Chapter 210.2: Malicious Woman

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"Where'd he go?" Tang Doudou's heart jumped. This concealment ability was practically a cheat.

Jun Xin didn't reply and furrowed his brows as he looked around.

Suddenly, his gaze sharpened and he lifted Tang Doudou up and flew into the air. At the same time, the antique lamp that had been floating in front of him flew out. However, this time the lamp didn't manage to hit Liu Zhiyuan before it flew backwards again.

They landed on a nearby roof. Jun Xin's expression became very serious. It wasn't impossible for him to defeat Liu Zhiyuan. Usually, he would have already injured him by now.

Tang Doudou also noticed that she was hindering Jun Xin. He had made a move several times but still hadn't manage to force Liu Zhiyuan to come out. She was starting to panic, so she grabbed Jun Xin's sleeve and suggested, "Why don't you leave me at the side for now in order to focus on dealing with him?"

Jun Xin rejected the idea. "No way, his goal is you. If I put you down, he'll definitely give up on fighting with me and head straight over to kill you."

When Jun Xin put it this way, Tang Doudou immediately caught on as well, so she reached out and hugged Jun Xin tightly. "T-then my little life is in your hands. You had better protect me well ah!"

After all the incidents she’d been through, Tang Doudou felt that she was only getting more and more scared of dying.

When Jun Xin saw her dangling from him like a timid mouse, he couldn't help but tease her with a smirk, "Woman, you're hugging me so tightly. It couldn't be that you want to abandon Baili Yu and throw yourself into my arms?"

"Pei! Who wants to throw themselves into your arms. You're just a butt-aged brat that doesn't even have a neat layer of fur yet, yet your thoughts are so dirty!" This kid was seriously thinking too much!

The depths of Jun Xin's eyes dimmed a little, but he didn't show it much. He continued speaking with a slight smirk, "What's not good about being with this little master? At the very least, if you're with this little master, this little master wouldn't attract any malicious women that would harm you."

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. "Quit chatting and defeat Liu Zhiyuan quickly so that we can all go home to sleep!"

The reason Tang Doudou could get so close to Jun Xin without any feelings of unease was because she only thought of him as a younger brother. In addition, the current situation was very dangerous. If she didn't hold on to Jun Xin tightly to free his hands so he could deal with Liu Zhiyuan, they'd probably both end up in a bad situation. Her life would probably end up in serious peril.

"Stupid woman, how am I supposed to fight if you hug me so tightly?" Jun Xin could guess most of what was going through her head, but in the end he was a normal man. Even if he didn't want to, he couldn't help but get stirred up when being hugged this way by the woman he liked, so there was no way he'd be able to focus on fighting Liu Zhiyuan.

Tang Doudou hastily loosened her grip a tiny bit, then lifted her head to ask, "It's fine now, right?"

How was this any different from before?

Jun Xin shook his head as the antique lamp moved back into his hand. He had to silently chant a mind-clearing chant a few times before he managed to suppress the rising abnormality.

"I don't know how long we'll have to fight if we go on like this. In a bit, I'll use the antique lamp to temporarily keep him occupied, and we'll take that chance to run!" said Jun Xin in a lowered voice.

"That's right, that's right! If you can't beat someone, just run! Good idea!" Tang Doudou was very much in favor of this proposal. It suited her personality well.

However, it made Jun Xin really speechless. "When did this little master say that I couldn't beat him!?"

"Aiyah, let's not mind these little details!"

"Stinkin' woman."

If it weren't for the fact that he had endured for too long and couldn't control his inner strength well, there was no way he would have had to resort to this idea.

"Hold on tight!" Jun Xin warned, then his gaze sharpened and a strong chilling aura arose from all around. The blue light from the antique lamp also became increasingly dazzling, as if it was trying to light the entire world blue.

Tang Doudou was close by and couldn't take this eye-piercing blue so she had to turn her head away and close her eyes.

It was unknown what Jun Xin had done before he jumped up with her. She lost her grip for a moment and almost fell down.

Jun Xin hastily caught her, then carried her in a princess hold.

"I've trapped him in the antique lamp's array. Let's take advantage of this time to hurry and leave," said Jun Xin as he worked on identifying their location. Once he had, he started flying forward. They soon came to a street that was slightly more populated and he let Tang Douodu down.

When he was putting her down, he accidently touched the injury on his arm and gave a muffled groan from pain. Only then did he notice that blood was flowing incessantly and that it was about to dye that area of his clothes red.

"Nangong Yan is seriously too much!" Tang Doudou was angry since she would have been drinking tea with the King of Hell by now if it weren't for Jun Xin’s quick reaction. When she saw Jun Xin's injury, she became even more furious!

"It's fine. I'll see you back to the City Lord Residence first." Jun Xin tore a strip of cloth off the hem of his garment and casually bandaged the injury.

Tang Doudou felt like that wouldn't do. That injury was bleeding so much, it definitely wasn't shallow. "Let's not head back to the City Lord Residence yet."

Jun Xin felt a stab of pain in his heart. She didn't want to go back to the City Lord Residence, does this mean that she wanted to go find Baili Yu right away?


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