Chapter 212.2: Who Exactly Hurt You, Hurt Her

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Feng Wu opened her umbrella. "Rain during the sunny season usually stops after just a while, but today the rain is just getting worse. We'll probably be drenched by the time we get back."

She kept saying 'Big Sister's place,' but didn't mention the City Lord Residence at all. From the looks of it, Feng Wu didn't live at the City Lord Residence.

This made Tang Doudou curious. Hadn't Feng Wu rushed here from hundreds of miles away to find Su Yi?

Leaving aside the fact for now that she rarely saw Feng Wu, why was Feng Wu living outside of the City Lord Residence?

Feng Wu had probably guessed what Tang Doudou was thinking. As she pulled Tang Doudou and walked into the rain, she explained, "In regards to men ah, even if you like a person to the point he fills your heart, you must still maintain the haughtiness of a woman and can't lower your dignity too much. You can't allow him to feel that you wouldn't be able to live without him."

"Of course, with this kind of distance it'll also make it hard for him to see through your thoughts, so from time to time he'll think of you. It's much better using this method than to keep bothering him every day and causing him to be sick of you."

Tang Doudou was speechless. Feng Wu seriously had the talent to be the host of a relationship talk show.

It was also to be expected. She had lived for so long, what hadn't she seen before?

Constantly hanging around and bothering a man was indeed very annoying, especially when it was towards someone that didn't like you.

It seemed that in the future she had to work hard and learn from Feng Wu so that Baili Yu would treat her considerately and sweetly. It'd be best if he never goes out to attract butterflies and bees, especially things like female cousins and little junior sisters...

Baili Yu, who was in a distant inn drinking tea with Jun Xin, never would have imagined that his little wife had already, due to a couple words from someone, decided to maintain a set distance from him from now on.

He had taken off his flirtatious red robe and changed into an elegant white garment that gave off a very celestial feel. He lay sideways on the couch, his fox-like eyes closed lightly. He only opened his eyes once Jun Xin finished talking about how he walked Tang Doudou back to the City Lord Residence.

Looking towards the injury on Jun Xin's arm, Baili Yu asked softly, "How did you get injured?"

Jun Xin had already gotten rid of the poison and bandaged the wound. Hence, what Baili Yu saw right now was simply that a white cloth was wrapped around Jun Xin's arm. The condition of the injury couldn't actually be made out.

"It was just a little accident." If he said that it was Nangong Yan who had made several attempts on Tang Doudou's life, this person would probably head over right now to personally kill Nangong Yan for revenge.                                           

However, there was only one outcome for that. The Island Master wouldn't be able to do anything to Baili Yu, but he had countless ways to deal with Tang Doudou.

Baili Yu was only a person; he wasn't god. Even if he had enormous capabilities, there was no way he could stay by Tang Doudou's side every day. That was why it was best for him to deal with this matter himself. No one would link his actions to Tang Doudou and it would actually instigate conflict between Wind Cloud Island and the Seven Great Saint Tribes...

"Ah Xin?"

He had been too immersed in his thoughts and only snapped out of it after Baili Yu had called him several times. "That's all, nothing else happened. I'm tired so I'll head back first to rest. If there's anything else, let's talk about it tomorrow."

He has always done as he said he would do when it came to deals with Baili Yu. Last time, he had agreed that as long as Baili Yu called him 'Ah Xin' again, he would come back to help and give up his desire for Tang Doudou.

The price Baili Yu had to pay was that he had to help him get revenge and help him protect Tang Doudou.

Baili Yu was also someone that kept his word. That's why, when he called Jun Xin 'Ah Xin,' he had already completed the earlier deal. (I think it meant that Baili Yu had taken revenge for Jun Xin, aka killed someone or multiple someones for Jun Xin.)

Although Jun Xin was rash and had also once considered killing Baili Yu, in the end he still couldn't bring himself to do it. The brotherly friendship formed from once having fought side by side wasn't something that could be severed so easily. Moreover, he had misunderstood this matter the entire time.

"That's not what I want to know." Baili Yu sat up on the couch and gestured for the maids to withdraw.

Jun Xin watched with confusion as those maids went out, then watched as Baili Yu stood up and walked to him.

Baili Yu's gaze was filled with complicated emotions as he looked at the Junior Brother in front of him that he had pretty much brought with him this entire way. He knew well that though Jun Xin looked as if he didn't care about anything on the surface, he had a heart that cared about things more than anyone else did. Baili Yu then recollected his emotions and said slowly, "Ah Xin, have you really thought everything through? Are you sure you won't regret this? You must know that choosing to help me is a path you won't ever be able to turn back from. You've been with me so many years, yet you've never agreed to it before..."

Jun Xin interrupted him without bothering to listen to the end. He replied decisively without hesitation, "I won't! I won't regret!"

Following that, he looked straight at Baili Yu with a very resolute and sharp gaze. "I also believe in you. I believe that you won't disappoint me!"

Baili Yu smiled. In comparison with those meaningful smiles from before, this smile was much more like a real smile. There were probably very few people in the world that had the chance to see him smile like this. "Ah Xin, thank you."

It had to be admitted that Baili Yu's looks were way too beautiful. There were few people that could resist his looks when he smiled. Jun Xin turned his head away, refusing to look at this seductive yao as he said in a muffled voice, "Don't celebrate too early. If I ever find out that you aren't treating her well, don't blame me for directly stealing her away."

"Haha, don't worry, a day like that will never come!" Baili Yu said it lightly, yet the words contained deep certainty and confidence. "Now, you can tell me honestly, who exactly hurt you... and hurt her!"


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