Chapter 213.1: The Captivating Moonlight

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Jun Xin was surprised, but he still looked towards Baili Yu with a calm expression. "How did you find out?"

Baili Yu was still smiling, but now it was abnormally cold. "Ah Xin, there aren't many things in this world that can be kept hidden from me."

But last time when Tang Doudou was kidnapped, weren't you incapable of finding information on her?

Of course, Jun Xin could only comment this silently inside his heart. After all, Baili Yu wasn't a god, and that incident had occurred abruptly. There was also the fact that he had knocked out all of Baili Yu's informants. If not for that, Baili Yu probably would've been able to locate Tang Doudou quickly. Jun Xin blamed himself a lot for that incident. It was also due to that incident that Jun Xin finally understood that Baili Yu was the only one, as of now, that could protect Tang Doudou completely.

"Since you already know, why the need to continue asking?" Jun Xin slanted a glance at him as he replied ill-humoredly.

Who asked for the person that injured him and Tang Doudou to be this guy's Junior Sister?

Although she was also his Junior Sister, he had never acknowledged it and never treated Nangong Yan with a good attitude.

Nangong Yan couldn't even compare to Bai Lianhua.

At least Bai Lianhua would only set up some small schemes. However, Nangong Yan always viewed human life as lightly as that of ants.

When Baili Yu saw that Jun Xin seemed very frustrated, he gave a light laugh before shifting his deep gaze towards the window. The clear sky after the rain revealed a curved hanging moon; its light was frosty white and cold. "It's about time to make a move."

Jun Xin abruptly turned to look at him, then also looked towards that curved moon. His gaze also turned deep.

"This crappy weather! It kept raining on our heels while we were heading back, yet stopped right after we arrived!" complained Feng Wu as she shook off the water droplets on her body.

"Achoo!" Tang Doudou who was following behind her sneezed hard. "Big Sis Feng Wu, don't curse at the Heavens anymore and go in already. I'm really cold ah!"

"Look at how bad the state of your body has become. When there's time I have to help you properly build it up a little!" Feng Wu hastily moved aside and pulled Tang Doudou into the room.

When the warmth hit her, Tang Doudou sneezed again. Then she started looking around the place Feng Wu lived in. It actually looked pretty good. Although it wasn't very large, it had all the basic necessities. In addition, there was a kitchen! Tang Doudou had spotted the small kitchen next to the house with one glance.

"Change into this first. I'll go simmer some ginger soup for you!" Feng Wu took out a purple garment from the cabinet and handed it to Tang Doudou. "They're all new. Although it was made according to my size, it probably wouldn't fit too badly on you."

Tang Doudou agreed, then headed behind the screen nearby with the clothes in order to get changed.

"It's just that it's inconvenient to do so in the middle of the night, otherwise I'd get some hot water for you to take a bath first." Clanging sounds came from outside. From the sound of it, Feng Wu was in the process of making ginger soup. Tang Doudou coughed as she changed out of her wet garments and into the clothing Feng Wu handed her. After she put them on, she felt like crying but didn't have the tears. This was what Feng Wu meant by 'it wouldn't fit too badly'?

The sleeves were long enough for her to perform in an opera. It seriously didn't fit too badly ah!

Short article about Chinese opera sleeves here with a few images.

Sounds had come from outside for a while before it fell silent. Tang Doudou had no choice but to tie up her skirt at the waist in order to stop it from dragging on the floor. When it was folded in half, it fell right to her knees. She sighed in praise for her own intelligence and started rolling up her sleeves as she walked out from behind the screen. "Big Sis Feng Wu, you should also go get changed. The ginger soup..."

Before she even finished speaking, she saw Feng Wu throw the whole ginger into the pot with a helpless expression before turning towards her with an embarrassed smile. "The ginger soup isn't ready yet. You should sit awhile. I've already dried my clothes with inner strength so it's fine if I don't change!"

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. She could tell that Feng Wu didn't know how to cook. It was clear that she didn't even know the basics, since who would throw a whole ginger into the pot?

Moreover, black smoke was coming out from below the stove. She could tell with a look that the fire wasn't properly lit.

"Big Sis Feng Wu, let me do it instead!" Tang Doudou couldn't bring herself to look on any longer. She walked over and said, "You have to chop up the ginger first."

As she spoke, she fished up the ginger from the pot and placed it on the chopping board nearby. Picking up the knife at the side, she chopped the ginger into fine strips with just a few swishes. She checked it, and seeing that it looked about right, prepared to place it in the pot. However, when she saw the water inside the pot, she was made speechless again. Was Feng Wu preparing to boil water for a bath?

It was an entire potful of water ah!

Feng Wu was stunned by the sight of Tang Doudou's skill with a knife. When she saw Tang Doudou put down the ginger strips, she asked in confusion, "Is there another problem?"

Following that, she also asked, "Little Xueyi, you have such good knife skills. Why haven't I ever heard Su Yi mention it before?"

Tang Doudou didn't immediately reply. She first scooped out half the water in the pot before putting the ginger strips inside. "We're only making a few bowls of ginger soup so there's no need to fill the pot."

"I just worked on my knife skills for fun when I had free time. He probably didn't know about it either!" Tang Doudou casually made up an excuse before moving to the stove and taking out the excess firewood. Then she picked up the bellow from nearby and used it to blow air into the stove. Only then did the dark smoke gradually start to disappear and a flame light up inside the stove.

After finishing all of this, Tang Doudou dusted off her hands. "Alright, all we have to do now is wait for the water to boil then simmer it for a while!"

"Ahem. In Mist City, there was always other people that did this for me so I've never bothered to learn about these things. I've let you see a joke."

Tang Doudou pulled a face at her and said with a smile, "Big Sis Feng Wu is definitely busy with having to manage such a large city. How would you have the time to learn these things!?"

Following that, she noticed that there were quite a lot of ingredients in this kitchen. In any case, since she had time right now, she might as well take advantage of it to cook some small dishes.

"Big Sis Feng Wu, wait over there for a bit. I'll make some food since from the looks of it, you haven't had dinner yet either?" When she had run out earlier, it was right at dinnertime. She faintly recalled that the direction Feng Wu had been heading in earlier had a pretty good restaurant. Feng Wu had probably been heading out to eat earlier.

Feng Wu nodded. "I haven't eaten."

In reality, it was fine even if she didn't eat. However, when she found out that Tang Doudou knew how to cook, she really wanted to see what her food was like. It probably wouldn't be that bad, right?

However, Feng Wu still felt a little worried when she heard Tang Doudou’s occasional cough. "Let's just forget it after all. You're coughing so much."

"I'm just a bit chilled. I'll be fine after drinking the ginger soup and sweating a little! Oh, that's right, Big Sister Feng Wu, in the future you should just call me Doudou!"

"Doudou?" A trace of confusion flashed through Feng Wu's eyes but she still agreed. "Alright. Doudou is a pretty nice-sounding name too."


"Doudou, tell me now why you were crying back there?" Feng Wu didn't head back to the room to wait but propped up her chin and watched Tang Doudou work. She watched as Tang Doudou cut a lot of food into small cubes, strips, or thin slices. She couldn't help but feel that cooking was a very troublesome matter, but at the same time, she found Tang Doudou's movements very relaxing to watch.

After cutting up most of the needed ingredients, Tang Doudou put away the knife. She took a moment to sort out her thoughts, then told Feng Wu about what had happened earlier.

Of course, she brushed over the incident in which she and Jun Xin pilfered food. As for the other things, there wasn't much to hide so she spilled the beans to Feng Wu.


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