Chapter 210.1: Malicious Woman

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Tang Doudou who had ran off with Jun Xin had no idea that the person had already recognized her.

Huff huff...

When they saw that no one was chasing after them, they shared a look and laughed.

Tang Doudou patted her chest. Her little face was completely flushed from having run too fast. "That was seriously too exciting!"

It had been a long time since Jun Xin had seen her laugh so carefreely, so he felt pretty happy as well.

"You're seriously a wimp. The person didn't even chase after you, yet you still ran so fast!"

"They didn't chase after us?" Tang Doudou was surprised. She rubbed her head, then said with a smile, "It's good that they didn't. I was really worried that we wouldn't be able to outrun them!"

Jun Xin stayed silent and didn't tell her that the reason those people didn't chase after them was because they had already recognized her as the Young City Lord, Li Xueyi.

"Aiy, all right! We've played our fill and eaten our fill, so let's head back now!" Tang Doudou gave a long sigh as if she was resigning herself to some terrible fate, then started walking forward with her hands folded behind her back.

Since she had already decided to head back, Jun Xin didn't try to detain her and simply followed her.

Another hour passed.

Tang Doudou almost couldn't maintain the unperturbed expression on her face anymore. Fudge! She couldn't find the way back!

But if she admitted it, Jun Xin would mock her again. She had already gotten laughed at by him way too many times today!

So she dawdled and dawdled...

"Are you lost?" How could Jun Xin possibly not know what this woman was thinking? He started becoming puzzled as well. How had he ended up taking a fancy to such a dumb woman?

Even if she had lost her memories from before, she had still been back in Cloud City for almost two months, hadn't she?

It was still quite a long period of time even without factoring in the time she spent recuperating, yet she still hadn't even gotten a clear handle of her own family's territory. They had already walked through this street four times, yet she didn't seem to notice and continued walking while feigning calmness.

Jun Xin was about to call her out on it when he abruptly moved up and pulled Tang Doudou into his arms. Tang Doudou was startled but before she could figure out the situation, a blade flashed past in front of the two. If Jun Xin hadn't pulled Tang Doudou and dodged, she would have already become a corpse!

"Liu Zhiyuan!" Jun Xin didn't see the person, but he immediately recognized the sword technique used.

Flames of fury immediately filled his heart. Nangong Yan, that woman, was seriously intolerable! He didn't expected for her to exercise restraint, but he never thought that she actually dared to send someone to assassinate Tang Doudou in broad daylight!

That woman was too malicious, it was no wonder Baili Yu had never taken a fancy to her.

Tang Doudou only came to her senses after she heard Jun Xin's words. When she saw blood seeping through his ripped garments, she became flustered. "Jun Xin!"

"Don't worry, it's just a small injury. You should be careful. Liu Zhiyuan's sword skills aren't as simple as they looked on the stage; they're very strange and extremely hard to block!" When Jun Xin saw that she was worried about him, warmth filled his eyes. He quietly warned her, then shielded her in his arms and examined the surroundings.

His gaze suddenly locked onto an area in front of them. The antique lamp slowly floated up from Jun Xin's side. Its blue light flashed, then it flew back towards them. When Tang Doudou looked in that direction again, Liu Zhiyuan's previously concealed figure was now visible.

The antique lamp floated in front of Tang Doudou. It was the first time she had been in such close proximity with this lamp. The first time she saw the antique lamp emit blue light was when it was in Feng Yunhuan's hands and the following times she saw it being used were no less strange than the first time. She had later tried to study the lamp, but ordinary methods couldn't make the toy light up at all.

From the looks of it, she really had to ask about this later and find out if she could light an antique lamp and use it to attack people like Jun Xin. This kind of technique was much cooler looking than close combat!

If Jun Xin had found out what she was currently thinking, he definitely would have coughed blood from the increase in his blood pressure. He was only using the antique lamp because he had no other choice. If he could choose, he would rather use his old Bloodthirster. Sadly, the Bloodthirster had already been destroyed by his own hand.

When Liu Zhiyuan found that he had been discovered, he didn't bother to hide anymore and walked out, seemingly from empty air.

It was remarkably similar to a certain place's secret technique - ninja techniques.

How mysterious ah!

If it weren't for that fact that Tang Doudou knew that all the people here only knew martial arts, she would have thought that this was a mythical world.

"Greeting, Young Master Jun." After standing there silently for a while, Liu Zhiyuan finally spoke a short, stiff sentence.

Jun Xin didn't lower his guard at all and continued pulling Tang Doudou closer to him. "You should leave. As long as I'm here, I won't let you hurt her. After you go back, tell Nangong Yan that I advise her to stop these cheap tricks. If she wants to obtain Baili Yu, she should use her own abilities, otherwise it would only cause Baili Yu to be disgusted with her!"

"Does Young Master Jun think I have the ability to meddle in Miss's affairs?" For some unknown reason, when Jun Xin brought up the fact that Nangong Yan wanted to get Baili Yu, Tang Doudou clearly sense anger coming from Liu Zhiyuan.

From the looks of it, this Liu Zhiyuan harbor other feelings towards Nangong Yan ah!

Jun Xin seemed to have noticed it as well. He smiled as he remarked, "You really are just a mere servant."

Liu Zhiyuan's expression immediately changed. He knew that these words were intended to remind him of his status!

He was just a servant, while Nangong Yan was the incomparably noble daughter of the Wind Cloud Island Master; her husband would definitely be someone that was a dragon among men and a 'Son of Heaven' that was qualified to succeed the position of Wind Cloud Island Master.

Although he had good martial arts, his birth was humble and he didn't even have the most basic of freedoms. He wasn't worthy of Miss at all...

Jun Xin saw that Liu Zhiyuan was lost in thought and looked down to exchange glances with Tang Doudou. He said quietly, "Let's go."

Tang Doudou nodded hastily like a chick pecking rice. "Alright!"

However, before they could turn and leave, Liu Zhiyuan snapped out of it. Since he wasn't worthy of Miss and Miss liked Baili Yu... then he will just kill Tang Doudou and allow Miss to obtain Baili Yu as she wished. As long as Miss was happy, he was willing to pay any price!

"It seems like we won't be able to leave without teaching him a lesson," said Jun Xin.

Tang Doudou tugged at his sleeve. "Will you be able to beat him?"

"It's a mere trifle. If this little master couldn't even beat him, then what is this little master still living for?"

"Don't underestimate your enemy. He looks pretty freaking strong." She felt that Liu Zhiyuan had likely concealed his true strength earlier on the stage.

Right after she spoke, Liu Zhiyuan's figure disappeared again.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by snowgem

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