in the air. Against the clear blue curtain of the sky, it was extremely beautiful.

Before Tang Doudou had time to appreciate it in detail, she was pulled along by Jun Xin as he jumped off the roof. "A lot of people will see the signal and guess that I was the one who sent it. We have to hurry and leave in order to avoid the informants that come to investigate."

Tang Doudou agreed. However, soon another problem occurred to her. "Then, where do we go now?"

"To find a place to eat! Don't worry, if nothing else this young master has plenty of money. I won't make you pilfer food!" Jun Xin saw disdain appear on Tang Doudou's face when he was halfway through his words, so he quickly dug out some banknotes and shoved them into her hand as proof.

However, Tang Doudou simply gave him another look of disdain before she tidied up the stack and tucked it away. "Cloud City doesn't use banknotes. Could it be that you’re not aware even after having stayed in Cloud City for that long?"

Upon hearing this, Jun Xin stared at her blankly for a moment before he scratched his head and said, "I just got here today."

"What!? Then if I hadn't been stabbed by Nangong Yan a month ago, you wouldn't have made it to my matchmaking competition?"

"It wasn't a genuine event anyways, who cares if I didn't make it in time?" said Jun Xin with a laugh.

Tang Doudou was surprised. "How do you know that it wasn't genuine? What if Su Yi was serious?"

"What's the use in him being serious? If you refused, all that he would be able to do was watch. You're seriously dumb. Enough wasting time, hurry up and say what we should do now?"

How was she supposed to know?

She gave this unreliable guy another fierce, disdain-filled glare, then glanced around. When she smelled the faint aroma of cuisine, she suddenly proposed sneakily, "How about we..."

"No way!" Jun Xin rejected the idea righteously.


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